Sunday, February 24, 2013

Choosing not to run

This morning, I woke to a steady rain fall. The morning of the half-marathon. The training race. A steady rain fall. After evaluating the morning and the road conditions, I decided that it would not be a fun day to be out in the rain. I was concerned about my hamstring. It is not fully recovered, and this run would have taken longer than a healthy 13 mile run. I wasn't certain that it would be wise to be out in the rain, with the potential of slipping.

While disappointing, I know the decision was wise.

I want to be able to come back and compete another day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I ate Meat!

Yesterday afternoon, I had a piece of chicken. I recognize that chicken is NOT a winter meat (seasonally) and it was processed in some capacity. It tasted pretty good-- it was not amazing!


But...... Later, I felt so heavy and icky. Until..... Save you the gory details got sick. My body purged.

And I felt much better this morning.

It is somewhat astounding how the body responds, and how quickly to changes in ones diet. In my dietary changes, it is not my intent to never eat meat.... I actually enjoy the taste and texture. After yesterday, I am going to seriously consider the quality and quantity before I include something in my meal.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reflection and Moving Ahead

Week One: I would consider a success. I am down 4.8 pounds. (I haven't done any other measurements). And while a bit tired -- working insane hours-- I FEEL GREAT! *a colleague noticed I have been losing weight*.

I had a bite of meat lasagna, because it was warm. The pasta tasted bland, the meat was warm. Which was what I needed on that snowy cold evening.

I am discovering different tastes and textures, in the fruits and veggies taken for granted. Things taste salty or sweet or crunchy or have no taste, and take on the taste of what is mixed with it.

This week I carried cut oranges or apples to eat after spin classes, or some applesauce. I did mix a little whey protein into the applesauce. (I feel better when I do so post-training, and it will probably be something I continue). I also did use cream in my coffee..... Not that I don't enjoy coffee without it.... For me, it just tastes better.


WeeK Two: is here! I have begun day two of it.

The goal for this week is NO MEAT OR EGGS.


Ok....... I was considering a frittata....but, it can wait. Last night, I had a bowl of spaghetti squash, with olive oil drizzled on it and sea salt and pepper sprinkled across it. (Spaghetti Squash is one of those veggies that needs helps, and takes on the taste of the food it is with).

I am trying to eat my main meal midday/early afternoon, because of my work schedule. It doesn't always happen, and then I need to eat at night. Or sometimes, I am just hungry at night.

I still eat my piece of dark chocolate daily, and am finding certain companies' chocolate doesn't taste good anymore. PFFFFFT!!!!! How can that be?!? It is chocolate after all. But I can taste the processing.

I am saving money by visiting the Friendly Fruit Market in New Bedford weekly, and for under $30, I can eat well. I am learning to make different veggies.... Like yucca root, and Japanese yams. And I am enjoying it.

As week two unfolds, I have the Hyannis Half Marathon ahead of me. I am by no means ready, with my hamstring recovery. I hope to run/walk it, and have some fun. I am going to buy a new pair of running shoes when my coaching stipend finally arrives. I am cycling a lot..... And need to add resistance training, as well as swimming and rowing to the lot.


Won't you join me as I launch into week two?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Four Week Commitment

In reading 'The Engine 2 Diet' again....... I have decided to make the four week or 28 day commitment to ME. Because that is what it is all about....... How committed I am to me and my health. I am currently not satisfied with my appearance nor my fitness, and while I am moving more and challenging myself to be better, I am observing opportunities for me to be a slacker. AND as a professional coach and motivator, slacking isn't the best option.


While I have gone cold turkey before and jumped in blindly with both feet, I am opting to take the steps and use each week as a platform to create better opportunities for me.


This methodology is referred to as the Cadet, in the book. (Just jumping in 100% is a firefighter).

I a, going to use this time to evaluate me, and my commitment to self.


Week ONE: No dairy of any kind. This includes ALL dairy-- milk, cheese, creams, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and sour cream.

Also, no processed or refined foods-- and that means white rice, white flour, white pasta, white bread, and anything else that is processed: cakes, cookies, unhealthy chips, sodas, etc......


And so tomorrow, I begin. My journey of 28 days. My journey of dedication to myself. My challenge to myself. Tomorrow, I step toward a new me.


Won't you join me?


The Omnivore's Dilemma

I just finished reading The Omnivore's Dilemmma, by Michael Pollan.
In this discussion, Pollan evaluates the food industry from a variety of aspects:
-- the industrial meal: food from corn
-- the organic industrial meal
-- the local sustainable meal: food from grass
-- the do-it-yourself meal: hunted, gathered, and gardened food.
In all the aspects, Pollan looks at the realities of the food industry and guides the reader in making decisions best suited for the reader. It is an interesting read of one man's journey and analysis of what we consider food.
This book confirmed my choices in pursuing quality fruits and veggies as well as meat. I did learn that meat is seasonal, and organic can mean a variety of things, which may not be my interpretation. I also am seeking to support local farmers when I can. The issue of food is complex, and it is empowering to be armed with information that can aid in better