Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Switching Training Days....

It is day 38 of 100 in my challenge. Today, I am scheduled to bike 60 minutes and swim.

I spent a week in the desert of Arizona on New Jersey time and now, I am back in New Jersey on Arizona time.... don't you just love when that happens. I woke late and have much to do with the pending school term. So.....

the plan is to switch my training schedule of tuesdays and wednesdays.

Meaning, I will swim on Wednesdays at the college and ride..... and run on tuesdays (or do a brick) or other......

So, later this afternoon, I will be running a foundation run..... and doing strides.

I feel spent and it is HOT out there. Isn't September around the corner?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Progress Update

Today, I am utterly exhausted. Part of it is recovery from the travels and re-adaptation to Eastern Standard Time; part of it is hormonal-female stuff. And for whatever reason, I am wiped.
As far as my challenge, I anticipate doing a body weight circuit later today. Otherwise, it is a rest day. It is Day 37 of my 100 days and Day 16 in my new year.

I weighed in this morning and found that I was only 1 pound heavier than I was last weigh-in.

So, i am looking forward to weighing in after this week to see what has truly transpired.

Tomorrow, I continue my preparation for the marathon, with some tri-training thrown in. This week, I commence my work at NJCU for the semester and will be participating with my students in the 'Tour de NJCU' and the 'NJCU-IronMan.' I trust these will be interesting ways of bringing together the applications of Spinning class and CardioFitness.

And for now, I am off to train a client.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Travel Food

I always travel with food, most of the time. A bar, piece of fruit, nuts, lunch, something to get me through the day. In being prepared most of the time, I have had only a few moments where I have found myself starving and reaching for anything.

I have been teased about it all my life... because miraculously, I appear with something from my bag when I am hungry.

Today, I am glad that I have adopted that habit.

Today, I am flying. From Durango, CO to Denver, CO to Louisville, KY to Newark, NJ.... and the long lay-over is in Newark, NJ. Of course, with several hours to kill in an airport, one needs to eat. I had pineapple slices on the plane from Durango to Denver, and almonds from Denver to Louisville (i also took a nap).... and now, I find myself in louisville airport in want of something. Walking the *small* airport, I stumbled across a starbucks... and it is now, that I am enjoying a cup of coffee and a bar that I had carried with me from NJ....
Of course, I need to buy water... as security prohibits carrying your own water....
and of course, water costs a small fortune!

I am looking forward to returning to my regularly scheduled training tomorrow.... and training my clients. I will weigh-in tomorrow to see what happened a week away from civilization.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Running in the Desert

I have been enjoying my week in Arizona. I cannot describe and I know my pictures will not bring justice to the beauty surrounding me.

This morning, I continued my training (as I have all week, having brought my jump rope, mini-band, hiking shoes and running shoes), and took the power walk journey to a run. I know you are probably asking why I would have spent some time doing power walking when I am a runner..... the truth has to do with the altitude change here. I am used to running at an altitude close to sea level.... here, I am in the mountains. Yes, the desert is in the mountains... there are mountains and mesas and sesas all around us.... And in that, I know there is less oxygen.

Today, I turned the power walk into a run..... and I ran out to Sesa-Ah...(pics later)... which is about a mile and a half away. (I know, I know.... I am training for a marathon, what's a mile and a half?)
This trip was run on a road of compacted red sand, with many hills and in a different altitude. The total run was 6km-- about 4miles, and it was plenty. I worked the hills.... as we know hills are speed work in disguise.... and I pushed hard, until I needed to slow the pace to recover and breath.

I now feel spent.

I am looking forward to possibly walking a gully wash later this afternoon and exploring some of the desert.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The week ahead

Tomorrow I am traveling. Tomorrow, I get on a plane and go from newark to louisville to denver to durango. I hope they don't get lost, because I did just writing that.

My final destination is Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, where Immanuel Mission is on the Navajo Reservation. I will be there a week... There I will continue my adventure, as I am packing my running shoes, my jumprope and my mini-band. I may not be able to blog.... but I will let you know when I return.

Because of the travels tomorrow, I weighed in today.
I am down 1.8# for the week, leaving 69.4# to go!!! woo-hoo-- below 70#!
I have lost another .6% body fat.

I will take it... because each day, I am learning something about me.

