Saturday, November 23, 2013

What are you hungry for?

This book is fascinating as it examines the reasons why food becomes a comfort. Granted, we need food to sustain life, and that in itself can provide comfort.

But for many, food is turned to for shelter, as a stress-reliever, or merely out of boredom.

Deepak Chopra discusses the underlying reasons for obesity..... Many of which surround a feeling of an imbalanced life. The title, 'What are you hungry for?' demonstrates that hunger may not be food. This hunger may stem from feelings of inadequacy or incompleteness. The spiritual aspect of our health is discussed. I found it interesting that it is recommended for the first thirty days, the person is to focus on life-balancing needs and not dieting needs. In fact, he says not to diet.

Granted many tools are provided regarding food, and tastes and textures. This provided valuable insights for me as I am seeking to find balance in my eating. I also became more aware of the balancing act of my plate, and where I 'need more' in my personal and professional life, so I can be 'happier'.

I enjoyed this book, from which I took many notes. I also gained comfort in knowing I don't need to obsess about everything I eat, and can create a comfortable awareness. I am also content with my plant-based diet, and the occasional meat.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Mrs Poe-- a novel

I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, Mrs Poe, written by Lynn Cullen.

Set in New York City in the mid 1800s, the story is a twisted tale about life and love. A perfect midday drama. Additionally, the history of the era caused me to do further research about Blackwell's Island (now Roosevelt Island), and kissing bridges. It is hard to believe that New York was once farm land and considered country wilds, north of what is now the village.

In addition to exploring NYC in its infancy, it was fascinating to learn more about Poe, or the author's interpretation of him.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and recommend this read.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

I ran a bridge this morning......

It isn't too often that one actually gets to run across a bridge, or walk for that matter. Not a bridge found in a park, but a bridge that crosses a major body of water, like the Naragansett Bay. And this morning, I participated in the Pell Bridge Run, crossing the Pell Bridge from Jamestown to Newport.

This morning reminded me why I run, why I train, and how much fun it can be. It wasn't about racing today, or winning-- it was about the journey. I met some pretty cool people, and enjoyed the views and chatter along the way.


I got to run/walk a bridge this morning. I got to enjoy the view.


After my run, I frolicked on Easton's Beach. I added several shells to my collection.

This summer I plan to swim under the bridge, with Save the Bay. Care to join me?




Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fahrenheit 451

Upon finishing this book by Ray Bradbury, I reflected on how much I enjoy reading. I love to absorb characters, places, everts, being provoked to thought and learning something. I can go to a different world, or create my own...... All in the pages of a book. In fact there are times when I get angry at Hollywood's interpretation of the events and characters at times-- I want to shout and say.... The character looks nothing like that.

But none the less, I thoroughly enjoy a good book.... Turning pages, and traveling to another place.

I also enjoy learning from the research, insights of coaches who been successful, or being challenged to be better, or change my thought pattern. I enjoy the comfort and anguish experienced in poetry and humor that some provide in satire or just sharing life's events.


I couldn't imagine a world without books, and yet as I read through the pages of this book written in 1953, I see many of the political issues we face today discussed. Government control and edicts, people behaving like drones, don't let them think.... And I think of this,

'Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; he thinks too much: such men are dangerous.'

--William Shakespeare, Julius Ceasar, Act I, Scene 2


I prefer to live in a world, where I can 'think too much'.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guilty because I ate?

My last meal prepared on my current stove. Tomorrow, I get a new one.

This is asparagus, tomatoes, mini-eggplant, and broccoli on a bed of spaghetti squash.

Lots of carbs, and gluten free!




* sometimes the diet information/trends/fads is utter madness.*


I received this in the body of an email--

You know how “weight loss experts” are all like,

“When you want to eat a cookie, take a warm bath instead!”


“Call a friend”


(my personal favorite...)

“Just drink water!”


Because my years-long battle with yo-yo dieting hasn’t already proven that I can’t do shit when I want that [fill in the blank] food item that beckons my name like crack cocaine. If it's a choice between brownies and a warm bath, I know most of my clients would choose brownies every time.

When we try to “replace” food with something else, we inadvertently tell ourselves that “eating is wrong.” And the second we tell ourselves that l“eating is wrong,” we’re at risk of binge-eating (i.e. rebellious, I-can’t-hold-back-any-longer, I’ll-take-six-slices-please, binge-eating).

