Monday, June 8, 2015

It's all about the VEGGIES!


As some of you may know, several years ago I did a self-experiment and followed a nearly vegan lifestyle for six weeks. I did so after reading the book, Eat to Live, by Dr Joel Fuhrman (book on Amazon)



At the time, I was on a journey to delve more into the world of weight loss and the various philosophies within. And I took myself on various journeys throughout each ideology. The process taught me a great deal about my habits, my needs and choosing better quality food. I learned I love veggies, including Brussels sprouts (with honey mustard), and that I do not need to eat meat every day. I

In this, I also determined the eating style that seems to resonate the most with me is a plant-based diet, warrior-style.

What does that mean?

Plant-based: I eat predominantly fruits and vegetables throughout the day. These are fresh and not cooked. In the evening, I continue with my vegetable scheme creating a meal around various veggies, and potentially incorporating some meat in the plan. The meat serves as a garnish, and not the main event. Yes. I do eat meat, and fish, and the like.

Warrior: simply means, I eat the majority of my calories in the evening. (Warrior Diet)


Yes, I know..... Diet heresy. But I feel better, this way.


And so....... I have continued in my quest for a healthy life-style, and have joined a challenge for Vegetable of the Week. The challenge is to expand one's horizons and explore veggies that might not be regular staples in your eating scheme, and create (or use a pre-existing recipe) dishes or even meals using the veggie.

The vegetable this week is the red cabbage. It is no different than the purple cabbage, except in color. And the fun begins. Who knew there were so many interesting recipes with an Asian flair? And my own heritage of Denmark boasts Rødkaal, a sweet-sour red cabbage dish. (Which is currently cooking).

As I explore the various vegetables, I will share with you as well as my peers who are also being creative with the various veggie choices. I will also be pinning these on Pinterest, and provide the links for you to see what my friends and I come up with.
Please feel free to join us, as we participate in Vegetable of the Week.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Deep Water Running

As I am training more consistently chasing new and revised goals, I found myself jumping in the pool Friday morning. And...... it was NOT to swim!!! I put a belt float belt on, and ran for about 20minutes.


So, I enjoyed a 20-minute run!! Completely challenging. I control the pacing and intensity. I can run and work on my intervals WITHOUT any impact.

Believe me, I was sweating. And I was able to work on intervals, running fast in one direction, recovering on the return lap.

This was the perfect pick me up, in the midst of my opening shift. I felt revived and alive!




Monday, June 1, 2015

Love Yourself


What a great reminder this morning, as I woke after a couple days of eating crap. To commence and short-circuit the crap-cycle (eat crap, feel like crap, eat more because I am craving crap). I had friends over for a small gathering to celebrate the deck opening, and the beginning of summer. (The sunset and it got cold).
And let's just say, the menu while providing fresh veggies, was not the most wholesome. And as a result, I consumed more gluten and sugar than I have in a while. I feel bloated, achy, tired and poofy.
NO WONDER the bowl of steamed Brussels sprouts and honey mustard was absolutely amazing last night.
My body wanted reprieve from the disastrous course I had taken. And as I resume my journey, I am reminded of the question I was asked, "Where is it you want to be in six months?"
Goal affirmation time, combined with course of action evaluation time.