I am learning I am stronger and faster and will be leaner than I ever was.

Have a super week!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I must be doing something right!!!

I am nearly completely recovered from yesterday's bike-- went for a walk with my mom, and I felt great! I also jumped on the scale this am.... and I am down .6# from sunday (I will take it!!!)

I will probably get on the scale on sunday for a baseline for the week, as I head out to Arizona and will be off the radar for a week.

I am looking forward to doing roadwork.... probably 5 miles this evening, and 7 tomorrow.
I have milwaukee in October after all.

I am enjoying the fruits and veggies all day long and a cooked meal in the evening. It seems natural as I am an adventurer by day, and I rest by night. I am planning on bringing cherries and salad and nuts for my travels on sunday. Not impossible; just requires planning.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Muscle Maker Grill

Call me a skeptic, but when they first advertised they were coming to town.... I was like, wow.... just what we need, more processed food.

Today, I decided to eat from their menu.

ON the menu, it boasts, 'Call ahead-- We're always busy'.... someone didn't get the memo, as I was the only one in the shop, besides the employees. Maybe because it was after lunch rush...

I was greeted by shelves that were loaded with protein in a bottle... in various forms and designs... the stuff that only 50% is absorbed if you are lucky... stuff I would never use... and in the coolers all kinds of 'muscle drinks' from muscle milk, to isopure, to shockingly water....

I had the Godfather.... described from the menu as 'Low Carb Solution' -- grilled chicken breast, portabella mushrooms, red roasted peppers, reduced fat mozzarella cheese and fat-free balsamic vinaigrette, on a bed of broccoli.

Ok... it was good. It wasn't amazing! It wasn't to die for...... I had just finished my ride and I was hungry. (They looked at me funny, b/c I came in just after my ride... bandana on, sweaty, muddy, camelback and a bottle of water.... the look spoke volumes.) But I was hungry, and the drama is theirs..... Period. End of story.....
It is clear they have bought the myths that are being sold to the american public that protein means meat..... my piece of chicken breast was actually three servings.... as a serving should fit in the palm of your hand, or the size of a deck of cards.
And there were a total of four pieces of broccoli... lots of florets, little to no stalk... they got that right....
BUT, I WISH the quantity of the chicken and the broccoli were reversed. Per calorie there is more protein in broccoli than chicken, and the other things that broccoli provides esp for me in recovery would have been nice. (I got home and steamed some broccoli to augment the lacking). The broccoli they served wasn't overcooked; it was just right.....again, there wasn't enough of it.
The rest of the dish was ok.... the combination of the peppers and mushrooms with the balsamic vinaigrette was an interesting texture and taste, and not over bearing.... the cheese tasted funny to me...
As an endurance athlete, when I eat fats.... I eat whole fats, I need these, and so, if I eat cheese that is low-fat, it tastes funny..... and I always ask myself, what did they put in the cheese to make it low-fat.... and as of my paleo journey, I am eating little to no cheese, (being scandinavian, that is a challenge).

Scouring over the rest of the menu.... they have lots of 'protein crap'.... shakes, etc, frozen yogurt, and dishes that either are a wrap, or have pasta, and the quantity of meat on the plate is ridiculous.... even the vegetarian choices are surrounded by those grains....
So, it seems since I don't eat grains.... I will not be frequenting their shop.

I got the impression that it is run by individuals with a 'meat-head' gym mentality....
who have bought into the whole body-builder fitness garbage....
sorry, body-builders, many of you are not healthy.....
And I was not impressed.

I would rather have steamed beef with broccoli with the sauce on the side from my local chinese restaurant.


There are some days were it all comes together and you feel amazing doing it.

Today, was one such day! I worked with a client and rode my bike home... the 30-mile trek on the canal.... where no matter what I do, I can push myself and the time is always the same....

On Tuesday, I did the ride. And the time was the same, even with all the cyclo-cross adventure over and under trees.

Today, I started my stop-watch when I left dunkin donuts, from my potty break. When i got to the canal, I stopped to eat a bar.... amazing stuff, love it!.... and resumed my ride.

And I rode! And rode! And rode!