But here’s the thing—

at the end of the day, learning to deal with our feelings in new ways (i.e. taking baths and calling our friends) IS the answer to ending emotional eating, but only if we practice those skills without making eating wrong.

Sound complicated?

I had to share because it is a JUNGLE out there. UTTER MADNESS, I say. And when we are less than successful, or falter or fumble, somehow there is something wrong with us. FOOD is not our enemy, and yet, we feel that way, especially after an 'expert' informs us our desire to eat is wrong.

I keep referring back to the rules.

#1 -- Eat when you are hungry. Don't eat when you aren't hungry.

So developing that relationship with self, and sneaking eating a cookie or piece of chocolate just because might be part of that process. Food is not our enemy. We are not lesser for our cravings, or our hunger. We are who we are regardless.

I ate a whole bag of popcorn the other day while watching a movie. The entire bag. I enjoyed every little bit, in fact was disappointed when it was empty. Do I do that every day? No. But eating a bag of popcorn randomly while watching a movie isn't going to change me as a person.

Tonight, I thoroughly enjoyed the food in the picture. Tomorrow, I might enjoy more of the kind, or have a taste for something else. I try to follow the 80% rule-- make wiser choices 80% of the time. So, I am not obsessed over the other choices I make.

And I am ok with it.

Watching Infomercials

Flipping through Facebook this morning, and an infomercial caught my eye. Needless to say, 30-minutes later I still had not yet learned what foods to eat to burn fat and was being asked why I wasn't enrolling in their program. Which led to watching several videos and reading reviews on the programs, and watching yet another 30-minute video which had awesome information, and led to another sales pitch.

Honestly, I want the bottom line. I don't want or need to be schmoozed-- I want solid information to make a decision. Don't play on my heart strings. Just give me the informatIon. If the information you are selling is readily available as you claim, give it to me. Otherwise, you the seller seem shady and sketchy, when you don't tell me the information you already told me I would learn by watching your video or infomercial.

You lost me as a costumer. Period.


What I did learn was........The industry is catching on to not eating processed foods-- healthy or not, if it is in a box, it is processed.


And what did I commit to...... Cutting out processed foods for the next month.

Planning and focus on eating wisely. Eating when I am hungry and being active daily.


That's my plan.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why We Get Fat

I am currently reading, 'Why We Get Fat, and What to Do About It' by Gary Taubes. Taubes is also the author of Good Calories, Bad Calories which contains a great deal of research to discuss calories and the food industry. * I read the first several chapters of that book, and would like to finish it. *

In Why We Get Fat, Taubes is discussing the Calorie In-Calorie Out theory that I hear so many runners (well, people who run for fitness) chat about. I have heard in conversation people say, I know how far Imhave to run to burn off a handful of M&Ms, or whatever their pleasure is...... My response to their aghast is, if only it works that way.

But I digress..... And Taubes addresses this calorie in - calorie out theory. Chapter Three entitled, The Elusive Benefits of Exercise begins with:

Imagine you're invited to a celebratory dinner. The chef's talent is legendary, and the invitation says that this particular dinner is going to be a feast of monumental proportions. Bring your appetite, you're told-- come hungry. How would you do that?

You might try to eat less over the course of the day -- maybe even skip lunch, or breakfast and lunch. You might go to the gym for a particular rigorous workout, or go for a longer run or swim than usual, to work up an appetite. You might even decide to walk to the dinner, rather than drive, for the same reason.

Now let's think about this a moment. The instructions that we're constantly being given to lose weight -- eat less (decrease the calories we take in) and exercise more (increase the calories we expend) -- are the very same things we'll do if our purpose is to make ourselves hungry, to build up an appetite, to eat more. Now the existence of an obesity epidemic coincident with half a century of advice to eat less and exercise more begins to look paradoxical.

This insight causes me to value the book F*ck Calories. You can get your FREE copy!


I am looking forward to finished Taubes book, and re-reading the other.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's my birthday..... Giving myself the gift

Thursday, 15 August, I celebrated the beginning of a new year on this planet. I celebrated life.

