Sunday, July 31, 2011

A run is not just a run.....

This morning, I ran 'yesterday's' run. Yesterday, I crashed after my 'sugar-high' and didn't quite make the come back for an evening run..... So this morning, I enjoyed a quiet run through town. At the end of the street, the turf field at Tabor Academy was being worked on. Along the harbor, there were many little sailboats sprawled out on a lawn and looked like little aliens that were attacking.... or some force that was attacking. Through the heart of town, people were walking and running and enjoying the morning. And I continued along the bay, looking out into the harbor seeing sailboats that might be strewn across a field, if we have a hurricane.... and the ocean water reflecting the morning sun. Turned the corner to head back to the center of the town, and up a different street, sprinting the hill..... and an older woman, cheering me on, 'You are doing GREAT!' (always good to hear)..... and then down my street, heading toward home.

And the run concluded, with the acquisition of another beautiful heart rock and a barefoot walk through the grass to my deck and some love from my maine coon..... unfortunately, he doesn't know how to make coffee.

Yes, I ran a 50 minute recovery run..... but I enjoyed the scenery and the landscape along the way.... sometimes, the run is not just a run.

Drum Roll Please......

As of this morning.....

I have dropped a total of 4.6# !!!! Woo-hoo.... and I feel great!

Just wanted to share before the day got away from me. Heading out for a morning run.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sugar doesn't taste good....

It is shocking to say this. I have lost the taste for sugar.

Granted, I enjoy my daily piece of dark chocolate-- oh, that's right.... dark chocolate, has little to no sugar. And I am finding that fresh fruit-- cherries, strawberries, clementines, watermelon-- are well, sweet enough. These are very satisfying for an after dinner treat.

Well, today.... I had a small craving for a piece of carrot cake. I enjoy this and red velvet cake from time to time.... have pretty much lost my taste for chocolate cake.
So, to indulge..... I bought a piece of carrot cake. And then I ate and enjoyed it..... well, enjoy, might be an overstatement. It tasted good, for the first three bites, but the icing was too sweet.... and the icing was too sweet.

After I enjoyed this sugar rush.... I needed a nap.

I think next time, I will have a different piece of fruit. I am thinking about going to pick blueberries this week.

Enjoying a Sunny Day....

This morning..... was very, very interesting. The direct deposit, for whatever reason, never made it to the bank account. As a result, I had no gas money and less than a quarter tank of gas, AND I had to travel to Hanover for training this morning. YIKES.
So, I emptied the piggy, and carried the coins with me.......... The goal was to head to Hingham to the TD Bank, to change my coins to put gas in my tank.

On the way to the bank...... the little gas pump shows up on my dash and the Jeep goes ding.... and I was like YIKES.... I hope I make it to the bank, and to the gas station.....

I did. Without incident, and learned the gas station was a full serve, as there are no self-serve in Weymouth.... PSYCH! "Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas!"

Seriously though, I was at the Mill Pond Branch of the South Shore YMCA. And after the training, I went for a swim.... and easy 1000 yards. Seemed kinda' boring, but it was relaxing and refreshing.

(I need to run later. Waiting until after 6 pm, when the sun is a little lower in the sky).

And then I enjoyed the drive home.... taking the 'back-roads' and enjoying the view.

Now, I am sitting with my feet up after lunch, and enjoying the sunshine.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rest comes in a variety of forms....

Sometimes a nap. Friday afternoons, are my nap day!! After the week of play and more play.... I am wiped. I need a couple hours, and I feel much better.

Sometimes watching the waves lap on the shore. This is one of the most relaxing things I know.

Sometimes a baseball game with a friend. Tonight, I enjoyed watching the New Bedford BaySox, play baseball.... I was there with my cousin. We laughed, we talked and we enjoyed the game. It was relaxing and restful.


Sometimes it is just doing nothing at all. I am looking forward to Sunday, and complete rest.

