Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Week Ending....

Tomorrow is the last day of my first training week.

Looking back.... with all things considered, I am pleased. While I didn't get my bike in on Thursday or today, I worked with what I had and went from there. As a result, I have chosen to repeat this training week schedule. I makes sense to me to finish the week (more) successfully than attempting to build by increasing the volume, I will repeat the volume and then build from there.

My plans for next week:

Monday-- rest and strength
Tuesday-- bike power intervals and strength
Wednesday--swim (1400m/intervals) and fartlek run (35min)
Thursday-- steady/endurance bike (60min) and strength
Friday--swim (1400m/intervals) and steady run (35 - 40min) and strength
Saturday-- bike (90min)
Sunday-- (scheduled to do Jersey Girl Triathlon)
training: swim (1700m) and run (50minutes)

Friday, July 30, 2010


I know I need to eat. It just isn't a priority. And that is the foothold of the problem with my relationship with food. It's not that I don't like food, or like too much of it. I know I need to eat.... and I go off and do something else.
I open my fridge and there is an abundance of fruits (washed) ready to be cut, peeled and eaten. I look further and I have little pre-wrapped baggies of nuts, yogurts, many different styles of greens to choose from..... and somehow, these lovely foods rarely get off the shelf. Somehow, i dilly-dally all day long and then ask myself what I want to eat for dinner..... and go get something else.

A lot happens between 5am when I wake to train and 7pm when I consider eating dinner. Much of the time, it has nothing to do with food.... but I need fuel to get me through the day.

So, today.... a-ha moment. FOOD IS NOT A PRIORITY IN MY LIFE.

That is a BIG problem. HUGE.

It is not that I am necessarily eating junk. Granted, when I put off eating I want the easiest thing available. The good news is that I don't like fast food and I get tired of walking to get chinese or pasta or something else.... So, when I am scrounging for quick and easy, I am usually pulling out spinach, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, broccoli, or some other veggie I can munch on for dinner.

The other problem has to do with the quantity of calories that I am NOT consuming. Food is not a priority and it should be. How can I possibly get the calories I need to ride my bike, run or swim, if I am not planning meals? How can I possibly be getting the nutrients I need if I am not focusing on getting a variety of fruits and veggies and lean meats in my system.

And so.......

I can now address a big problem in my training. And this needs to be addressed and corrected immediately. I do not want to BONK! (bonking is a state where the athlete uses all the muscle glycogen, ie: blood sugar and carbs, available to her in a training session or race, and suffers..... it is not a good place to be EVER!)

Granted, I tend to follow different principles.... like not eating processed foods (if it came from a plant and is not a plant), have a foundation of lean meats (although some of my friends call me vegetarian... i think they need to look at the definition), seafood, fresh fruits and veggies.... like eating 'live foods' (fresh fruits and veggies, with maybe some yogurt or kefir or an egg) during the day, and my cooked meal at night (ooops.... i just had an omelette and it is 2.30pm), and eating until i am more thirsty than hungry....

--Not eating processed foods.... Watch the movie FOOD, INC., and I doubt you will want to eat non-organic/free-range food again..... after you throw-away your entire cupboard.
I have found I feel better by not eating junk.... cheetos, chips, cookies, etc... (Now today is National Cheesecake Day... made some fresh cheesecake). I also feel more satisfied by eating higher quality meats/fishes.... and I eat less, actually.

-- Predominantly fruits and veggies.... In the book, EAT TO LIVE, Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about eating two large bowls (2 cups) of veggies a day (minimum)... well, that's a lot of leaves, greens, and other veggies.... if I am eating all that, how much room do I have for other junk?
A big trend is returning to the eating habits of the 'cave man'.... in reading The Paleo Diet for Athletes, Loren Cordain, discusses the needs of the endurance athlete and frequency of meals... and creating meals surrounding lean meats, seafood, fresh fruits, and veggies. If you read the Warrior Diet or the Spartan Diet, the trend is to eat live foods during the day, and your cooked meal at night. (My problem: I know I need to eat... I put it off).

--Eating until I am more thirsty than hungry..... When I first thought about this, I was like are you kidding me? How could you feel thirsty when you are eating? And I slowed down... eating is to be enjoyed, somehow in America we think it is a race.... and civilized people become human vacuum cleaners,..... and when I started to enjoy my food and slow down, I would know when I was satisfied. I was thirsty. I wanted water. And if I ate food then, I would feel overstuffed. ICK! (now, if i am still hungry in about 20 minutes, by all means I should eat again...)

Gaining this information is not valuable if I don't do anything with it. So, tomorrow I am planning my day.... I have errands to run, I am scheduled to bike 90 minutes, and I want to see if I can sneak 1600m swim in, as well as any other drama the day will bring. So, in the morning.... i am going to have a grapefruit (love the citrus in the morning)... and plan on some cherries and yogurt mid-morning.... and salad or other greens for lunch... and then a recovery meal after whichever workout... and dinner... greens and the crab cakes i have stashed in the freezer.
And sunday, I will plan Saturday night.
It is easier for me to plan the next day the night before.... b/c it is then I know what I am doing.... training/errands/clients/other..... And I can write food to eat in with the top six things I need to accomplish during the day.