As I reflect back on the summer, I have been doing a great deal of stuff and eating some junk, overall enjoying life. I have my afternoon catnaps, and my Friday afternoons off, and just a thorough love for life.

What's missing?

My focus. My ability to do for me. Me..... While I am doing all theses things, I have lost myself (the reason for doing these things) in the shuffle.

On my birthday, I empowered myself to take care of me, to do for me, what is best for me.

In that..... I am pursuing running, swimming and cycling-- the things I enjoy. I am creating opportunities to go hiking, sight-seeing and just to enjoy this world.

And..... I am permitting myself to explore and be open to change and new possibilities. I have been struggling here in MA. It isn't easy meeting people, and making friends here.... Many people are closed. I struggle to create opportunities for networking and employment-- it is challenging doing things differently in the world of the same...... And so, change in my life is coming. A move to better opportunities. I love the ocean and the cape...... So, within the next 18 months I will be transplanting to a new ocean locale --- to create a new life, and a new adventure. I may be going warmer or colder..... I am not certain. But I have given myself this gift and permission to pursue the change.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

A walk is not just a walk

I went for a walk with my cousin through Marion yesterday. We moved!

And all the while chatted about life and stuff. It was great!


The total distance was about 5 miles.


Today, I feel the effects of walking. A little soreness, a little stiffness, and the overall feeling of moving. It is great! And most importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the company, the views and the conversation.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Hot tomato peppers

I purchased a few of these during my last trip to the market.

Sitting on my cutting board, the pepper looks pretty innocent. It wasn't. My eyes, nose and throat started burning once I cut it. I washed away the seeds, knowing that in some peppers the seeds are the actual HOT part...... Well, this innocent pepper, was just deadly. Not really, but my eyes are still burning.

I cooked the pepper cut in tiny pieces with mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes. I mixed the menagerie into an omelette and sprinkled with almonds.

Tasted wonderful! My eyes teared, my nose is burning and draining, my sinuses are clear, and I am sweating!


I am guessing my metabolism is boosted, as well as my immune system.


What veggie have you tried recently?


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For......

I have been moving and shaking, and covering the south coast of MA and the cape, with training and coaching and teaching..... And a weekly trip to Cambridge to work at a camp. AND.... I have been feeling tired with the heat, and running around.

Simply stated: I need a day off-- actually, I think I asked for a rainy, cooler day so I could spend some time catching up and cleaning and organizing and working in my apartment. (I cannot tell you how many people were upset I wanted a rainy day.... It is summer after all. Wow! Rain is good, it cleanses, it refreshes, it provides different opportunities...... And so, I digress).

Simply seeking a day off.



Well, I got two. Days off, that is..... Hoping there isn't a third involved.



Pictured is the fan belt from my JEEP, Lola. Lola has been needing a day at the spa....oil-change, and check on a thing or two. In the super-hot heat, she was complaining a bit..... The belt whining, which it can do from time to time, in the heat. The AC needed to be checked, as it was running warmer, and I wanted to ensure no problems.

Yesterday morning, shortly after turning the engine over, Lola was squealing.... Not with delight. I backed her out of the driveway, and the power-steering locked up. Pulled her back in the driveway, and smoke was pouring out from under the hood. I popped the hood, to find the fan belt not on the pulleys like it should be.....go to move it, and it comes off the engine block in my hands. YAY!

The air compressor went. Super Yay! Total repairs are costing me about a months rent. Even more cheering and I am facing two-day income loss.

Well, I could be totally upset, or I could flow. Don't get me wrong.... I am bummed! And a little annoyed. BUT....I asked for a day off, and I now have two. Yesterday, and today, I have been doing some home office work, and I am cleaning and catching up on organizing. It isn't too hot which is a blessing, as the cats are spending quality time on me.

I trust I will get Lola back today. And I am looking forward to taking her for a drive.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Is it possible to not count calories?

I have been reading various protocols out there for creating habits...... And several (including the warrior diet) that state, 'it is not necessary to count calories, your body will know exactly what to eat and how much of it'. Well, isn't that what got 'us' in trouble to begin with? Not counting calories, that is.

I have been eating like a warrior most of my life, and ran into bigger problems as I chose more and more processed foods. I am not saying all processed foods are bad, as I cannot press my own oil, or harvest my own nuts. We need to consider the quality of processed foods.