What do you do for rest?

More like a tomato.....

When we run, we need to feel more like a super ball, than a tomato.... and today, my feet were feeling very tomato like. They were heavy, and my legs felt tired.....
So, instead of driving a 30-minute run, which would had led to 'slogging'..... I chose to break the run into 3 x 10 minute runs, with a one-minute recovery between each 10-minute segments. After I warmed up, my feet felt less heavy, and well.... my pace said that I was NOT running like a tomato.

I am looking forward to a nap, and a baseball game this evening.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Eleven.... Thursday, 28 July

And so..... I am down another 2.2#... woo-hoo!!!!

This morning was a challenge-- the alarm went off way too early!!! After arriving home after 10pm, closer to 11, and the alarm went off at 4.20am, so I could teach spin at 6am..... I felt tired.

And yet, when I arrived to teach, I felt more alive.... must have been the water, or maybe the coffee..... I have noticed that I NEED water when I wake. My body expects, well, actually demands it.... and then I can enjoy my morning coffee. I also had a chocolate protein drink.... I felt like I needed the extra fuel this morning.

After spin class, I enjoyed a clementine, and headed off to the pool to swim.....
If you want to train for open water, without actually getting in open water, swim in the lane next to a crowded water fitness class.... the group movements create waves. It was pretty intense. 1400 yards complete.... my shoulders and lats felt sore... but it was a good swim.

And then I headed home for breakfast.... scrambled eggs, with a little feta cheese. YUM!!!

The downside of today-- i think i lost my watch.... my mission today is to find it, as well as do some writing and go to the beach. I am set to cycle an hour later today, and teach water fitness.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A BRICK training session is basically a bike then a run.... the run immediately following the bike. Do NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT $200! For the triathlete, this training is very important, as we not only have to be proficient in three different sports, we need to be able to go from one event right into the next, with minimal time in the transition.....

So today's brick-- a 45 min bike, and then a 15 min run.... both of which were performed at the Quincy YMCA.... I did an indoor bike ride, drama today.... it was just easier, and I think the new indoor mountain bikes that are like a video game were more challenging, b/c of the video game thing.... (essentially it is a screen where you are riding, and it shows you the racer, and the course, and the other racers.... blah, blah, blah...)While I would use this bike again, I didn't understand the gears, and shifting and I just want to ride, not worry about other racers, and where I am on the map and am I turning or this or that..... drama... for a training session. ugh!

And then after that..... I was wished a good night by the desk person (not leaving, just going to run).... I went to the track that surrounds the field behind the ymca.... and ran.

OUCH! It was simply put... one of the hardest things I have done in a while (haven't done a brick workout since last summer).... and it was incredibly challenging to find my legs tonight. I looked at the 15 minutes as 3 x 5 minute tempos... and well, that in itself was excruciating!!!

But I overcame.....
and then joined my class in the water, for deep water running.... although they did more running than myself. I was using this as an opportunity to enhance recovery. I have pictures of the cheery group that I will have to post tomorrow.... for now, it's bed time, and tomorrow morning at 6 am spin class (i am teaching) and from there, my 1400 yard swim.


Wednesday, 26 July....

And my legs are thanking me after yesterday's training....... well, i am not as sore as I thought I might be. I rowed, I ran, and I taught a spin class.... and this morning, a little stiffness, but nothing that is so drastic life needs to stop.

Today, is a BRICK workout-- and for those of you who do not speak triathlon-ese, it is a combination of two of the components for the triathlon race, usually a bike and run... but it could be a swim to a bike. Today is 45 minutes of biking and 15 minutes of running-- these happen one right after the other, so I don't bike in the morning and run in the afternoon.

I might do some deep water running this evening-- research supports a moderate intensity of water exercise to aid recovery. I don't need an ice bath, yet.