At the time that I arrived at my exit from the canal... I stopped my watch. (I use the last part of the journey home as a recovery. I walk a bit, then ride the last leg). Well, the watch indicated that the whole ride was only 3 minutes slower than tuesday's ride.
Granted, I didn't have to climb under and over trees, and I added about 2, maybe 3 miles to the trek, and I stopped at all my potty stops on the way.....

Not only was I surprised, I was very pleased. The timer kept me motivated.... let's see where we are when it gets to that time... and shockingly, I was right around the corner from the end point.

So, I am either getting back in shape, or getting back in my competition shape, or I am getting stronger overall, or all of the above.

And then I came home, ate, and took a nap..... coffee anyone?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The First Quarter is Complete

And the first 25 days are finished. What have I gained? What can I do differently? How can I improve?

First and foremost: my consistency, while it has improved, can still improve more. Not that I am complacent, I have been enjoying the lazy days of summer. Without a specific schedule, I am like it can be done tomorrow..... and the tomorrows are running away.

While it may be a good thing at times to enjoy the idea of (and actually observing) putting off until tomorrow, it is not a good idea to live that way permanently. There should be some sense of obligation. (At least for me.....) But I do know, I can relax if I need to.

Secondly, since the beginning of this challenge, I have lost 8.7#. I am pleased.... although, i am certain if I got on the scale today it would probably say some ungodly weight-gain or something..... I don't do well, with random weigh-ins.... consistency is better for me, otherwise, I play the game.... and would not eat or something equally dumb.

I have recently taken my measurements.... tape measure around my waist, hips and umbilicus that I will also be using for tracking the in the next 25 days.

I am more consistent with my eating. I am enjoying fruits and veggies throughout the day! and cooked or steamed veggies with some meat at night.
I have noticed that my biking is getting easier.... and I have the strength to climb over and carry my bike through challenging terrain.

And so, I am commencing the next 25 days of my 100 day challenge.....

I am looking forward to the continued adventure.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My own cyclo-cross adventure!

Riding the tow -path of the Delaware-Raritan Canal was certainly an adventure today. Not only did I complete my standard 30 miles, I managed to include a mini-cyclo cross adventure.

There was a storm last night, which had successfully taken down trees. Unfortunately, those trees were right on the path.... the same path I needed to bike on.

And well.... since it is easier to climb over, crawl under or go around, than leave the canal and bike on the road.... I enjoyed my cyclocross adventure.

I am seeing how I am becoming stronger. I can pick up the bike and carry it on my shoulder as I traveled through a stoney spill-way on the canal. I can also carry the bike fairly easily over a tree, as I hurl the bike over the tree and then climb over it myself.

I feel like I am moving easier. And shockingly.... the time spent on the canal, in spite of the extra challenge was the same as it normally is.... which leads me to believe that my journey is becoming easier.

It was really hot out there.... so, I decided to take it slow. Time for return was irrelevant; returning safely was the priority. I drank a lot of water on the trail.... and sweated it all out!!!

I am also moving easier.... In addition to climbing, I am lunging, hopping, balancing on one leg, and just seeing overall dynamic strength. It is really exciting to see these things, that I once took for granted, come together. It is exciting to see me regain me!

Well, off for a mani and a pedi.... my treat to me.

Day 23 of 100 .... and Day Two as a Cavewoman....

Cavewoman...... reminds me of that random cartoon as a kid, 'Captain Caveman.'

Memories have been so vivid lately.... maybe this is part of what happens when one starts 'cleaning house' so to speak.

Monday was a rest day. Typically is, as most races occur on Saturday or Sunday. And yesterday, was no different. Although, I wanted to get a jump on my cleaning-- I will be in Arizona next week, and I hate coming home to dirty or disorganized stuff.

I also was working on the syllabi for my Fall classes and beginning the final preparation for the term that begins on 1 September.
For some reason, I am really excited about this Fall. Not only teaching at the university, but the various pieces of the adventure that are due to arrive as the season progresses.

I certainly hold true the quote....
'I have learned as a rule of thumb never to ask whether one can do something. Say instead, I am going to do it. Then fasten your seatbelt. The most remarkable things happen.' -- Joan Cameron

And so, I am learning to be open to possibilities.......
and not beating myself up for having not been so open to these before.

