Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bulldozing those Excuses!

It is now 8:15am, and I have already prepared meals for later today, eaten breakfast, read, read some more, returned a library book while out for a run/walk............  And the point?    The point is............  because I chose to wallow in feelings of self-pity instead of taking action, I have spent a lot of time sitting on my bottom and feel8ng exhausted because of it, and feeling fluffier with every passing moment.   Today........ I chose to BULLDOZE the EXCUSES! 
It actually began earlier in the week, and yesterday, I wemt food-shopping using coupons and buying my weekly needs except meat and cream for under $40.   I think I like coupons!  
This morning, my training schedule dictated a 5-mile pace run.  UMMMMMM....... I have nothing to pace from, and two weeks before my 10K.  YIKES!?!   
I got up out of my bed into the cold.  (It was 50degrees this morning in Houston!) and I dressed appropriately.  Walking a route to return a library book, amd finish near Starbucks for coffee, I completed just 7nder 3-miles of brisk walking, tempo-running and overall enjoying the quiet of the city on a Sunday Morning.
Why ever did I stop this? Good Question!   It is easier to be lazy, than to be active....... 
            but somehow I always feel better when I am active.  
I wamt to feel and look great and enjoy life!    And I will not permit those pesky little excuses to stop me!  
What’s your excuse? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

And so it continues........

How many times can I say, I have been here before?   Because I have been here before.    And in each reflection, regrouping or resetting....... my LAZINESS prevails.     Today, Monday, I decided this is it.   I do not like looking or feeling squishy, like an old lady who has spent too much time in the sun.  I want to walk taller because I feel good about myself. I want to feel good about how I see myself in the mirror.     For me, my image......... reflects who I am.  And I do not like where I am right now.     And today, that changes!    ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity to act despite our fears.’ —John McCain I asked myself what am I afraid of.......  honestly, I am not sure it is fear, but instead the choice to be lazy. And as a result, the self-dislike spirals.........   And so today, I began again.  No judgements, just a new beginning. And so today, I stretched and did abs with the help of my cats.......
And so today...... i begin anew.    

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Birthday is Coming!

Stop the Presses!!!!   My BIRTHDAY is coming!!!!! On the 15 August, I will celebrate 50!   Wow!  When did that happen?   And as I take inventory of where I am, I reflect back to what I said a year ago........ of all the things I wanted to do. My intent is not to beat up on me, but how many times have I promised myself I would do........ and I didn't.    Why?   I mean,  why do I do that to me?   Perhaps, my thought, goal or desire is too lofty or unrealistic, and I have no real desire to take ownership of it.  Perhaps, it is summer and it is just too hot?!?   Or maybe I am just too lazy?   Perhaps, i need a sign.........
I drive by this sign weekly.  I finally stopped to photgraph it.    It struck me as true.  How many times do I find myself waiting?  And waiting?  And still waiting?  And I make no progress.  I am stuck.   Or am I comfortable with being comfortable?    
And so today, I am stepping outside my box.   I am stepping out sk I can demolish the box, so I can operate outside my comfort zone so I can pursue excellent health, and a much more active lifestyle.   Because I have realized that my body physically hurts when  I am idle.   (I know you are scratching your head, because my work is active!  I must be!  And yes, your are right, and lately I have chosen to be lazy.  I have not been chasing my athletic goals).    In this, I am setting my goals for the next three months:      -- continue my high quality eating.  I feel better with more fruit, more veggies, minimal animal products and little to no processed foods.   (The bars I love are processed).       -- start running after my half-iron.   I have concluded after overwhelming myself, that I have NO desire to do an IRON again.  I like the halfs.  And I am OK with that.     --- take the time to stretch.   I forget or overlook this.  I feel better when I stretch after a workout.     With this, my first task of the day is to run 3miles.  I have the Sand Crab 10K on the 12th.  I plan on having fun regardless of how fast or slow I may run!  A d the second is completing a bike--- 40minutes.    Care to JOIN Me?       