Processed foods are made for convenience. That is what the FOOD GIANTS are competing for-- you, and they do so by making eating convenient. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to walk into any corner market and get any kind of food in a box.

And so...... The question: Do we need to count calories?

I would dare so no. We have become so indoctrinated with the multi-meals, or three squares, and incessant availability of food, that we are not truly aware of our hunger.

My goal for the next thirty days is to evaluate hunger and to listen to my body.... Am I hungry, am I thirsty, am I bored? And while I am eating.... Am I satisfied? And put my fork down and relax. I am also guilty of racing through meals, so I am unaware of what I am experiencing.

On to the freedom of NOT counting calories, and eating only when I am hungry.

Salt, Sugar, Fat

The title draws you in! Salt, Sugar, Fat-- How the Food Giants hooked us.

This is NOT a diet book, but instead a discussion of the food industry at its roots, and how/why the elements of fat, salt and sugar are essential to processed foods. The author discusses the FOOD GIANTS and competition for shelf space and your dollar.

It is an interesting read, and has really caused me to reevaluate (and read labels closely) the processed foods I choose to eat. This book affirms a great deal of what I already know, and challenged me to closely evaluate my eating lifestyle.

I highly recommend this text.


Friday, June 28, 2013


Kale..... I keep hearing about it.
Some are making chips with it, some are eating raw, and when I saw it in the produce aisle today, I wondered why I thought it was something it was not.  They put it in the wonton soup when I buy Chinese cuisine.

AND so, I bought fresh Kale today.

One recipe suggested sauteing the Kale in garlic-olive oil.  I have both:  garlic and olive oil.

I used the Kale as the salad base, and added white asparagus, Japanese eggplant, as well as sweet peppers and yellow grape tomatoes.  I added sea salt and pepper for seasoning and texture.  


Perhaps, I will try Kale chips at some point.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Master's Swim

Yesterday, I decided to commit to swimming once a week with a Master's group at the YMCA.   It is a coached session, and I could tell it is going to take a week or two to get back in the rhythm of swimming.  

With that said, it was great to be back in the water!!!

I need to do this to be committed to my training-- funny how that happens.  We have an appointment we go!!!

Today, my shoulders are saying.... yeah, I haven't swum... but in a good way.

Still concerned about the limited range of motion in my Left Shoulder and arm..... but I am not letting this stop me.  

And I definitely could feel my hamstring on the kicking drills.  I have to keep up the strengthening work!  More one-legged squats and step-ups, as well as some other stuff!!!

I am glad to be back in the pool!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thai Eggplant

Thai Eggplant

As I have been challenging my water fitness classes to eat more fruits and veggies and to experiment with new foods, I had stumbled onto Thai Eggplant.  When I found it in the market, I didn't know what it was..... it looks like a tomato that didn't know what to do... or forgot to choose a color.  A kind woman shared what it was and how she prepares it.  I also learned that it is good for the heart and possibly the liver-- and after reading on wikipedia (a goto for quick information), it is great for the heart and lungs.  

And in the fashion of Asian cooking, I pulled out my Wok.  I cooked this in olive oil with garlic, and added a variety of vegetables to create an interesting stir fry.  To me, it tasted a little bitter, having a different taste than it's American cousin.  I have some Japanese eggplant in the fridge, so perhaps I will cook it with it's closer cousin and see how the two work together.  

I stopped counting calories.....

Well, I don't think I ever did count them.   I have been using My Fitness Pal (an app you can find for your Iphone and Android based phone) to determine energy expenditure and ensure I am eating enough-- you see I am one who gets busy and can have food in front of me and not eat.

My Fitness Pal.... measures exercise and food and water intake.   Great for me to track what I am eating-- it creates accountability.   You know for the human factor-- how many pieces of dark chocolate did I just eat?-- or I just ate the whole bag of pita chips?  Which is good..... but honestly, I hate it.   I hate having to think of measuring everything, or worrying about how many raspberries I actually ate, was it a cup or was it more, or exactly how much spinach did I put in my omelette?  The result-- I am sure my calories are off by several hundred daily-- either way..... too much or too little.