And yesterday, eating was super.
I started my day with fresh fruit, blue-berries and strawberries and then pineapple... and a bit of yogurt. Lunch was a plate of brussel sprouts. And later I enjoyed a smoothie..... blackberries, blueberries and strawberries with some almond milk.

Was I a perfect paleo..... NO.
I finished re-reading Food Matters, by Mark Bittman, and I will continue to place more emphasis on the fruits and veggies.... with nuts and seeds.... and the meats last.

Changes things a bit... perhaps, because my emphasis is fruits and veggies, instead of the meat.
I think of the warriors, who ate one meal a day.... and personally, I feel better when I back-end my large meal on the end of the day....
Yesterday, my larger meal was about 2.30pm, with a smoothie later in the evening.... I had a second iced coffee-- treat of comfort after learning about the loss of my friend and colleague...

And I rested.
Last night my focus was gone.... perhaps, i should have gone for a run, but I chose to sit in my garden with the looming black clouds everywhere.... feeling the evening breezes. I feel the uneasiness that comes when great things are going to happen, and reminded myself to buckle-up, as these things happen quickly.

Well, it is tuesday morning.... i am off to train a client, and bike ride 30 miles home.

Saying Good-Bye


I learned that a colleague and friend passed away in late July. This man, Mort Steuer, was a confident, friend, professional, and like a grandfather to me. I cannot remember ever thinking.... ugh, how can I dash away and hide?.... as we sometimes do when we are busy.

He was a joy to know. He was such an inspiration.

And he will be missed...... He was my friend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paleo -- Day one


Day 22 of my 100 day challenge. And the First day of my new year.....

As stated previously, my theme for this year is RUN..... and not solely because it is what I love to do for exercise, but the symbolism behind running and pursuing something..... (yes, i do know that I need to wait quietly for somethings to arrive... that is the rest portion of the run!)

I lost 2.3# this week, with no change in my body fat measurement... (this now brings me to 71.2# to lose). A number that I am embarrassed to record... but a number that is shockingly true. But I love me, and that is why I am on this journey.... to create the best possibilities in my return to competition... My advice.... don't get fat, and don't get hit by an SUV... things would be simpler that way. But just as I acknowledge that I have gotten slack and permitted myself to become what I am now, I am making the necessary changes to do so....
And while I don't always like the reflection staring me in the mirror, I know I am beautiful.... and I love that I am doing something amazing for me!!

In addition to my triathlon protocols and my strength circuit, a friend challenged me to follow the 100 push-up protocols.... and I am following the lowest level for push-ups and the middle level for sit-ups. JOIN ME! At the end of this journey, we will be able to do 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups together.

I am looking forward to the cooler weather this week, so I can go play on the playground and add upside-down hanging and swinging and pull-ups... It is so great to play!

And so.... today, was my birthday. How did I do..... I treated myself to a large coffee! and then a bowl of strawberries, with 1L of water. I joined my family for a birthday dinner... in which I had tomato-crab soup, salad w/tomatoes, olives, red onions and blue cheese, and a leg of lamb with string beans. I am still comfortable from that eating event.... and I feel satisfied... I might have a piece of fruit later, perhaps some pineapple or blueberries... but for now, I am drinking water. I drank close to a gallon of water today, as well.

And I am grateful.... showers of blessings were bestowed on my birthday in the form of rain... in fact, it is raining as I write this. I love dancing in the rain.

Tomorrow, is a formal rest day. Since I rested today, I anticipate an easy run and a swim, strength and my 100 push-ups.

The beginning of a new day and a new year.....

Today, I celebrate my 43rd birthday... If you had asked me a month ago how I was going to celebrate it, I would have had a much different answer than what will happen today as I go forth and tackle the day and the world....

A month ago.... I was afraid. Afraid of being alone... Afraid of my age.... Afraid of circumstance that has placed me in situations I am in now.

And this morning, I woke.... with love and peace....
Knowing that today commences a new year and a new adventure.....
A year that I am going to live (eat) like a caveman... a year that I am going to conquer the iron- man.... A year that I am embracing..... A year that is mine.

Today, is the celebration of my life.... of the years that have brought me to this point and of the year I have ahead....

Won't you join me in celebrating life?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Caveman for a Year?

I have begun the 21st day of my 100-day challenge....

