Sunday, October 31, 2010

DAY 99 of 100.....


my morning run is complete.... another 10K for the books.... wow!

After last night's rowing adventure, I felt the muscles in my inner thighs, reminding me that they worked hard yesterday. I am glad I rowed, but wow-o-wow.....

Since I doubt there will be any radical changes in the next day of the completion of this 100 days, I did my measurements this morning....

This journey began the end of July, when a friend tossed me so casually from his life. The shock and disbelief that I would be treated so callously, caused me to refocus on me.... and what I want and need.... and in that, really take control of my training again.

The past 100 days have been far from perfect. I have wandered and lost focus, the summer heat and I lost direction... and my eating... has been less than stellar. But I have learned the triggers that set me off... and how to recognize behaviors before they capture me in a downward spiral.

AND the result is a weight loss of 16.1# and a body fat loss of 5%.

(Not thrilled about the total body fat loss, but am refocusing on this...)
I am completing the 100 days with my students, and over the next 40 days am anticipating further changes and hurdles to clear! I am excited about this direction as I am truly seizing control of my training.... and the direction I want to go in regards to competition.

I look forward to sharing with you......

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Nothing is more humbling than looking at yourself in the mirror...... naked.

Such was the case today, as I was buying undergarments......
And while, I see the changes my body is accomplishing, I see the hard work that has yet to be done.... the milestones that need to be accomplished.

And this week, I am adding more swimming and cycling and resistance training.

I have been observing changes throughout my 100 day challenge.... (complete update monday) and I am joining my students in the last 40 days of their 100 day challenge.... as I continue to move through my birth year.....

I am excited about the last month and some of the real changes that have been occurring as i press forward for more to happen!!!

I am looking forward to the next experience in front of the dressing room mirror.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Base Run with Intervals....

This is really cool......

Down another 2#!!! (glad i bought new shorts!)

And my runs.... the old running pace is now the new recovery pace!!!! Psych!

Today went and ran an easy 4 miles, at base pace with 5 x 45 second intervals at 1 mile tempo, with 2 minutes active recovery.

I felt good!! The intervals are kicking my butt!!! But I feel fabulous!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And the Hills still Kick my Butt....

Hill Day..... as Wednesdays are for now. And I run to my hill.....

It seems that the hills seem to kick my butt regardless.... but i think it is because I am progressing and taking on more of the hill! This morning after my warm up at recovery pace (my run to the hill) I ran 5 x 45 second tempo sprints at 1 mile pace, with a 2 minute recovery.

I am not certain of the grade of the hill that I am running.... but today, I was seeking consistency with tempo. I ran the first one hard to see how far up the hill I could get in 45 seconds. During my recovery, I returned to the start position. The bench mark was to return to or surpass the distance of the first sprint. (Keeps me honest). And while I was tired between sprints, I could successfully complete all of the sprints. AWESOME!

And then the warm-down at recovery pace..... I took my time. After all, it was recovery pace.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Runs are Improving....

And I am slowly getting faster....

So fast, that I am learning to handle the new tempo.

So fast, that I tapped my pacing monitor to be certain that it was working properly.

So fast, that I am struggling to keep up with my legs..... ahhhhh.... the breathing thing.
Will be working on that. But things are coming together! finally.....

I am beginning to run at previous tempos and I am beginning to run more specific to my goals. The tempo is increasing and so is the distance.

Looking forward to new challenges as I press forward.

Being Undervalued....

It is truly bothersome when people FAIL to treat you equally, as they would another.

I have joined a health club to do some training that I need to do, as the weather is starting to do what the weather is going to do this time of year. I am pretty self-sufficient, and with my pending move, I will only need to use the facilities for 2 months.

I phoned yesterday to make an appointment to ensure someone was able to meet with me. I spoke with the sales consultant, James, and told him what time I would be there. He was just like... I am working 9 to whenever and just ask for me. UMMMMM.... do you not understand what making an appointment means?

And so, I show up to the facility..... James is finishing with a client, but I could have a seat here.... and I was seated in the midst of a promotional for NU Skin and I met Ian Ziering! (Steve Sanders from 90210).... *Amazing conversation! I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him.* And in the midst of waiting for James, who no longer seemed interested in my potential, I was introduced to a cool product!
An apology was made to James who shrugged it off as, she is only here for 2 months... no biggie.

So, when i finally finished learning about new stuff....
I was able to speak to James who treated me like I was dirt..... fill this out, sign that, how are you going to pay..... and the whole time, i was thinking.... I can take my money down the street. Granted, I didn't.... but why wasn't I offered a copy of the class schedule, why wasn't I offered a comp session with a personal trainer, why...., why..... why?????