And so, I have STOPPED counting calories.  It is funny as I logged on to write this, I found this article:    When is a calorie not a calorie?    The author shares insights about what I am sharing now.

I have learning to listen to my body.  I am learning to eat like a child again-- in other words, a bite will satisfy, it is OK to leave food on the plate, and let my body decide what it wants or needs.  Our bodies are pretty smart-- the problem is we have been teaching/learning bad things and telling our body to be quiet.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wow....... I fell......

Off the bandwagon. I lost my vision. I lost sight of the goal.

In the midst of stress and tough decisions, I left my goals fall to,the wayside. I fell off the track.

Today, I pick myself back up and continue my journey. I have reissued a 30-day challenge. I am looking at my entire lifestyle.....what I want as opposed to what I am doing. AND how I plan to get there.

The first step: Downsizing. I have a lot of stuff-- from clothes, to bags, to shoes to books to stuff. Many of the clothes I have kept to return to wearing as I lose the weight. I will not be tossing those. I have many t-shirts from events and races-- I train in those. I plan to keep storage for my totes for shipping and packing-- overflow of office storage (my apartment is small) and seasonal stuff-- summer/winter clothing, as well as summer furniture. I have eliminated a dresser from my bedroom. The size of my space increases as I am eliminating clutter.


The second step: Putting fitness in my lifestyle. I have been teaching a lot of spin classes and coaching. I have found that spin is taking away from my running and other training. While spin is an income, it needs to be second to the other priorities I have.

-I plan on taking evening walks after dinner.

-I will train (including rest) everyday. I am tired of being on the sidelines.

-I will be ready to run with my team in August.

*i want to be that person who can go for a hike, random run, or swim..... Because I want to.

And I don't want to feel self-conscious doing it.


And the next steps will continue building along the way. Join me?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day Five has begun

I really don't like counting days...... One tends to count the life away. But day five of my challenge has begun. Yesterday, I found myself in a funk. And so I had a small piece of carrot cake-- more about the icing, honestly.

I couldn't get on cape. I ran out of gas on the way home from my spin class ( money spent on a service call that could have gone in the gas tank. Pffffft! Back to AAA). And I came home exhausted, but couldn't settle to sleep. I felt like the day went away, with me doing much of nothing......

And the thunderstorms came. I slept.

And now, I feel tired.

Working on creating situations to improve my sleep quality, so I can rest. No electronics in the bedroom, phone on do not disturb mode, and other interventions, so I can sleep.


I think part of my restlessness stemmed from the previous day when I taught three spin classes. I felt great teaching, but I was tired.


Well, day five has begun and I am off to tackle it..

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A 30 - day challenge

What better way to regain my focus and strength, than to give myself a 30-day challenge ( which was originally a 21-day--- 30 seemed more well-rounded).

I took measurements this morning, which BTW is always challenging with cats. They want to 'help'.

I also found the athletic setting on my body composition scale--- I didn't realize that it would make a 13% difference in overall composition and measurements. AND yes, I still consider myself an athlete.... Teaching multiple classes and training daily. I know what my struggles are, and now, it is time to put these to rest.

I am eating like a warrior. (It works for me). But I am also making the effort to be prepared, so I can eat appropriately when I am hungry, and not on the fly. I have tucked my measurements away, and will revisit on 7 June, which is 21-days (from yesterday.... The day I began my challenge), prior to leaving for Texas, so I have accountability while in Texas.

My goal over the next 30 is to lay a foundation-- better eating, better choices, improve my running, and begin training for racing. Working in an aesthetically driven field is challenging at times, because sometimes people don't look beyond appearance.

Today...... I continue the journey.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today, I realized again how energy is relevant-- in terms of consumption.


Yesterday, I taught two spin classes, and I ran/walked 3 miles. AND... I hadn't consumed enough energy. Still recovering from the beginning of the week, today, I felt tired and headachy, and cold. I was hungry, but I wasn't. (I think that was the headache). One might think I was sick...... And I realized tonight, after eating again (I eat when I am hungry and after drinking some water) that I had not consumed enough calories this week. And while I am working a balancing act to eat appropriately to lose the body fat, I still need to eat.


I was recently told that my body appearance is a reflection of my eating. And while I agree with this, there are sometimes other factors..... My issues generates from my relationship with food, and thus my relationship with myself. I look in the mirror and do not always like what I see. And I use food as my weapon.


