Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I ate meat!

I am now in Day Three of a 28-Day challenge, for animal product free diet.

I do this periodically, as I start to feel yucky from consuming too much meat. Personally, I feel better when I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and view the animal products as a garnish, and not the main event.

I am not opposed to eating meat, I just feel better when I eat less.

Yes, I get lots of protein and yes I get plenty of calories. BTW, In general we eat too much protein.


With that said, I had a little bit of duck, a piece of shrimp and a skewered piece of beef yesterday at a celebration with friends. I did not over eat and was satisfied with the taste of the meat. Today, I resumed my eating style with a bowl of fresh pineapple.

I feel wonderful!!!!!!


*I am reading My Beef With Meat, by Rip Esselstyn. Rip is a firefighter and a multi-sport athlete.


My challenge premised from his suggestion for a 28-day challenge, and the fact that. I have felt like I am in a slump. Trying to shake things up a bit, and make positive changes.


New England Kids Triathlon

The New England Kids Triathlon needs volunteers this weekend!

Visit My professional blog, for more information and details. Yes, the date is this Sunday!!!

This is a great event and a lot of fun!!!!