I enjoyed an omelette with olives and almonds on a bed of spinach leaves. YUM! I am looking forward to some strawberries later......
And as I was enjoying this, I got a note from a friend who has decided to 'live like a cave man' for the next year.... NO, he is not going to live in a cave... but he is outwardly sharing his personal journey following the Paleo Diet.

And it really got me thinking..... what better thing to do, than step up and move for the next year. My journey to return to the world of the iron-man, is going to take more than 100 days. My journey is going to be over a life time......

And so, but better way to start...... then thoroughly examine the next year.

I have no idea what the outcome will be.... Life at times has a way of changing things.

And what better day to start than tomorrow..... my birthday.

A full year of living and eating like a cave man.... thoroughly embracing the Paleo lifestyle.

I CAN eat:

meats (steak, chicken, tuna, salmon, pork, bacon), eggs (whole)

Fat-nuts (almonds, macadamia nuts, unsalted) olive oil, avocado, coconut, seeds

Fruits and veggies-tomatoes,broccoli, asparagus,carrots, apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi, pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, brussel sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, etc.

Drinks: Water - 1 gallon a day, coffee


white starchy carbs of any kind (bread, potatoes, rice cakes, rice)
Legumes (green beans, peas, peanuts)
sugar or sugar substitute

Dairy, cheese, milk
Drinks, soda, or alcohol

Caveats: I am an endurance athlete.... so, I will need GU and some other fun stuff to aid in training performance and recovery. I also enjoy cream in my coffee (i cannot imagine eating it black).
I also will eat blue cheese occasionally to help with my immunity and some greek yogurt. These aid in my performance and health... and are not a mainstay, but something I do need from time to time.

Friday, August 13, 2010

30-mile bike

On Friday the 13th, I was hit by an SUV. That was the day I had my cycling accident several summers ago. Drama and trauma in my life. YUCK!

And today, i managed a 30-mile bike ride on Friday the 13th, without incident.

Granted most of my rides are now on trails and not on the roads, and the others are on a trainer.

But I am happy that I am still riding, regardless of what the past had presented.

I am still riding, running, swimming and smiling (albeit, missing a tooth).

I am blessed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have completed a 10k run this afternoon in 50 minutes. Yes, I was running.... no room for slogging. RUN!
As I have been working through this 100-day challenge, I completed day 10 today. In this, I have observed many changes in my attitudes and in my relationship with food and training. Some has been a challenge and some very simple.... I want this, I need to do that. Some has been irritating, as I live in a house with people who do not hold the same regard toward health and themselves as I do. And that, I have had to put on them.... those are their choices. I have NO room for their negativity. I have a 70.3 mile race and 160# goal to meet, greet and tackle.

And in my 100-day challenge..... I decided today on my glorious run in the rain, I need a theme!

My theme is a single word the encapsulates the journey, the vision and the goal.
The theme is RUN.

And everyone who has run, understands the dedication and commitment necessary to get up and go and RUN. Running is something that needs to be done daily or it is lost.

"We know the effects of training are temporary. I cannot put fitness in the bank. If inactive, I will detrain faster than it took me to get in shape. And since my entire persona is influenced by my running program, I must remain constantly in training. Otherwise, the sedentary life will inexorably reduce my mental and emotional well-being.

So, I run each day to preserve the self I attained the day before. And coupled with this is the desire to secure the self yet to be. There can be no letup. If I do not run, I will eventually lose all I have gained-- and my future with it."

--Dr George Sheehan

This pretty much sums it up.... RUN. The journey. The adventure. The goal. The dream.

I have completed day 19 of 100. I have 81 days to go.... I trust that I will continue to change my body inside and out.... as I RUN.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PEDALING..... fast!

After two days recovery, I had my BEST. TRAINING RIDE. EVER!

It was that simple. The last two days I felt emotionally and physically drained.... and exhausted. Last night I crashed around 10pm and woke at 5am.... refreshed and ready to conquer the training session.

So, my mountain bike and I hit the trail......

I decided my warm-up would be a fast-tempo ride out to the turn-around point, and I was able to 'get there' a whole minute faster than last week... and then after the turn-around, I did 7 x 20sec intervals with 2min recovery. The 20-second interval was a high-paced, high-intensity burst of sprinting.... and the 2minute recovery, was my tempo riding....

And I felt great!!!!