This week was not the case of that rally point for me...... This week was simply not eating enough, to satisfy my bodies demands. Tomorrow, I am scheduled to teach spin and run 3 miles......


My goal: is to lose 60 pounds in the next year.


It is time I get serious. This is my health. This is my life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Open Water Swimming

I have registered for a 12-week program to be able to swim a mile comfortably in open water. You can join me at

As you are scratching your head wondering why, I hope to learn something. First by having someone else program for me, I am accountable to someone else. I can be lazy!

And perhaps..... To help me overcome my fear. Yes, I am afraid of open water.... I rational fears at best, like the monster under the bed. But alas, these are real. MOST of the time I don't think about it.

As I am rebuilding my overall fitness and preparing for IronMan 2014, I will continue to keep you in the loop.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enjoying Pineapple

This afternoon, I am partaking of my first meal. A fresh bowl of pineapple. It is wonderful!

After a day of feeling not so stellar, I know I am recovering as I feel hungry, and enjoying some pineapple.

My goal is eat more fruit and veggies more consistently-- and if it is fresh, available and already, I will eat it. If it is just in the fridge, I will not...... Most likely watching it slowly become inedible.

My other goal is to eat different fruits and veggies, trying new things. Tomorrow, I eat dragon fruit!


Enjoying Pineapple

This afternoon, I am partaking of my first meal. A fresh bowl of pineapple. It is wonderful!

After a day of feeling not so stellar, I know I am recovering as I feel hungry, and enjoying some pineapple.

My goal is eat more fruit and veggies more consistently-- and if it is fresh, available and already, I will eat it. If it is just in the fridge, I will not...... Most likely watching it slowly become inedible.

My other goal is to eat different fruits and veggies, trying new things. Tomorrow, I eat dragon fruit!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Wonderful Chia Seed

I just finished reading the Aztec Diet.

The diet reflects the foods and diet of the Aztecs including: corn, beans, turkey, fish, veggies, fruit and 'super grains' like amaranth, bulgar, quinoa and chia.

I was curious to see how the author incorporated the chia seed in the program, as I use chia as a garnish, mixed in yogurt, sprinkled on salad or other foods. The author suggests that for the first 14 days the diet, one should drink a chia-seed smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a mid-afternoon snack of either a piece of fruit or veggies hummus, or veggies and quinoa. One puts close to 2tbsp of chia seeds in each smoothie. The author also suggests the females shouldn't consume more than 1200 calories in the first phase to accentuate weight loss. *I burned over 1200 calories teaching my spin classes the other day*. So, perhaps phase one is not a good place for me to start.

Never fear, it is suggested that the participant move ahead to phase two if she is hungry, or has low energy on phase one. Phase Two introduces a 'real meal' during the day in addition to two chia-smoothies. The meal should be the lunch meal a d consist of veggies, low-CL grains (or your suer grains) and lean protein.

The goal is to follow phase two for about six-weeks. It is during phase two that exercise is introduced.

After Phase Two, or 60-days into the program, the participant should be ready to begin Phase Three. Here the individual begins a program of three-meals/day with a mid-afternoon snack. The meals are built from the premium Aztec foods.

Truthfully, I was curious to learn more about the Aztec foods. Like the Paleo movement, I was intrigued to see what this perspective was. I was also curious to learn the significance of the Chia seed. Unfortunately, Chia seeds are rarely sold as cut or milled, and the author does not provide/recommend options for purchase. He just shares a study that says consuming the seed as a whole does not influence weight loss. *i did learn that one can grind the seeds at home in a coffee bean grinder*.

This book did not answer the questions to what I was seeking. It was informative, and directive to someone who would follow this diet plan. I was seeking more information about the eating habits of the Aztecs. The author does not consider that the Aztecs may not have eaten three-meals per/day, which may have had something to do with their health, in addition to the quality of the food choices. The Aztecs were warriors, and would have worked during the day, and eaten at dusk. (Yes, they might have eaten some fruit, veggies or meal during the day).


I did have a smoothie this morning. I don't necessarily like to drink smoothies-- I like the process of eating my foods. It creates the whole eating experience. I feel more satisfied than just drinking a 'shake.'