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Food, Training and Eating

I have shared with some that I have been following an Atkin's style diet for three weeks now.   As a result, I have been lectured on the diet amd how unsafe it is.   Unfortunately most who are spewing this at me, are not dieticians and are not aware that I am soing this under the guidelines of a dietician.   We decided together to figure out what is/was triggering the food reactions I was suffering during the night.   (As an aside, I bought a copy of The new Atkins for you, written by Eric Westman, stephan Phinney amd Jeff Volek. I love the insights and changes to the program).   Keep in mind, my purpose was to determine what was triggering the reactions I was suffering in the course of the night.  My diet has become one consisting predominantly of vegetables, lean meats, some fruit, nuts and seeds.   (Essentially eating as cleanly as possible, temporarily reducing/eliminating grains, to determine reactions.   As a result, my energy has sky-rocketed, not that it needed much help.  I feel great!  As a bonus, I have dropped close to 15# and did I mention, I feel great!  Did I mention, I feel great?  As I continue this process of appropriately fueling my body, while training and coaching, my objective is to stay healthy while enjoying what I eat.   After all, spinach salad with crab cakes is awesome!  Or raspberries with whipped cream!   And chocolate almond milk with whey protein.   And that is a glimpse in my diet.   YUM!     

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Overcoming Fear........

Last week, I browsed in Walmart (of all places) in the bike section at the choices of helmets.   I was giving a presentation to kids on transition as part of their TriTraining.   And just like the pros, we practiced transition.   And that morning, I purchased a new helmet.     
   This decision was the single most frightening and empowering moment I have experienced in a long time.   You see, it was the helmet that saved my life. I bounced off the hood of a car many years ago.   And then, I was told -- I fell.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The driver was not held accountable, and I was told there was no accident -- she stopped in time, and I fell because I was startled.  REALLY?!?  The police did not believe that the driver hit me, knocked the bike out from under me, causing me to hit the vehicle and then land on the macadam (black top), knock out my front tooth, break my helmet, launch my phine 25 feet away from me, and create one of the most challenging journeys back I have ever experienced.......  Because......... it stayed with me.      Purchasing this helmet, meant I was stepping forward.      Yes, I have been riding inside.  Yes, I LOVE CYCLING!   Yes, I love triathlon!  And coaching! And teaching and sharing!   And I will continue to do so, regardless of the outcome.    But we all know that certain things stay with you!  And this accident and its aftermath is something that has terrified me on many levels.  It could have been so much worse, and I have been blessed.  And FEAR is a funny thing.   The mind tricks us into believing..........   And I have not competed in a triathlon since that accident.     

My crazy brain idea to compete in a half-iron next year is the next step in taking back what I lost in that accident.   

This morning, I took the time to put the helmet on and ensure it fit.   

Next up, the bike.   

I will be at Memorial Park picnic loop if you are looking for me.  


You know....... crazy might be good.  



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Crazy little things I do.......

As I was revising my BIZ site this week, I had a crazy thought.   Why not run a 70.3 from the perspective of a beginner, a newbie, someone entering the sport of triathlon....... to teach, share and better my coaching.   It has been quite some time since I have seriously competed, and I have said I have one maybe two in me........ and so, I digress.   
It might truly be my craziest idea ever! 
But, I am prepping for a 70.3 in June 2018.   I am running either British Columbia or Hawaii.   (I have not decided yet).  And my intent is to share everything, I mean everything...... all the crazy details I forget.   All the little ineundos and necessities, like helmet fit, shoes, a BIKE..... amd going from there.   And who knows what may happen along the way.  
I am open to someone(s) joining me in this journey, to learn amd compete with me.  Reach out if you are inclined.     But it has begun. My crazy little idea!     Currently, I am teaching indoor cycling (7+) classes a week, training to inprove my 10K time, AND swimming 300-500 when I lifeguard, or during my shift.   I am going to take that volume and use it for my advantage.  
  And yesterday, I took advantage of my weather app prompt, and swam 2000m-- the pool was long-course!    Today, I am scheduled to run 2.5miles and then join friends for Easter dinner.     Care to join me?      I will see you at the finish line!  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

And I am Back.....

It is amazing how time flies by, when you are having fun!   


I just returned from Albuquerque, NM as a participant in Altitude Training Camp hosted and sponsored by Brooks Running.   


AND, then I took a nap! 

I awoke to find my boys surrounding me.......... they were actually begging.  
  This weekend:     - I learned a great deal.   Given the opportunity to participate in Altitude Training with their elite team, the beasts, I was able to chat with some amazing athletes, coaches and runners from all over the US.   I made some new friends.   - I also was reminded how laissez-faire I have been with my fitness, training and performance.   No excuses barred, I truly feel unmotivated to compete.   But then I would like to do compete in some cool races around the country.  And yet, I feel much more empowered as I am coaching and empowering the athletes I coach.  My focus has changed.   And now, i need to figure out how to find a balance in my personal competitive goals.  And manage Houston's heat.    I am looking forward to sharing it with you.