And well, eating is eating.... yesterday, i struggled a little bit. I got caught up in life... had some professional matters that needed to be addressed, and being the typical type A... I didn't put the stuff down and EAT.... and the result, I didn't eat... fortunately, I always have fresh fruit on me.
Ate a delicious white peach before my spin class, and then a strawberry protein shake afterwards....

But now, I AM HUNGRY. catch you later...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Nine.... it's only tuesday!

I don't think it was that Monday was any more intense than normal..... I just am tired.

Weigh in this am: same as yesterday.... and so far, down 3.2# total. (Note: I get on the scale every morning.... some frown upon that and recommend once a week. I generally record only once a week for tracking purposes, but I am aware of what my body is doing daily).

AND.... exciting news: on a totally professional level..... looking to start a tri- and a running club, here on the south coast. If you know of anyone who might be remotely interested.... send these my way.

Otherwise, I wake thirsty. I keep water by my bed.... and the first thing I have in the morning is water!! And my 'controlled fast' commences. Controlled meaning--- fresh fruits and vegetables and some proteins during the course of the day.

Training today is: a 35-minute run (wanted to do that earlier, but sleep prevailed), and strength.
I am teaching spin tonight--- down-side of spin, is I actually have to ride. (well, for part of the class).

Have a great day!!!

And if you are stopping in, please share what you are doing... you can do that in the comments section, or log in as a follower.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Eight.....

I began today freezing!!! The temperature was significantly colder than last week... AWESOME SLEEPING WEATHER!

I started today with fresh strawberries-- i picked these myself. And some greek yogurt with honey... water and coffee.

Between my water fitness classes, I swam 1500 yards. And while it was a moderate intensity, parts of the swim felt very intense.

And then I went over to Howland Place Fitness (where I also coach/train clients), to do my 'strength workout'..... this included a mini-band workout, skips, agility work, 10 minutes of rowing, and strength workout which included DB hi-pulls, DB squat to press, prisoner squats and step-ups on a bench. My legs and my gluts really felt it!!!! (it has been a tad bit too long between strength sessions-- and this is one of the most important details of my training.... I cannot be efficient if I don't train strength!)

Now, I am chilling for a bit with a salad..... and I will be off to cycle (indoors as it is raining) and then teach deep water running.

I am certain I will sleep well tonight!

What to Eat.....

I am reading this really cool book about food. What to Eat by Marion Nestle. (I recommend it). It is not a diet book-- so, Marion Nestle is NOT providing an eating or meal plan. Instead she discusses some of the issues relative to food and the food industry.... and how we need to change our thinking.

Her 'diet advice' is this: eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. And then for further clarification: go easy on the junk food.

Sounds relatively simple. And yet at times, we make this the most complicated. As a multi-sport athlete, I have the opportunity to consume many gels and goos and protein powders... and while each has its place and may be appropriate, there is nothing like real food. And how many times do we see someone in a gym post workout getting a protein shake. (My thought is when I see this, did that person do enough work that they need that many calories?)

In my journey, I am returning to this mantra.... eat less. eat when you are hungry.... did you know true hunger is experienced in the throat, not in the gut? the experience we feel in the gut is very much like the response to an addiction. move more. I better be training for these various road races and a half-ironman. eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I have been exploring the south coast and finding local farmers, and buying from them. I know the food is fresh-- in the supermarket fresh.... may be a week to ten days old.
go easy on the junk food. I suppose one would have to define junk food... in my world, it is processed food. it might be the powders and goos and gels. and it might be ice cream and it might be some of other form of white refined stuff that is sold as food.

I am eliminating the processed food from my pallet and I feel great.
ON a different note.... I eat like a warrior or a spartan.... live foods during the day, veggies, fruits, some protein like yogurt or eggs, but more in a fasting state.... and then one large meal at night. This works for me. It may not for you.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A reminder about food.

