Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Birthday is Coming!

Stop the Presses!!!!   My BIRTHDAY is coming!!!!! On the 15 August, I will celebrate 50!   Wow!  When did that happen?   And as I take inventory of where I am, I reflect back to what I said a year ago........ of all the things I wanted to do. My intent is not to beat up on me, but how many times have I promised myself I would do........ and I didn't.    Why?   I mean,  why do I do that to me?   Perhaps, my thought, goal or desire is too lofty or unrealistic, and I have no real desire to take ownership of it.  Perhaps, it is summer and it is just too hot?!?   Or maybe I am just too lazy?   Perhaps, i need a sign.........
I drive by this sign weekly.  I finally stopped to photgraph it.    It struck me as true.  How many times do I find myself waiting?  And waiting?  And still waiting?  And I make no progress.  I am stuck.   Or am I comfortable with being comfortable?    
And so today, I am stepping outside my box.   I am stepping out sk I can demolish the box, so I can operate outside my comfort zone so I can pursue excellent health, and a much more active lifestyle.   Because I have realized that my body physically hurts when  I am idle.   (I know you are scratching your head, because my work is active!  I must be!  And yes, your are right, and lately I have chosen to be lazy.  I have not been chasing my athletic goals).    In this, I am setting my goals for the next three months:      -- continue my high quality eating.  I feel better with more fruit, more veggies, minimal animal products and little to no processed foods.   (The bars I love are processed).       -- start running after my half-iron.   I have concluded after overwhelming myself, that I have NO desire to do an IRON again.  I like the halfs.  And I am OK with that.     --- take the time to stretch.   I forget or overlook this.  I feel better when I stretch after a workout.     With this, my first task of the day is to run 3miles.  I have the Sand Crab 10K on the 12th.  I plan on having fun regardless of how fast or slow I may run!  A d the second is completing a bike--- 40minutes.    Care to JOIN Me?