Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day Two

I have begun myself to a 28-day challenge. My goal is to gain consistency in my training and create an environment of activity, while learning to adjust to my new work schedule. Early mornings late nights can lead to laziness and poor eating habits.

Yesterday, I swam 500 yards. I stopped because I felt bored.

Today, I did an awesome dynamic warm-up with skipping, side shuffles, back-pedals, med ball and mini-band work, and a run. I have not run in two weeks. I felt ok. Slow. But ok.

Did I mention I am participating in a race on Sunday???

My running has been sketchy because of my new schedule backed on this cold that I struggled to shake.

Alas, my training has resumed. Day two is complete. Off to eat some veggies, and sleep.

BTW, do you remember when 6.30pm was early? I struggle with the darkness like midnight at this time of year.


The Perfect Storm

I just finished reading The Perfect Storm, by Sebastian Junger.

As a transplant to New England, the storms that ravaged the eastern seaboard affected me differently, than those who lived through the events of this storm. It was eye opening to me, to learn more about the risks and hardships involved with commercial fishing.

Junger does a great job in presentation of the events surrounding the loss of the Andrea Gail, the ship lost at sea and its six crewman. He also exposes the not so glamorous life of a commercial fisherman, and the hardships e cured by those involved by those involved in this livelihood.

For me, I found that the descriptions of the towns (which are now in my backyard) that rely on commercial fishing, very realistic. It was once a story, but now resounds as an event that is close to home. As a write this, I learned of a another family that lost a son at sea from fishing. Since moving to a coastal town, my appreciation for the sea and the secrets she holds has grown, and changed. I have always respected and loved the ocean, but now the respect has deepened.




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Me! With the arrival of 2015, I have reflected on my lack of commitment to myself in the last several months of last year. I have been overwhelmed with several changes, and my crazy work schedule-- which has resulted in many hours on my bottom, and fewer hours training.

In that, I am determined to make a BANG out of 2015. I am dreaming big!!!!!

My word for this year is LEAP! I look forward to the challenge and stepping forward to create new adventures and seizing the challenges ahead.

My current fitness goals include:

Swimming to Boston (26.2miles, or 42165meters) before the Boston Marathon.

I also want to row this distance.


I am taking my focus away from the vision in the mirror and focusing on loving life and who I am. In this, I trust my attitude toward eating and training will change. I am making the commitment to me. While I sit on my bottom for work, I still MUST be fit and healthy for the work I do. Sometimes, it seems counter-intuitive.

And alas, as I write this I am looking at the clock thinking I have to leave for work soon. My day in pajamas has come to an end.


When is my next day off?