When you’re overloaded in this excess, when you have no idea what your body needs, when you’re malnourished but over eating, eating too much but not the right nutrients... You will not crave any more for what your species is supposed to crave (Vegetables, nuts, seeds, meat and fruit). You'll crave for what the industry wants you to crave. – Ori Hofmekler

This quote (by the author of the warrior diet) is a great reminder that we need to eliminate processed foods.
It is also a great reminder that the way we eat may not be correct.

We are advised to eat, eat and then eat some more....... And once we look back to the warriors of the past, we see they ate one great meal at night.... and 'grazed' on live foods-- fruits/veggies, and some protein--yogurts/eggs-- during the day.

And I know.... you are right now scratching your head... How could a multi-sport athlete, someone who trains herself and leads training sessions all day long, survive on live fruits and veggies during the day. I am going to tell you a secret..... fruit is amazing!!!! At one point, fruit got a bad rap and we were told fruit makes us fat.... I always asked, how can that be??? Fruit is food in a most perfect form... it has more saturated fat if it is from the tropics to protect the nutrients from the heat, and fruit is satisfying. And well.... because I have been eating live foods (not cooked) during the day, I managed to lose another 3# this morning. (Again... I am doing things to allow my body to let go of the extra weight naturally, the way it is designed to burn fat, and in this, my body is shedding the extra). Note: I use oatmeal or barley to aid in providing extra protein and carbs before a long run, swim or bike.... and it helps a lot.

Well, my update... I dropped another 3#. And I feel great.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am thankful....

That we had a thunderstorm earlier today, so I could cook my chicken today.

I enjoyed a 'chunk' of chicken, after a took the chicken apart..... eating the meat off the carcass, stimulating my warrior instincts standing over the kitchen sink. It most definitely was not pretty; but it was extremely satisfying!!!

And I am grateful for the chicken.


Day Six....

After finally cooling off enough to eat yesterday, I was actually hungry. *shocking* The heat and the humidity requires so much energy that I just am exhausted. I enjoyed steamed veggies and some ribs. YUM!!! It was a nice change of pace.....

And this am, I woke refreshed and cool. (I discovered I have a ceiling/attic fan that actually helps pull the air through the apartment).

It was cloudy and overcast.... and so, I took off for my 50 minute foundation run. (A foundation run is about the time and tempo, not necessarily the distance. I was seeking to cover ground in 50 minutes at a tempo and pace that could be maintained for the entire 50 minutes). Ten minutes in, I am already drenched in my own sweat and I needed to pull back on the tempo-- breathing was a bit challenging.
But I finished the run. And walked by the post office on the way home, and retrieved a letter from an old friend.... yeah, there are peeps that still write the old fashioned way!!!

I enjoyed a clementine before I took off this morning and upon my return, I drank 20-oz of water. I am now enjoying iced coffee and a dark chocolate kiss, while contemplating the remainder of the day, including food.

I anticipate swimming this afternoon. And possibly walking with my feet in the atlantic.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day Five---

It is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! Summer has finally hit the south coast of MA!

Today is the perfect opportunity to eat more fruit... bought some clementines.... drink more water.... AND eliminate the sugar.... made some sun tea. NO SUGAR!!!

And enjoy some quiet time in the heat of the day-- perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading, planning and writing.... stuff for the fall, and preparation for the Fall term....
And awaiting the heat to subside a little bit.... or at least the sun to not be so high in the sky, and I will be heading off to swim. The goal: 1400 yards today.

This is after a spin class this morning and a 60 minute steady bike ride on a stationary bike.

Leo is hiding because the fire alarm-- sounds like a fog horn went off.... thunder and lightening don't bother my cat, but he is a wimp when it comes to the alarm. Go Figure.

How are you staying cool??

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday--- Day Four

I randomly stepped on the scale yesterday..... and I was down 4.5#. (I wouldn't recommend seeking that kind of weight loss... but we have to recognize that when we are doing things right, the body lets go).

I have been eliminating processed foods from my system.