I will not follow this protocol for a variety of reasons. I will consider having an occasional smoothie or adding Chia seeds to my salads or other foods.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

A swim and a run

Yesterday morning, I put the hamstring to the test. I swam and I ran.

I have been directing/assisting a small group of triathletes prepare for the Escape the Cape Tri in June. Essentially, I have been training with them. It is helping me as I prepare for my summer road races, and save the bay swim.

Yesterday, I swam 1500 yards and the hamstring did feel tired at the end. The run proved that I can do it. I ended up run/walking 1.5miles and felt pretty strong. I walked when the hamstring started to tighten and went back to the run. Some of it might be due to the inconsistencies in my training, despite the excess in spin classes I am currently teaching.

Overall, I am pleased. I am headed in the right direction.

I feel a little sore this morning......the kind that says, yay! I worked... But not overbearing. Tomorrow, I begin a six-week protocol that should assist in my consistency.


Now, I need to lose the extra 30# and focus on my professional goals. I am realizing that coaching swimming is ok, but it isn't my passion. I need to incorporate that in my goals.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


To regain my focus, I have invested in myself and have begun a 30-day challenge.

The primary obligation is eating clean, the secondary is ramping up my training and reparation for the swims and runs I expect to complete throughout the remainder of this year.

Lastly, I hope to stop the yo-yo cycle I have created where I lose pounds and gain them back. I am tired of beginning again, and again, and again.


I can do this! This is day two!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

YO-YO-ing Again

Down 2, up 3, down 4, up 2...... Back and forth, up and down I go..... With no real progress.

I observed my eating last night after visiting the scale. I know there aren't real changes; I see it in my clothes. I am just playing the down-up game with the same five pounds.

Way. Not. Cool.


Part of it is my eating. It is erratic. I am good for two weeks, and then I binge. So, I haven't really learned anything.

The other part is my exercise. I am only teaching spin classes. Enough to make a difference, but I am not working on strength or the other stuff I love...... Like running.


This stops today. I am starting my day with a bowl of oatmeal. I am eating it at the kitchen table so, I can experience the food with no distractions.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In light of history......

The history is that I excel for a week or two, and cave to...... All those things that become excuses.

My personal history of the past year is beginning again..... And again, and again.

This year I set goals and resolved not to write out plans I wouldn't adhere to..... Anyone can write the plan, it takes someone serious to execute these.

And in reflection of current health events in my family and my relentless hamstring injury, I am forging onward. I have been doing more cycling, more coaching and I need to show the example. My execution may not be perfect, but I anticipate becoming better in my ability to perform.

This week I am focusing on riding in each class. And I plan to run at least twice. I want to ensure I can handle the volume of my current responsibilities before adding more. I feel stronger and fitter, albeit a little tired today.


This morning I woke with some aches and owies as I am increasing my training. My goal today was to go out for a run. It didn't happen. My body and mind felt tired. So, I slept another hour and then got up and read....... And had another cup of coffee as the cobwebs disintegrated from my mind.

I still feel tired. I am just feeling hungry. And I anticipate my afternoon ride today.

When I feel tired, I tend to reach for junk. My eating is worthless. Today, I am making a conscientious effort to choose wisely and eat appropriately. Today, I feel better.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

She had WHAT???

Yesterday, a family member had a quadruple bypass.  YUP...... that she did.

AND...... this caused me to reflect.  We have heart disease in our family.  Whether self-inflicted or genetic, it is there.  Heart Disease.  In. Our. Family.  After all, my grandfather died of a massive heart attack when I was a sophomore in high school.  He had just retired.

If I dwell on the instances of disease and death that has run amuck in our family history, I might be inclined to sit in the house and do much of nothing...... while I have days like that, which are wonderful by the way........  It can be pretty scary out there.

And as I reflected on my own personal journey of health...... this health issue has recharged my battery, so to speak...... it has influenced me to JUMP and RUN and continue to pursue health's excellence.  Yes, I want the lower body fat, and the lean mean fighting machine image of strength and fitness....... but more importantly, I want to be HEALTHY.  I want my insides to be as well and strong as the body that carries them.