As an added bonus, my friends the herons (all six of them) were hanging on the river.
And my legs felt wobbly after the ride.... I needed to walk it out.

I feel great now.

Just like I am melting from the weather..... hoping for rain.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I had learned and adopted this from a boxer I used to run with.... road work is like the foundation of the day, the foundation of training....

Roadwork was essentially created by the Warriors of Old... where these men would march at cadence for periods of time. Boxers adopted it.

Roadwork is marching or running slowly (at a cadence for a period of time or a distance).

I had been doing roadwork earlier in the year... either to start or to finish the day. A brisk walk after dinner or an early morning run... (Not to be confused with training).

And my overall mileage increased. And I actually felt better throughout the day or was able to rest at night.

I am not sure why I stopped roadwork... perhaps, fear about the overall training mileage during the week. I have decided to recommence roadwork... did an easy bout yesterday after the race, and I feel better-- like recovery will be faster.

This mornings road work was an easy 2-mile walk with my mom. It was relaxing and peaceful and fun! And I feel great. (although it is hot and ugly out there)

Pending the heat/air quality later, I might run an easy 5k. Roadwork is back. It is good for my peace of mind.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Be True To Me....

"Be true to yourself. Take care of yourself. Everything else will fall into place!!"

I love it!!! This was sent to me today....

Just a reminder to be true to me....

Why I compete....


I was asked the other day why I compete.

The truth-- IT IS FUN!

The other truth-- I LIKE IT!

AND the reality it provides a marker or a litmus test for my fitness and the quality of my training.

Competition clearly shows my abilities. Competition clearly shows what I can and cannot do... I am putting myself to the test. I am demonstrating what I have been working so diligently for and I am putting my hard work to the test.

AND I learn from it.

Competition shows me my strengths and my weaknesses. Competition shows me where I need to spend more time in my training cycle..... those things I need to develop, refine and improve proficiencies....

Competition is why we train after all, isn't it?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This afternoon....... I. had. a. Meltdown.

I got on the scale this morning and the four pounds that were gone, are back..... I felt like the creature from a horror show was back to visit..... and I lost it. I got completely and utterly frustrated. I have NO IDEA WHAT CONCLUSION TO DRAW.

But it utterly sucked.

So, today...... after dealing with and food shopping.... and prepping for competition and training.... I took a Metabolic Typing Test.

It was interesting, but help me make some observations by the questions asked.... many of these surrounding eating, how I respond to the foods I eat, and how does it make me feel, any cravings I might have, as well as other interactions I have with food.

Conclusion of the test: I am a mixed metabolic type.

Well, there are some mornings I wake and am craving a cow with a side of chicken and other mornings, I am completely content with a bowl of fruit.

And there are some days, I could eat a piece of chicken and feel like a tub of lard. (They considered chicken a light meat).....

Generally speaking, I have been working to increase my fruit and vegetable intake. Not that I am opposed to eating meats, I can take it or leave it honestly. And the process just brought me back to the Paleo Diet (consisting of lean meats and seafood, fruits, veggies and nuts) and the fact that I am generally satisfied during the day with fruit and salad.

My drama surrounds training and figuring out eating...... b/c of the changes in needs pre and post training. My drama also surrounds the fact that I could eat or not eat.... and I have been conscientiously making a point to eat lunch around 1pm. (I set my alarm to it).

So, while the weight loss has not made me really happy during these first 14 days, I am definitely learning much about my relationship with self and my relationship with food. And in that, I am winning the battle. The rest should fall into play.

This week, I am going to hold myself more accountable to eating consistently and be aware of quality post-exercise.

I don't tend to over eat... but actually, tend to under eat and that is a problem.
The other problem arises from living in this house.... b/c there is no where to do what is necessary, b/c of the schematics and attitudes of the people with whom I reside. It is truly a challenge at times.... but cannot be addressed more than it has already. I will keep working on solutions... and creating different opportunities.

Diet Mountain Dew

I love an occasional Diet Mountain Dew..... maybe one a month or less. Sometimes, I am just in the mood for the cold swizzies and fizzies in my mouth.

Is it the best choice for me? Probably not, and I get that. I also know and understand all the BAD, BAD, BAD things related to soda... trust me, I could give the lecture.