HONESTLY.... it shouldn't matter if I was going to be there a month or a year. I should receive the best customer service possible. Who knows? I might be a gold mine.... I might be someone who has friends, someone who refers peeps.... someone who.... possibilities are endless.....
But James chose to view me as a single two-month sale, and as a result lost a great deal.

Sad, actually.... and he is a sales person.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Purging Continues....

Sunday run and my body continued purging.

Not a pleasant experience. Details, once again spared.

Thoughts and Lesson Learned: STOP WITH THE JUNK!

period. I am creating a clean environment for my body, and it does not process non-clean foods. I am learning appropriate balances.... I still enjoy yogurt, I still like cheese. But I do not need as much as I used to eat, nor do I want it. Much of the time, I am satisfied with a bite of whatever.... and I should move on. Otherwise, it doesn't taste good.

No more junk food for me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eating Clean.....

Last night, I decided to voyage out to eat. I have been eating clean and so I was pretty choosy about what I ate. I ate slowly and enjoyed some chinese food from a local restaurant that I have frequented before.

On the walk home, I didn't feel right. I felt too full, although I hadn't eaten to stuffing. I felt in pain. So, I decided to relax with my feet up and a good book for a couple hours.

Later that evening..... my body rejected the 'junk' I had eaten. And while I will spare you the details, it was not an experience I would like to repeat any time soon.

Today, I woke feeling a little out of it. The lesson learned is how careful I need to be with my choices since I have been eating cleanly.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Run Was Amazing.....

I have been struggling this week..... for whatever reason, distraction, or something else.... with just running. The distances have been short as I am rebuilding after the marathon. And for whatever reason, I have been stopping to walk...... not that this is a bad thing, but I have noticed with the stop, comes the challenge to recommence....

And today, I ran the entire 6k without stopping. Just the whole way..... and for the most part, the tempo was consistent.....


Yes, for me who has been challenged with some things coming and going. I am pleased that I have come through this with a success star!!
And I found the 4 x 30 second sprints to be fairly simple to finish the repeats as well.

Double success.

Now, I anticipate repeating this success. Again and again and again!

Day 90 of 100.....

The end is in sight!!!

It seems after the marathon, that my goals are coming together.

I stepped on the scale early this morning and I lost another .8#.... previously, this might have been a yawn or a frustration. Now it is a demonstration of the pecking away at the goal I want to achieve.

Tomorrow, I reach Day 40 of the Paleo.... and Day 70 of my Birth Year..... and my college kids challenge are half-way through their 100 days.

On Wednesday, I achieved something that hasn't been possible for a while. I ran hard, I swam recovery and then I taught a pretty intense Spinning class. (Granted Thursday, I predominantly rested). And Thursday, I felt fine.

Running is getting easier again. I am carrying myself better. I am moving more fluidly. And I am enjoying the run more.

So, I am looking forward to the next 10 days. These past 90 have set foundations for goals to keep pressing forward, as I take chunks away to achieve all my goals.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

All Three Sports.....

And yesterday.......

I managed to train in all three sports. WOW.

I woke to an awesome run.... HILL SPRINTS! Love them....

Decided to return to my swimming protocols..... and I completed an easy 600 yards.

And then..... taught a 45 minute SPINNING class....

And yesterday..... after my evening shower, I crashed. I was beat.

(I felt really good though, when I woke this morning!!! No post-training fatigue or soreness!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010



And so, once a week.... I am off to the hill, i like to call Thor! (Sometimes, it is better to name your nemesis. You feel better when you tackle it!)

The run is about 4 km to arrive to the base of the hill....
and today's objective was 4 x 30 sec sprints at 1 mile tempo with 2 minute recovery.

Success! Today I was on point! I was in a rhythm. Just putting the feet down, one in front of the other, push and go, push and go.... and it felt easy.

And then I arrived at the hill.

Sprints, while a challenge were a success!!! and then the run back down the hill!!!

I am observing how easy the runs are beginning to feel again. My pace is quickening effortlessly, and I am just enjoying the run!!! Training can be most excellent and FUN!

I guess that is why I do it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Keeping Focus.

I think there is something to be said about training without watches, timers, pacers at times.....

This morning, I was out for a run... I felt great. A nice comfortable steady pace. Everything was in check......

Until I looked at my pacing apparatus.... my mind said, what?!? you are running too fast! slow down or stop... we might move in overload.... and then i became distracted.

I should have just run.

And not worried about the gadgets or toys or phone.....

I should have just run.

An Oreo

I had a craving for an OREO cookie the other day. Sad to say that one must buy a whole bag of oreos in order to have just one.

And so, i succumbed to my desire for the cookie... and the first one tasted good. The second and third not so much.... and I tossed the bag.

What did I learn? A single oreo might be ok to have if I want it... but don't push the issue. Just have one.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

And what is the point of your training?

