Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Commit Everything to Me......

Dont you love when you start an entry, and then somehow delete a whole paragraph, and then the entire post!  I mean really?   Whine session begin now.......  Seriously, what a morning!  Results of struggling!   I am feeling completely overwhelmed right now, as I am building new facets of the biz, securing current opportunities, expanding, developing programming for the Otters, seeking to build a partnership, and suddenly WHAM!  Fraud on my accounts and I am now the proud, well maybe not proud, owner of overdrawn checking accounts, and fees accruing because of checks returned because of said fraud.   AAAAARGH!   And there is no food or money to feed my boys until pay day.  Feeling thankful for Friday.  But wait, do I have food for today?   Hmmmmm.....   Amd whine session over.     I needed that.  As the tears rolled down my cheek.      The truth is I have a great deal to be thankful for.  My sister for one.  She is one of the most generous people I know.  It amazes me sometimes.   
And my boys, Leo, Aeries, Nanuk, Jasper and Sebastian, love her.  She sends them treats.   Recently, we received a box for Easter.   In it was this book.  
It was one of those things —-Cool Book.  Leaf through it when it arrives.  Put book down.  Move onward.   
This morning, in the midst of chaos.... see whine session above..... I pick up this book.   I need to spend time with God.  
And the first thing I read is:  
‘commit everything to me and you’ll be a success’. Proverbs 16:3
Wow!   That is a pretty amazing promise.   Because God, I am drowning right this second... I dont know if I can feed the boys tonight, let alone me. 
I want to pull everything together.  I have a pretty cool vision for my team and business.  I would like it to grow.  
It is yours because you gave me the vision.   Show me where you want it to grow.