Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Food, Training and Eating

I have shared with some that I have been following an Atkin's style diet for three weeks now.   As a result, I have been lectured on the diet amd how unsafe it is.   Unfortunately most who are spewing this at me, are not dieticians and are not aware that I am soing this under the guidelines of a dietician.   We decided together to figure out what is/was triggering the food reactions I was suffering during the night.   (As an aside, I bought a copy of The new Atkins for you, written by Eric Westman, stephan Phinney amd Jeff Volek. I love the insights and changes to the program).   Keep in mind, my purpose was to determine what was triggering the reactions I was suffering in the course of the night.  My diet has become one consisting predominantly of vegetables, lean meats, some fruit, nuts and seeds.   (Essentially eating as cleanly as possible, temporarily reducing/eliminating grains, to determine reactions.   As a result, my energy has sky-rocketed, not that it needed much help.  I feel great!  As a bonus, I have dropped close to 15# and did I mention, I feel great!  Did I mention, I feel great?  As I continue this process of appropriately fueling my body, while training and coaching, my objective is to stay healthy while enjoying what I eat.   After all, spinach salad with crab cakes is awesome!  Or raspberries with whipped cream!   And chocolate almond milk with whey protein.   And that is a glimpse in my diet.   YUM!