Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week One Reflections

I realize how deconditioned I have become........ As a result of a multitude of things.

Yes, I can still teach spin and go for a brisk walk......

But, I am NOT where I remember my comfort to be.


Week one created challenges of its own. It was the week of Thanksgiving after all.

The result: I am down 4#.

I trained 3 days last week. I drove to NJ and rested.


The new week has commenced and I am committed to doing something everyday.

I was actually looking forward to fresh fruit for breakfast this morning. I feel lighter, albeit sore (training yesterday), and I am looking forward to an easy run this morning.

I trust my hamstring will start to cooperate and the run will soon be easier. Currently, I feel like I am dragging my leg behind me.


Monday, November 19, 2012

A new beginning


We need to take a step back and evaluate the direction we are headed.

I have been carefully examining and evaluating my athletic progress over the past year. I am regressing. Yes, I have my moments that I am doing excellent and have the passion, desire and motivation tomgomfor it all..... But most of the time, I feel tired, lazy, lethargic, unmotivated...... Shall I continue?


And in all of this...... I gained back the weight I lost a year ago. PFFFFT.


So today, I am recommencing my journey. I am refocusing and setting forth new goals and ambitions.


My first is to cover the next 100 days. My primary goal is consistency. Consistency in training, eating and attitude. I trust as I recreate that consistency, I will find my love for the sports in which I play.

I am tired of feeling dumpy and frumpy and fat. And looking that way too.


So, today..... My journey begins. And it starts with the first 100 days.


Won't you join me?