Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Commit Everything to Me......

Dont you love when you start an entry, and then somehow delete a whole paragraph, and then the entire post!  I mean really?   Whine session begin now.......  Seriously, what a morning!  Results of struggling!   I am feeling completely overwhelmed right now, as I am building new facets of the biz, securing current opportunities, expanding, developing programming for the Otters, seeking to build a partnership, and suddenly WHAM!  Fraud on my accounts and I am now the proud, well maybe not proud, owner of overdrawn checking accounts, and fees accruing because of checks returned because of said fraud.   AAAAARGH!   And there is no food or money to feed my boys until pay day.  Feeling thankful for Friday.  But wait, do I have food for today?   Hmmmmm.....   Amd whine session over.     I needed that.  As the tears rolled down my cheek.      The truth is I have a great deal to be thankful for.  My sister for one.  She is one of the most generous people I know.  It amazes me sometimes.   
And my boys, Leo, Aeries, Nanuk, Jasper and Sebastian, love her.  She sends them treats.   Recently, we received a box for Easter.   In it was this book.  
It was one of those things —-Cool Book.  Leaf through it when it arrives.  Put book down.  Move onward.   
This morning, in the midst of chaos.... see whine session above..... I pick up this book.   I need to spend time with God.  
And the first thing I read is:  
‘commit everything to me and you’ll be a success’. Proverbs 16:3
Wow!   That is a pretty amazing promise.   Because God, I am drowning right this second... I dont know if I can feed the boys tonight, let alone me. 
I want to pull everything together.  I have a pretty cool vision for my team and business.  I would like it to grow.  
It is yours because you gave me the vision.   Show me where you want it to grow.  

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rodeo Run

Yesterday, I completed my first 10K of the year.   It wasnt pretty, amd was definitely more walk than run (getting back to racing shape is tough!),  BUT I DID IT!      I have been struggling with training.    Honestly.  It is a struggle.     There.  I put it out there, and now I am seizing the choices I need to make to run my Marathon successfully!      And Now, Lets go do it!!!!!           This run actually taught me alot about myself.  There were several places I could have easily cut the course short (it would have affected no one, but me) but I reminded myself that I am an example, a leader, a coach.   The young ones I work with on the Otters, need role models who don’t cheat.  Leaders who have integrity, regardless of where they finish the race.    And so, I continued happily.   And I learned a great deal!     The race at the Back of the Pack is a much different race than the front.   I met amd cheered on some pretty amazing people.   People chasing down challenges that the front of thr pack could not understand.  Please understand I know the challenges at both ends of the race, now firsthand, and know how hard each works.   I also know it is disheartening to finish after the finish line is cleaned up, when the water and race food is competely gone, and there may not be a medal.  I also know what means to be chasing that gold medal, or to place in the top five or ten, to PR to beat an age group record.    At the BACK, the herd has thinned.  You cannot hide in the crowd (good and bad); you are completely exposed.    I cheered for other runners, applauded their efforts, said words of praise as well as encouragement.     I am glad I struggled yesterday.  I relearned compassion.   As I coach, it is important.   
         These volunteers were making a bridge to run through at a water stop.   Volunteers really do make the race!   They are a source of encouragement and enthousiasm!   Although Houston tapwater is less than desireable, I am thrilled they worked to make this race happen!                    
Rodeo Run is run on part of the Parade Route to usher in Rodeo Houston!   This is a big event here!  These horses were waiting for the Parade!       Thank you Rodeo Run 2018, for a great run!!  I look forward to seeing you next year! 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Every step moves me toward my goals......