'I don't think they give any awards for workouts. To the best of my knowledge, there are no gold medals for 'Most Mileage.' -- Craig Virgin, three time Olympian.

I love this quote.... as I attended a workshop yesterday, I had to laugh. Some trainers have people convinced that just working out is the way to be.... and some people I talk to are just so excited about being able to complete two workouts in the week.... b/c they don't have the time (time-- that's a completely different post... managing time and priorities.... seriously, when you say you don't have time, I ask who is managing whom... you time, or time you).... And those who just train and never step into competition.

I love to train. If I didn't, I wouldn't do it..... year round.
But there has to be a point to my training. There has to be a milestone to cross. In fitness centers throughout the country, mindless fitness can be observed.... day in and day out... people just doing. WHY? What is it that is expected? What is it that needs to be accomplished?

And that is where racing comes in..... We race to measure fitness. We race to test ourselves. We race to determine the efficacy of our training. We race because it is fun.

Some people use other competitions to measure these components.

But the point is..... there is no gold medal for most mileage. Get out there and measure your fitness.

70 Days Until Christmas.....

Only 70 days?!?! and for some of you I am witnessing some panic......


ONLY 70 DAYS!!!!!!! and there is a grandness of excitement!

One of my friends posted this on her facebook status. Only 70 days until Christmas.

And I thought of the goals I have set before me for the next 70 days. I am continuing my personal challenges until Christmas. I am moving before Christmas. I am seeking to drop 26# (just stepped on the scale and I am down 2.4#)! As well as continuing my running, hopping, skipping, jumping and all the other stuff I do.....

And it really made me think if my friend can lost 25# in 100 days, what can I continue to do to restructure my life in the next 70 days!!!! It isn't that I have failed in the previous 85 (as I am in the last 15 days of the original 100 day challenge)... or in the additional 45 days from the intermingling of the challenge with my students. It means, I have 70 days until Christmas.... 70 days for me to really focus and achieve my goals.

What can you do in the next 70 days?

Weight Gain while Working in a Gym????


I returned to my old stomping grounds.... I visited NYC and specifically attended a workshop at Club H, a fitness center I used to work for. It was interesting to return to this commercial gym. While I worked there, I did private coaching (personal training), while i was teaching at a local college... And while they claimed to be different than any other commercial gym, they were the same. It was a numbers game. As long as you were producing, you were important.

And..... so, my relationship at club h came to a screeching halt.... after my numbers dropped, i was pursuing interests and opportunities elsewhere and the management really didn't seem interested in me anymore.

While I was there..... I gained weight. And a good friend of mine who is still a coach for the organization, did too.
One would not expect a private coach, working in a gym to gain weight. But it does happen.

IN the commercial gym setting, trainers are expected to train, to produce, to generate clientele, which in turn generates money for the club. And sometimes, in the stress of production and playing the numbers game.... the health and fitness of the trainer gets overlooked.

During my tenure at Club H, I was commuting. My commute was a part-time job. I wanted to train clients around my teaching schedule. And the club wanted weekends and nights and mornings and every open time..... And I was tired.
Well, we know that when someone doesn't get enough sleep or is under stress, the body produces cortisol to protect itself. Cortisol is like the fat jail-keeper... it rounds up the fat and stores it. And until the cortisol levels drop, the fat stays..... regardless of what you are doing.

And...... at times, when i had a break, the last thing on my mind was working out.

So, the dynamic challenge of training and programming and then training myself.... was always off balance. And in the end..... i gained some weight. My friend did as well.... and she was the one who inspired me to the 100 day challenge. She just recently put herself through this challenge and lost 25 pounds! Amazing!! And she looks great!!!!

Regardless of our work situation, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.
It is easy to forget about ourselves and focus on stuff around us.

Part of the reason for my 100 day challenges and refocusing at the beginning of the calendar year as well as the beginning of my birth year. I cannot afford to be lost.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Racing Weight....

I am currently re-reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. I like to read books that are especially helpful more than once and I have learned new stuff from the read this time around.

I was calculating where I need to be to improve my Racing abilities, by losing the extra body fat that is just hanging out, and improving my racing times. I know I can do more work with less effort when there is less of me to carry about.

And, I have a goal for Christmas and I am pursuing that goal.

I have continued in my Spartan/Warrior attitude.... of nuts, fruits, veggies, lean meats or fish.... 90% of the time.... but I am taking it up a notch for the duration to Christmas and focusing on 100% of the time. I like the Spartan and Warrior lifestyles.... live or raw foods during the day time when we are most active and my main protein feeding in the evening.... I feel better this way. I have more energy most of the time.... I just need to remember to eat.

In conjunction with my challenges.... i have less than 20 days left in my original challenge and I am approaching the half-way mark with my students. I am refocusing on my eating and getting back to basics as I am entering the home stretch!

