Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For......

I have been moving and shaking, and covering the south coast of MA and the cape, with training and coaching and teaching..... And a weekly trip to Cambridge to work at a camp. AND.... I have been feeling tired with the heat, and running around.

Simply stated: I need a day off-- actually, I think I asked for a rainy, cooler day so I could spend some time catching up and cleaning and organizing and working in my apartment. (I cannot tell you how many people were upset I wanted a rainy day.... It is summer after all. Wow! Rain is good, it cleanses, it refreshes, it provides different opportunities...... And so, I digress).

Simply seeking a day off.



Well, I got two. Days off, that is..... Hoping there isn't a third involved.



Pictured is the fan belt from my JEEP, Lola. Lola has been needing a day at the spa....oil-change, and check on a thing or two. In the super-hot heat, she was complaining a bit..... The belt whining, which it can do from time to time, in the heat. The AC needed to be checked, as it was running warmer, and I wanted to ensure no problems.

Yesterday morning, shortly after turning the engine over, Lola was squealing.... Not with delight. I backed her out of the driveway, and the power-steering locked up. Pulled her back in the driveway, and smoke was pouring out from under the hood. I popped the hood, to find the fan belt not on the pulleys like it should be.....go to move it, and it comes off the engine block in my hands. YAY!

The air compressor went. Super Yay! Total repairs are costing me about a months rent. Even more cheering and I am facing two-day income loss.

Well, I could be totally upset, or I could flow. Don't get me wrong.... I am bummed! And a little annoyed. BUT....I asked for a day off, and I now have two. Yesterday, and today, I have been doing some home office work, and I am cleaning and catching up on organizing. It isn't too hot which is a blessing, as the cats are spending quality time on me.

I trust I will get Lola back today. And I am looking forward to taking her for a drive.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Is it possible to not count calories?

I have been reading various protocols out there for creating habits...... And several (including the warrior diet) that state, 'it is not necessary to count calories, your body will know exactly what to eat and how much of it'. Well, isn't that what got 'us' in trouble to begin with? Not counting calories, that is.

I have been eating like a warrior most of my life, and ran into bigger problems as I chose more and more processed foods. I am not saying all processed foods are bad, as I cannot press my own oil, or harvest my own nuts. We need to consider the quality of processed foods.

Processed foods are made for convenience. That is what the FOOD GIANTS are competing for-- you, and they do so by making eating convenient. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to walk into any corner market and get any kind of food in a box.

And so...... The question: Do we need to count calories?

I would dare so no. We have become so indoctrinated with the multi-meals, or three squares, and incessant availability of food, that we are not truly aware of our hunger.

My goal for the next thirty days is to evaluate hunger and to listen to my body.... Am I hungry, am I thirsty, am I bored? And while I am eating.... Am I satisfied? And put my fork down and relax. I am also guilty of racing through meals, so I am unaware of what I am experiencing.

On to the freedom of NOT counting calories, and eating only when I am hungry.

Salt, Sugar, Fat

The title draws you in! Salt, Sugar, Fat-- How the Food Giants hooked us.

This is NOT a diet book, but instead a discussion of the food industry at its roots, and how/why the elements of fat, salt and sugar are essential to processed foods. The author discusses the FOOD GIANTS and competition for shelf space and your dollar.

It is an interesting read, and has really caused me to reevaluate (and read labels closely) the processed foods I choose to eat. This book affirms a great deal of what I already know, and challenged me to closely evaluate my eating lifestyle.

I highly recommend this text.