Sunday, September 9, 2012

Never Give In

I am sitting watching the sun set, wondering why the shorter days arrive sooooo quickly. It is still summer after all. And yet, the darkness is covering the eastern seaboard. I am reflecting on the week past, and preparing for the week ahead. I am adapting to my fall schedule, and was utterly exhausted this afternoon.

As I am preparing for the beginning of swim team tomorrow, i am reminded of the team's motto, NEVER GIVE IN! And I am challenged by this, as i am currently struggling on so many levels. I am working, and not seeing the rewards financially....... And as I am faced with the challenges of waiting to be able to take care of my stuff, I honestly don't know if I will be able to eat this week.

I am also preparing for my personal goals. After my birthday, I am determined to not be in the same position physically I was on my birthday...., yes, I am fitter than most, but I am NOT where I need nor want to be! I genuinely need to adopt the attitude of NEVER GIVE IN......

For my entire health, I need to truly encompass this attitude and challenge myself to accomplish the goals I have set out for my fitness and focus on competing again. It should be exciting to look to the next race, and prepare for it..... Not stressful because I am not prepared.


And so, this fall brings the motto...... NEVER GIVE IN!!