A friend shared this on his FB wall, and it really hit home today.   I have successfully been a coach potato when I should be training.  No wait, I have not been training to my level of expectations and opted for the ‘object at rest’ part of the program.   
It has been a tough two weeks.  Houston was COLD.   Not that I haven’t seen cold before, but it was COLD!   Below freezing temperatures and a non-heated, not insulated apartment contributed to my attempt at staying warm, and not my purposeful training.   
And so today, I headed out to tackle three-miles. 
This was by far one of the most difficult runs EVER!   Not because 3-miles is tough, but because 3-miles is tough.   Or can be.   My feet hurt, my body hurt, i was hungry, i was thirsty, i was tired.............
And knowing I needed to reteach myself how to be comfotable being uncomfortable I ran.   Slowly.  But I ran.  
I focused on tackling this, one step at a time.   I focused on foot placement and picking up tempo and slowing down, and doing mini-sprints or strides randomly down the street, AND the last half-mile, I purposefully and intently picked up the tempo to challenge my run to the finish.   
Because I am chasing down a BQ.   And while the entire run was far from perfect, I was teaching myself to endure, to challenge, to commit and to make it happen.  
It is a process.   And tomorrow is another day to learn, amd to train.   All of this will get me to the finish line.  Even with socks!  

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking Toward 2018......... I reflect on 2017.  
Tomorrow is Monday, the first of the New Year.   It brings a new page, of a new chapter of a new book.   Having built on the previous chapters, I am excited about the adventure coming my way.  
I am afterall pursuing a #BQat50.  Thr good news is:  I can run a slower marathon, needing a 4:09 to qualify.   9-minute miles.  Yes, I have it calculated.   And I am running the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon on 28July. 
And the training resumes tomorrow.   I have chosen a program through an APP, that will keep me on course, but can deviate from.  Game plan:  Hot Chocolate 15K 28Jan, RodeoRun 10K 22Feb, and a half-mary in May to serve as a check up.  
Regardless of the end result, this will be a wonderful adventure.  I look forward to sharing it with you!  
Keep in mind, I firmly believe that, Respect is Earned when Noone is Looking!  
This means I will share what I am gaining from this process, not necessarily the process itself. (Which can be a challenge in the social media trap). It is my hope you will enjoy amd learn from this, to commence your own journey.  
Will you join me? 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Santa Hustle

This morning 3000 or more Santas descended on Galveston for the Santa Hustle.   There was a sea of Santas running and walking through the streets.  
And I was one of them!  
This morning, I fell in love with running all over again.   After some serious stuff and struggles and a week of fighting a cold, I was out there participating in the 5K.  I walked a little, ran a little, walked a little more and remembered why I love running.   Amd remembered that not every run has to be so serious!   As I embarking on the pursuit of a BQ at 50, my training is taking a serious turn.  But today, it was fun!   Singing and laughing and enjoying the JOY of the SEASON!  
Tomorrow, the serious-side resumes.  BUT today reminded me that we need silly run days.  It keeps training and competing real.  

Monday, December 11, 2017

And so it begins.......

  As I am embarking on an adventure preparing for the Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon, I am reminded that in order to move forward I need to look forward.  Clinging to those things that have brought me to this point, will only keep me at this point.   I have learned from the experiences and carry that with me as I step forward and challenge myself.     What challenge are you planning to tackle?   What is holding you back?  Will you run with me?  

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bulldozing those Excuses!

It is now 8:15am, and I have already prepared meals for later today, eaten breakfast, read, read some more, returned a library book while out for a run/walk............  And the point?    The point is............  because I chose to wallow in feelings of self-pity instead of taking action, I have spent a lot of time sitting on my bottom and feel8ng exhausted because of it, and feeling fluffier with every passing moment.   Today........ I chose to BULLDOZE the EXCUSES! 
It actually began earlier in the week, and yesterday, I wemt food-shopping using coupons and buying my weekly needs except meat and cream for under $40.   I think I like coupons!  
This morning, my training schedule dictated a 5-mile pace run.  UMMMMMM....... I have nothing to pace from, and two weeks before my 10K.  YIKES!?!   
I got up out of my bed into the cold.  (It was 50degrees this morning in Houston!) and I dressed appropriately.  Walking a route to return a library book, amd finish near Starbucks for coffee, I completed just 7nder 3-miles of brisk walking, tempo-running and overall enjoying the quiet of the city on a Sunday Morning.
Why ever did I stop this? Good Question!   It is easier to be lazy, than to be active....... 
            but somehow I always feel better when I am active.  
I wamt to feel and look great and enjoy life!    And I will not permit those pesky little excuses to stop me!  
What’s your excuse?