Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Next 100 days....

After spending the evening with my friend Rachel, who first inspired me to commence my journey to excellence last year with my first 100 day challenge, I decided to use the next 100 days to regain my focus and challenge myself to continue to pursue greatness.

I have been struggling with eating and consistency, since my move. I need to use the next 100 days to bring this back to center and understand my relationship with food.

I recently gained 7# that I had lost. Boo!!! I have lost 4 of those pounds..... and I am seeking to continue my pursuit of this total weight loss. I am pursuing a size 8-- and after unloading my summer clothes of sizes 12s and 14s.... i have some work to do.

I am training for a marathon in october..... not sure if i am going to run milwaukee or cape cod or both.... I will see... maybe i will do milwaukee full and cape cod half.... that might be fun!

Well, the journey begins tomorrow. And my first summer on the south shore of massachusetts has begun!