This a-ha moment will shape my training and eating moving forward.

DAY Six.....


...... ever feel like even though you have it going right, it is going totally wrong.

Yesterday, RAIN and then more RAIN. Most definitely NOT complaining.... needed the rain, desperately. BUT..... it hindered my cycling adventure. More likely because the rain was accompanied by its friends thunder and lightening. While, i am not opposed to riding in a light rain fall, especially on the trail, i am definitely not interested in being a a lightening rod, or moving target.

And I was completely and utterly exhausted. I suppose the drama from the beginning of the week caught up to me.... at least Drama didn't invite her friends Depression and Loneliness. It can get ugly when they decide to come have a party.

So, I cat-napped to a great movie, The Book of Eli. Wonderful way to spend a humid and steamy afternoon.

This morning I woke, shivering. I love sleeping under my winter blankets in the middle of summer. It is wonderful.... windows open, awesome cross-breeze, and curled up under the warm blankets!!

This morning.... I just wanted to stay there.... but was abruptly brought back to reality, as there was noise in the kitchen and evidence that the peace that has been for two weeks, will be interrupted tomorrow. BOO!

So, I rose and went out to conquer my run.... and of course, my friend the i-pod, decided to have a different agenda. The schedule was to run a steady 35 to 40 minutes. I don't like running with my i-pod all the time.... i feel it takes away from my run... but today, i just wanted to run to a fun dance play list and enjoy putting the feet to the pavement.
I-pod had other ideas..... so, after tucking her in my shorts, there was other drama.... I couldn't focus. It really didn't come together.... and i looked at my watch, and I only ran 10 minutes. WHAT?!?! So, i decided to walk and regain my focus and try again..... and today, try as i might focus was nowhere to be found.

Well..... mama said there be days like this....

and i am now enjoying some breakfast, and will be off to swim in a few.


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Scheduled to bike an easy 60 minutes. The goal: to ride to George Street, in New Brunswick and back.... via the canal. (They have put a red shale stone that is compacted.... rides seem much smoother, almost like going on a track. Don't know if I would take my road bike there, but it is a smoother ride).


.......I was biking the canal and rain was hitting me in the face and i was laughing and just really enjoying the ride.....


..... there was a thunder clap overhead and I WOKE TO RAIN. I was dreaming about my ride.
Truth is... i woke earlier and it was sooooo humid, I was not looking forward to getting up a sunrise and going for this ride.
Now it is raining. And the ride, can either be brought inside.... which can be BORING.... or I can wait until the rain clears and ride later.

Until then, I am enjoying the sound of rain on my roof. It has been a very dry summer and that sound is most welcome. I love sleeping in the rain.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DAY three: how did I do?

The day isn't complete yet....

I have returned from a swim AND am doing laundry..... shame on me. Not my laundry day. oh well....

Today's workout consisted of a run and a swim.

The run: 35 minutes of fartlek training.... which that essentially means is randomly in the run, I am going to exert maximal speed/intensity (sprint) and then recover.... it is like an interval, but more random... the rest is up to you, as the BURST is sporadically placed in the run....
So, i was like... 30 seconds when i pass the third telephone pole, or that parked car....

I performed 6 x 30s BURSTS.

And it kicked my butt..... pretty intense challenge.

The Swim: 1400m (yes, meters.... the pool is a 25yd x 25 m pool, and it is set up in meters for the summer. That means i swim about 6 more feet than i would in yards).

300 warm up
8 x 25 form drills w/10s rest (funny, i can come up with drills when i am coaching.... i got in the pool and was like.... so, what do i do?)
4 x 100 w/5 sec rest (this was really hard... and it hurt to do)
8 x 25 kick w/15 sec rest (i was cramping... b/c of course i thought i would do breast stroke kick... DUH!)
300 warm down... woo-hoo the end is here!!!!!

shower and reverse my journey home.

Well, the YMCA i swim at is located about 10 miles away. NO problem with a car... I don't have one of those... so, it is a challenge. I walk to the corner, wait for the bus (which if i miss, i have a whole hour to wait) and then where the bus delivers one closest to the YMCA is actually about 2 miles away... so, i must walk or run there.
I suppose i could bike to the YMCA... and i might do that along the way, but I would have to travel through this town that I was already hit by a SUV while biking and the police do not really seem (or didn't on that day) to know what they were doing in a pedestrian knock-down.... so, when i get the memo that they have learned emergency protocols, i will be more open to riding my bike there....
I could also take the train... it would drop me off about 5 miles from the YMCA and I could run there.... if i am ever seeking a different challenge.
So, there are multiple ways to transport myself there.... i just have to plan the time to swim.

Well.... my laundry is finished and i need to eat....


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you imagined.

This quote is on the wall over my desk. I read it every day.

The other:

'Today is 'start making your dreams come true day.' Your inner b*tch would like to remind you that no matter how big your dream is, you have to start sometime. Might as well be today.'

