Thursday, February 26, 2015

Running on Ice

Today, I decided to go OUTSIDE to run. This winter has taken its toll on me. It is COLD, wet and snowy!!! And the sky is more gray than blue. And I have been missing terribly the sun!!

So today, I decided to journey OUTSIDE to run! Half a mile into my run, it started to snow!!

Perhaps, someone was trying to tell me to STOP!!!!

Or perhaps, someone was laughing at me!!!!


Today, was not necessarily about the run. I walked more than I ran. I was trying to avoid the ice. Since there is still a lot of ice on the road ways, I walked. And where the roads were clear, I ran hard.

Now, I am home warming up, feeling satisfied that I was outside, running on Ice.


I am thrilled to be out and about. I started prepping for the OuterBanks Marathon Tuesday.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow Stepping

I love walking in someone else's snow prints! I found it funny that this was today's calendar:


Snow stepping is when you're wearing shoes, but the person ahead of you is wearing boots, and while the two of you are trudging through the snow, you just step in all the nice Snow Holes they made for you.


Today, I enjoyed stepping in remaining footprints left from a previous walker.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Eat Like a Gorilla

I was reminded this week to eat like a gorilla.

In my personal quest for weight loss and improved overall health, I have been successful in the past by increasing my fruits and mostly vegetables, and using meat or animal protein as a garnish. In the wild, the gorilla eats predominantly leafs (veggies) and stalks with some animal protein (Beatles and slugs) mixed in. I feel better when I mimic the diet of a gorilla.


Personally, I don't do well on a Paleo-style diet. I feel sluggish and stuffed. The higher protein demands of the Paleo lifestyle does not agree with me.

And...... I enjoy grains from time to time. Quinoa, barley, amaranth, and other grains create different tastes and textures to my meals. BUT again, I use these as a garnish to my veggies.

I love the colors and various textures of the fruits and veggies. I also love the available nutrients and healing properties of fruits and veggies.

Yes, I am glad I was reminded to eat like a gorilla.