I tweeted the other day.... after a hard training day, I want a diet mountain dew.

I get a response from a very 'fake' person...... ooooooh, don't do that, with a link from a doctor about all the negative and addictive affects of soda. OK?
My response.... was thanks for the deets, but let's have this conversation after you train like I am training.... The response.... Oh trust me I get it (clearly you don't), I have a MS in ex phys and I have logged over 20 years of training hours in fitness..... (again, you don't get it...by any stretch of the imagination, but go ahead and tell yourself you do)....
*Don't get me wrong, i am not saying people who go to the gym religiously and train aren't training hard.... but most people who are in a gym have no purpose or direction... and wouldn't know how to follow a training regimen or create one by any stretch of the imagination.... and yes, those who work with a personal trainer might be training harder, but honestly most personal trainers out there haven't a clue.*

I am training ultimately for a 70.3 mile and then a 140 mile race... Most endurance athletes I know have consumed soda at some point in their training... for the caffeine, and/or as I described the fizzies in the mouth... no other product comes close.
Granted, there are much better choices for nutrients and recovery and fueling......

I remember when a friend was training for her first marathon, she would crave a beer. Her coach told her that she was probably craving the carbohydrates... and she would actually have a sip or two and she would be satisfied. I could have given her a lecture on the bad, bad, bad.... but if her coach wasn't worried, why should I be.... instead, i was like, that makes sense.

As for me, well.... I rarely entertain what someone has to say when they jump in my face and scream BAD, BAD, BAD..... (note to self.... step back and earn someone's confidence/trust to be able to share).... and I am probably like yeah, I know as I have another swallow of the bad stuff.

And this person only knows me on twitter.

That said..... I will continue to enjoy an occasional Diet Mountain Dew. Most of the time, it is a swallow or two... and yes, I know it is BAD, BAD, BAD.... It has something I need at that moment.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Drinking and Eating enough....

This AM.... after training a client, I journeyed 30 miles (approx) from West Windsor to Middlesex, via the tow-path on the Delaware-Raritan Canal.....

I have done this ride many times. Today, was easier.... the weather was just as ugly as it could be... BUT, i was prepared. Before departing, I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple juice.... and I had a half a liter of water. During the ride, I drank a half-liter of water with Amino-Vital mixed in... and my camel-back (70 oz) was full. I made a conscientious effort to drink two full swallows every ten minutes.


Considering I have a race on Sunday and that it is UGLY out there, I decided to just enjoy the ride. That is what I did.

Upon arriving home, my camel back was empty, the amino vital was completely drunk as well as an extra half-liter of water I had stashed in my pack. And I feel great.

I wonder if I have been drinking enough during my normal training rides... and how this is affecting my recovery.

My ride today, was actually faster.... i took some time to play, so I was out longer, but I arrived home within 10 minutes of the normal arrival time...
Conclusion: i was more efficient today.

I am now showered and hungry and I feel great!!!

hmmmmm, I might be onto something.

And so it begins....

This is what I have been working toward....

The games begin Sunday!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Magic Carpet Ride....


Today, I woke to typical New Jersey August weather.... the Triple H-Threat...HAZY, HOT and HUMID. I need to swim.

On days like this..... I hate not having a car.... the bus adventure to the YMCA, would be a tremendous challenge in the soupy air we have today.... it was a tremendous challenge running in it last night and doing my strength this morning in the yard.

And so...... I wished for a magic carpet ride... I think that might be the most fun.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Running without Breathing....

I remember my cross-country and track coach, Greg, telling me that breathing was not important.... I tried to remember that as I went out on this very, very humid evening to complete a 40 minute run.... wow. Breathing was essential... despite what coach says.

So, I am glad I pushed myself to do it.....
5K in 30 minutes -- a slow pace for me.... with 6 x 30second maximal bursts (which were seemingly slow and belabored energy to complete)...... and then a 10 minute recovery run.

I am exhausted. It was hard.

And where is that thunderstorm??

I am a JERSEY GIRL.....

Tough girls come from New York City,

Sweet girls come from Alabama,

But JERSEY GIRLS have FIRE & ICE in our blood.

We can ride four wheelers, be a Princess,

throw left hooks, and drink with the boys

...and if we have an opinion, you know your gonna hear it.