And yesterday, someone told me I spend too much in a dream world. As if I was delusional, out of touch with reality, or somehow not with it..... I didn't get it. I could only imagine this person trying to say that to the likes of Aristotle, Matisse, Picasso, Mozart, Beethoven, John Lennon, John Adams, Luis and Clark, and i don't think i need to continue......
I was just astounded that someone would suggest that dreams are a bad thing.

Granted, if we don't turn our dreams into goals, they are just dreams or hopes or wishes. It takes a lot of hard work to make dreams a reality....
If it weren't for dreams, I would not be pursuing my athletic endeavors, I wouldn't be writing (i am now a paid-published author), I wouldn't be thinking of writing a book, I wouldn't be here sharing with you.

And it is funny how God responds when we are hurting... or someone wants to step on our dreams....
Yesterday, I was reached out to by many people, some i hadn't spoken to in months, people who told me they admired me and my strength and the fact that i am goal oriented and such a dedicated and generous person. And most importantly, to keep dreaming.... that is where i will find my inspiration.
I was touched.

And in that, I was blessed..... and I felt peace.

And last night..... I learned that I was now a PAID PUBLISHED AUTHOR. Something, that would not have happened had I not had a dream. And then I had the most FUN watching TV that I have had in a long time.... I was watching Covert Affairs and I was enjoying my time and my space and I was laughing and I felt free. It was the best feeling EVER!

And this morning, I woke to continue pursuing my dream.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cycling in the Early AM....

Well, it wasn't that early..... i was on the road with my bike, heading to the canal....
The plan 60-minute bike.... 30 minutes out, 30 minutes back..... AND 6 x 20 seconds high intensity with 2 minutes recovery.
The result: SUCCESS!


And surprisingly easy. SHOCKING.

I mean it was a challenge.... but it was a good challenge. I felt I could complete it successfully. I felt challenged but strong doing it.

And as an added bonus, there were about four herons (i think one was a baby) in the Raritan River. Always a blessing to see these amazing birds.

Now for the run later this evening..... we shall see how that goes....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day One

Why is it whenever I am attempting to make some serious changes in my life, something major and dramatic happens the day before?

Of course, without fail.... drama enters my life.

Sunday night-- i was the DRAMA QUEEN, with a capital DQ.... unfortunately, no ice cream. Lots of tears, lots of drama, and very little sleep... a horrible combination, when planning to train a client in the morning and biking thirty miles home (a commuting bike, not a training bike).
The decision was made early monday morning not to bike. My focus was not there for this ride (although the day would have perfect for such a ride).
Instead, I used the time to refocus and work on some details of the drama.

I trust the drama will subside with the week.... and I will be able to focus and sleep better.

my eating was little to nothing. I had a peach in the morning and a cup of coffee and then chicken with mustard in the evening. Not the best choices... honestly, i wasn't hungry. I was tired. I spent some of the afternoon reading and resting and regrouping and preparing.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will get to take out some aggressions... scheduled are a bike and a run.

And we're off......

I have decided to start my training for the half-ironman.... a 70.3 mile race. Right now, this is more about conditioning than racing-- the racing will come. I need/want to take the time and build a solid foundation of training. I need/want to create more efficient eating habits.

I am starting my training with a 100 day challenge. The challenge begins Monday, 26 July.....
And I will report along the way. Join me as I challenge myself.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Heat.......

Is making me lazy...... well, that's not quite true, i choose to be lazy in the summer heat.

Yesterday, I was standing waiting for the bus (to go swim) and I was overcome by the humidity. I walked home and took a shower and drank some water and felt much better. Will try that whole thing again.

This summer in Central New Jersey, has been brutal. Right here, there has been little to NO rain..... for forever. Yes, rain has fallen-- thirty drops here, sixty drops there..... I long for the rain to fall for several days.

And so, last night, I was excited as I was awoken by gusty and cold winds. I was certain the storm was coming to cool things off.... and this morning when I woke, it was just as brutal as it has been. It is getting depressing.... as my training is negatively affected. Half-ironman training commences Monday and my marathon is 3 October.... this summer heat is killing me!

My best advice is to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today is the First Day.......

yeah, yeah, yeah.... today is the first day of the rest of my life.... and so, then what? what does tomorrow bring?

I have found that it is easy to be complacent about life. One has to choose to be the active one.... at times, we are enabled to be complacent by those who love us.... maybe we need that comfort for a while. And sometimes we need a good swift kick in the arse, even it is, we, ourselves that do the kicking.

I have found myself in such a position.

I read some place that 40 is the determiner of what will come in the future, in terms of fitness, health, wealth etc..... well, I am not buying it.

I am not satisfied with where I am at currently. And it saddens me, as I work/play in an industry where aesthetics play a large role in my success. (Unfortunately, we get stuck on the visual). And right now, I am not satisfied with my visual.

I am not making excuses.

I know where I need to go. I know the races I will run in the near future and the one's I hope to run in the further future.... and I know b/c I am 6ft tall, I will probably always be in the Athena division, which is OK.... I just do not want to be FAT!

And so, my journey has begun.

The next four weeks are devoted to eating.

I will share with you my training and my choices and my praises and failures. I hope to learn something about myself as I take this journey.

Won't you join me?