And so....... my pursuit of excellence continues.  It had a kick start yesterday.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Choosing not to run

This morning, I woke to a steady rain fall. The morning of the half-marathon. The training race. A steady rain fall. After evaluating the morning and the road conditions, I decided that it would not be a fun day to be out in the rain. I was concerned about my hamstring. It is not fully recovered, and this run would have taken longer than a healthy 13 mile run. I wasn't certain that it would be wise to be out in the rain, with the potential of slipping.

While disappointing, I know the decision was wise.

I want to be able to come back and compete another day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I ate Meat!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a piece of chicken. I recognize that chicken is NOT a winter meat (seasonally) and it was processed in some capacity. It tasted pretty good-- it was not amazing!


But...... Later, I felt so heavy and icky. Until..... Save you the gory details got sick. My body purged.

And I felt much better this morning.

It is somewhat astounding how the body responds, and how quickly to changes in ones diet. In my dietary changes, it is not my intent to never eat meat.... I actually enjoy the taste and texture. After yesterday, I am going to seriously consider the quality and quantity before I include something in my meal.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reflection and Moving Ahead

Week One: I would consider a success. I am down 4.8 pounds. (I haven't done any other measurements). And while a bit tired -- working insane hours-- I FEEL GREAT! *a colleague noticed I have been losing weight*.

I had a bite of meat lasagna, because it was warm. The pasta tasted bland, the meat was warm. Which was what I needed on that snowy cold evening.

I am discovering different tastes and textures, in the fruits and veggies taken for granted. Things taste salty or sweet or crunchy or have no taste, and take on the taste of what is mixed with it.

This week I carried cut oranges or apples to eat after spin classes, or some applesauce. I did mix a little whey protein into the applesauce. (I feel better when I do so post-training, and it will probably be something I continue). I also did use cream in my coffee..... Not that I don't enjoy coffee without it.... For me, it just tastes better.


WeeK Two: is here! I have begun day two of it.

The goal for this week is NO MEAT OR EGGS.


Ok....... I was considering a frittata....but, it can wait. Last night, I had a bowl of spaghetti squash, with olive oil drizzled on it and sea salt and pepper sprinkled across it. (Spaghetti Squash is one of those veggies that needs helps, and takes on the taste of the food it is with).

I am trying to eat my main meal midday/early afternoon, because of my work schedule. It doesn't always happen, and then I need to eat at night. Or sometimes, I am just hungry at night.

I still eat my piece of dark chocolate daily, and am finding certain companies' chocolate doesn't taste good anymore. PFFFFFT!!!!! How can that be?!? It is chocolate after all. But I can taste the processing.

I am saving money by visiting the Friendly Fruit Market in New Bedford weekly, and for under $30, I can eat well. I am learning to make different veggies.... Like yucca root, and Japanese yams. And I am enjoying it.

As week two unfolds, I have the Hyannis Half Marathon ahead of me. I am by no means ready, with my hamstring recovery. I hope to run/walk it, and have some fun. I am going to buy a new pair of running shoes when my coaching stipend finally arrives. I am cycling a lot..... And need to add resistance training, as well as swimming and rowing to the lot.


Won't you join me as I launch into week two?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Four Week Commitment

In reading 'The Engine 2 Diet' again....... I have decided to make the four week or 28 day commitment to ME. Because that is what it is all about....... How committed I am to me and my health. I am currently not satisfied with my appearance nor my fitness, and while I am moving more and challenging myself to be better, I am observing opportunities for me to be a slacker. AND as a professional coach and motivator, slacking isn't the best option.


While I have gone cold turkey before and jumped in blindly with both feet, I am opting to take the steps and use each week as a platform to create better opportunities for me.


This methodology is referred to as the Cadet, in the book. (Just jumping in 100% is a firefighter).

I a, going to use this time to evaluate me, and my commitment to self.


Week ONE: No dairy of any kind. This includes ALL dairy-- milk, cheese, creams, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and sour cream.

Also, no processed or refined foods-- and that means white rice, white flour, white pasta, white bread, and anything else that is processed: cakes, cookies, unhealthy chips, sodas, etc......


And so tomorrow, I begin. My journey of 28 days. My journey of dedication to myself. My challenge to myself. Tomorrow, I step toward a new me.


Won't you join me?