BTW, I am completely offended by the show-- JERSEY SHORE....
and people who say JOISEY... puhleeze. You have to be from Bayonne to say it that way. LOL

I just don't feel like it!

Ever have one of those days?

Yesterday, I managed to delete.... a complete folder (unrecoverable) of my web-site. DRAMA! with a capital D.... I managed to stay composed until today, when i don't have a temporary folder as it was deleted yesterday, and well.... the HELP button was not very helpful.

I needed an answer, and it seems I will have to wait at least 24 hours.

This morning there were clouds. Training looked promising.... until female issues took over and I just don't feel like it. As it is, training is being altered slightly because I am riding on Friday and not tomorrow... so, I think what might happen is that I run tonight and do the swim Monday.... I hate playing with my training like this, but sometimes, life just happens, and I have to address life.

So, today.... I spent much time on www.msjathletics.com, revising, reworking and trying to figure out what, why and how.... In the meantime, my blog-site serves as my website. It might stay that way, I don't know.

I need to eat.... and so, I am off.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drama That Changes Things

At the beginning of this blog, I shared about drama that had stopped my life for an evening, and of course it was the evening prior to the beginning of my latest adventure in training. Today, the drama has pretty much subsided.... but the memory is still there.

A week ago.... someone I call friend, who I had grown to love as a brother, told me he wasn't interested in me or my life. Wow. That was something that really knocked me off balance..... and this past week, I have been learning to deal with the loss of this friend.... which unto itself has been challenging. He and I chatted almost every day.... and for the most part more than once a day in various forms of media... from texting to messaging to facebooking to phoning to lettering to emailing.... and now, I am supposed to have found some magic off-switch to turn off my emotion because.... he no longer cares about me?

I never understood that about guys. I get the necessity to remove stuff from one's life from time to time.... there are people that have shown me their true colors and I no longer associate with them.... I just don't understand this. And maybe I never will...... I stood by him through so many challenges that came up in his life, with no expectations... but because I care about him.

And now, I needed to do something constructive with the emotion and energy that I have currently no where to dispense. I needed to do something constructive. I needed to use this energy for something good. (And yes, I am grateful that I have been training..... otherwise, I might go mad! with the silence.... but instead, I have time to swing a kettlebell, run, swim or bike... and use up some energy and focus on me, and not what I am missing).

As a result, I have more focus..... I still feel lost, but I am pretty certain what direction I will be going professionally and personally.

I am going to use the rest of this year to learn more about training and nutrition and racing and applications..... I am working on 2011's racing and education schedule. I am hoping to create some amazing opportunities for myself.... and I am being drawn toward the cape, but am torn, as I am developing relationships in the Princeton area. I trust that the right doors will open up, as I continue to pursue my goals. (visit www.msjathletics.com for more insights of my professional development/projects).

And while, I continue to move forward.... I will never forget my friend.
Ben, I love you and will miss you.

Monday, August 2, 2010


I know... I know..... I sound like animal or some other character from the muppets.....


Seriously, by eliminating the processed foods and preparing meals.... I know when I am satisfied, and I know when I am hungry. There is no second guessing it.... my body is clearly telling me FEED ME NOW! or STOP EATING NOW!

and on the stop eating part.... if i take another bite, i feel sick.. in that, i am paying attention.
Hunger has stopped being a sensation in the belly. It is more in the throat... and it is definitely different than thirst.... and today, i drank over 2.5L of water.

These observations are teaching me about my body. I am looking forward to continued discovery.

Get Out the Door

'He who is outside the door has already a good part of his journey behind him.' -- dutch proverb

It is interesting how a new month, a new week, or a new day brings a new beginning. Today, I read this (yesterday's inspirational quote) as I am contemplating getting up and doing strength...... honestly, I am exhausted.

Strength commences today (yes, i am weird.... i like to get a week foundation of training before adding the strength to it). And I am exhausted. Getting out the door is going to be a challenge.
I know I will feel great when I go. I know I will feel re-energized when I finish.

And getting out the door, is sometimes the hardest thing.......

This week is going to bring a repeat of last week's training (i want to get it right and feel strong before progressing with volume) with the added strength and a greater focus on my eating. Rest is more valuable than ever before.

In order for me to begin this week, I need to step out the door.