Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Overcoming Fear........

Last week, I browsed in Walmart (of all places) in the bike section at the choices of helmets.   I was giving a presentation to kids on transition as part of their TriTraining.   And just like the pros, we practiced transition.   And that morning, I purchased a new helmet.     
   This decision was the single most frightening and empowering moment I have experienced in a long time.   You see, it was the helmet that saved my life. I bounced off the hood of a car many years ago.   And then, I was told -- I fell.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The driver was not held accountable, and I was told there was no accident -- she stopped in time, and I fell because I was startled.  REALLY?!?  The police did not believe that the driver hit me, knocked the bike out from under me, causing me to hit the vehicle and then land on the macadam (black top), knock out my front tooth, break my helmet, launch my phine 25 feet away from me, and create one of the most challenging journeys back I have ever experienced.......  Because......... it stayed with me.      Purchasing this helmet, meant I was stepping forward.      Yes, I have been riding inside.  Yes, I LOVE CYCLING!   Yes, I love triathlon!  And coaching! And teaching and sharing!   And I will continue to do so, regardless of the outcome.    But we all know that certain things stay with you!  And this accident and its aftermath is something that has terrified me on many levels.  It could have been so much worse, and I have been blessed.  And FEAR is a funny thing.   The mind tricks us into believing..........   And I have not competed in a triathlon since that accident.     

My crazy brain idea to compete in a half-iron next year is the next step in taking back what I lost in that accident.   

This morning, I took the time to put the helmet on and ensure it fit.   

Next up, the bike.   

I will be at Memorial Park picnic loop if you are looking for me.  


You know....... crazy might be good.  



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Crazy little things I do.......

As I was revising my BIZ site this week, I had a crazy thought.   Why not run a 70.3 from the perspective of a beginner, a newbie, someone entering the sport of triathlon....... to teach, share and better my coaching.   It has been quite some time since I have seriously competed, and I have said I have one maybe two in me........ and so, I digress.   
It might truly be my craziest idea ever! 
But, I am prepping for a 70.3 in June 2018.   I am running either British Columbia or Hawaii.   (I have not decided yet).  And my intent is to share everything, I mean everything...... all the crazy details I forget.   All the little ineundos and necessities, like helmet fit, shoes, a BIKE..... amd going from there.   And who knows what may happen along the way.  
I am open to someone(s) joining me in this journey, to learn amd compete with me.  Reach out if you are inclined.     But it has begun. My crazy little idea!     Currently, I am teaching indoor cycling (7+) classes a week, training to inprove my 10K time, AND swimming 300-500 when I lifeguard, or during my shift.   I am going to take that volume and use it for my advantage.  
  And yesterday, I took advantage of my weather app prompt, and swam 2000m-- the pool was long-course!    Today, I am scheduled to run 2.5miles and then join friends for Easter dinner.     Care to join me?      I will see you at the finish line!