And today, I started the day with teaching a spin class, running for 30 minutes in the surf, and then teaching another spin class. Needless to say, I needed a nap when I got home. I did not swim today and will swim tomorrow.

I am learning to be flexible with my programming to ensure I do the work I need to.

Well, I am off to teach my water fitness peeps at Quincy Y.... see you there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the Challenge....

If you are just arriving, it is Day Three of my 100-day challenge.

You are joining me to chase your own goals and make these a reality.
You don't need to tell anyone you are doing this-- it is not a contest, there are no prizes. Or you can tell everyone-- feel free to comment here as I record my journey and share with you the steps I am taking to excellence.

You may wish to keep your own journal. I have found a composition notebook works well. You can take a photograph before and after, record your measurements, write your goals.... and record daily your successes and things that may have caused frustration or stumbling along the way. Keep your journal as a tool to show you the path you have taken. Or you may wish to keep a blog. You can start one here; it is free. If you do, please share the link.

So, have a super day. And remember you are one step closer to your goals.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Two-- Hot and Overcast....

I slept in..... wow! All the way to 6.30 am......
The goal to run before I went to work was a fluke. Didn't realize how long the day was yesterday!! So, my run was done in the heat.... 35 minute run with 6 x 30 second sprints mixed in the run.

I also taught a 55-minute spin class.

My challenge today: eating. It was seemingly too hot to eat. I need to get more fruit and fresh veggies.
My other challenge was related: the fridge is empty.

*I have also invited all my class participants to join the challenge. If you are one of those and joining the fun, welcome. Please feel free to comment and share your journey.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day One.... The Journey Commences.

And it was a loooooooong day!!!

I just arrived home after leaving the house at 8am this morning. Wow.

My journey took me all over new england today, and despite the madness, I managed to swim 1500 yards and bike 60 minutes. WOW.

Eating: a success. but i can do better.
I had fruit and nuts and yogurt during the day.... and some brisket and steamed veggies, with cooked apples for dessert in the evening.
I focused on consuming more water today since it was hot and humid..... and less on coffee.

And.... I sent H a note.... I miss him more than he knows.

Life carries on.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celebrating Life

This week was challenging..... it was full of reminders of life.

Wednesday, 13 July was my fourth 'anniversary' of my cycling accident. It was a day of reflection and remembering to live large and celebrate life.

In celebration of the life that I have to live.... I went for a trail run!!!

It was awesome!

What do you do to celebrate life?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disappointed with self.....

It seems that the scale doesn't like me.... well, i don't like me is more like it.

The weight I worked so hard to lose in my process-- is back. Not all of it, but 10# or more.

It is frustrating.... and it is my fault. I have slacked off on my diligence.... and I have been stressing about stability. Instead of using my running, hiking, swimming, etc, to decompress, I have been catching up on stuff.....
My schedule is all over the place, and I am tired, and I am not doing all the things I had set out to do.... and I am frustrated with myself. I am not accomplishing those things I set out to.... and my training is suffering..... and the weight is back, as I am not training as I should be.

The beginning of my 100-day challenge (the first 30 days) has essentially been a wash. BAD.

So, instead of beating myself up more.... I am picking myself up by the boot straps and stepping forward. My goal is to weigh 180# by the end of this year. It is a goal of a little over 20# to lose... which doesn't seem like a lot, but it has been a struggle to get there.
When I get there, I will see what happens.

Back in the game. Working hard to make it come together. Seeking to be a size 8 or 10... instead of where I currently am. Seeking to be able to run the half-mary comfortably and swim indefinitely-- there are many adventures here on the south coast of Massachusetts that I want to take.... and do not want to use my impression of self to stop me. I want to overcome these barriers.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day, America!!!

Today, we remember and celebrate our freedom!

Take a moment to say thank you to those who have sacrificed and who work so diligently to protect our freedoms. It is because of these individuals that we are able to train and work and live the way we choose to.