Chasing 1000 km....

Crossed a milestone and didn't even realize it, until I was doing the math.... This year (so far), I have run 622 km.... wow!! Who would have imagined that, when last year I completed 381 km.


My goal for the beginning of this year was to complete 500 km... (same as last year, which I fell slightly short)... and I am at full realization that I have passed the 500 km mark, and am cruising toward 700 km!!! (REGARDLESS of where I finish in relation to 1000 km, I have already accomplished my goal, and know the goal for 2011 will be 1000 km!)

Exciting Runs are ahead!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ouch.... ouch.... ouch....


Yesterday, I recommenced the resistance training segment of the programming.... and today, my legs are reminding me of that! (in a good way, of course)....

I did 20 minutes of a kettle bell interval set, with kettle bell swings, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, mountain climbers, and a 1 minute run. I also did jumped rope 100 times. (wow... I am uncoordinated). And while I cannot jump rope very accurately, I did notice my endurance and strength is different than the last time I tackled this program. I am creating changes in the program to fill deficits I have in my training and physical competencies... Today, I am going to add one-legged squats (modified: sitting on a bench and getting up on one-leg).

I ran 3 miles yesterday focusing on pacing drills. It was a challenge. Today, I ran 3 miles with a single 30 second hill sprint. (I will be building on this).

I am excited about seeing changes.... and while I understand the changes may not move as quickly as I would like, I am trying to abandon the thought of existing in a microwave oven... push a button, 3 minutes later, beep... final product!! I wish it was that easy!!!

But onward with my goals.... 30# by christmas. Focus, Focus and Focus....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Passing Day 75....

Day 75 of my original 100 day challenge was thursday... the day i was flattened. The day I lost 4#... the day I slept.

and I am sitting at day 37 of the NJCU (my students challenge) and I passed Day 30 of the Paleo.... and I said to myself....

I am doing a great deal of counting and my mileage, resistance training and my weight is fluctuating... granted, I have overcome some milestones in the past 75 days... and some of the goals have been accomplished. But my credibility is varying and I am feeling stagnant. It is time to get back on track!!!

So.... tomorrow... I am finishing strong... my goal to the rest of the year is to lose 30#. (And then I can reestablish the goal). And to train 'hard' six days a week. And to bring up my running and swimming mileage.... biking will taper a bit and be reintroduced. I need to weight train... working specifically on my movement deficiencies... single leg strength, and upper body strength -- i want to be able to do a pull-up and a push-up -- and I need to become very active again.
I am re-reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitgerald, and I am conscientiously refocusing on eating Paleo... warrior style.
I am going to make this happen.... as I lose the weight the training will become more efficient... i can train harder with less effort... and start seeing running i used to be able to do....
I need to get back to that place.

So, running, swimming, jump-roping, skipping, hoping, climbing, kettle bells, mini-bands, and any other means necessary. This winter, I am going to be dropping the weight... instead of storing the fat!

And it continues.

Friday, October 8, 2010

AND....... pow!

I am knocked down! Flattened.... like something tossed under the bus!

Wednesday night I knew Thursday was going to be a challenge. Shortly after I went to bed, I could feel the rumblings insides and the muscles being disagreeable...... and so, the night went. I was up more than I slept and my quad cramped. NOT PRETTY!

and Thursday..... the day I teach Cardio Training and Spinning, I woke struggling to stand, struggling for balance, struggling to feel more human than road kill...... and so, I canceled classes (something I HATE TO DO!) and went back to sleep....

Was rudely awakened by the TV at 9am.... seriously loud, that it hurt my ears from across the house with my door closed... and then fell back asleep and slept again to the afternoon.

And so, my day continued.... a little sleep, a little broth, a little gorilla munch (gluten free), and then a little nutella on a flatbread cracker.... i know, i know... paleo... i did have some pineapple, some juice and then shocking.... some coffee as i watched some of the yankees take game two over the twins.....

And back to sleep for another 9 hours!!!!


Woke this morning and chose to run..... scheduled to do 3 miles at base pace with sprints.... i managed to do 2.5 miles, and struggled with that.... at slow pace.... AND i am content with the results..... it was a challenging day yesterday, i lost 4# and today, i am going to take it slow.

Sometimes, i guess we need to sleep.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


And so...... my attempt at running my first marathon post-cycling accident didn't go as planned.... BUT IT IS ALL GOOD!

My travels to milwaukee were interesting and delayed.... due to the rain in the northeast. Everything was backed up. Fortunately, I was only delayed about 90 minutes....

And then I had to make adjustments in my eating.... not-only pre-race, but my cousins eat like a typical american..... lots and lots and lots of grains.... *doesn't work for me* (As a result I gained 4 pounds in this adventure-- pretty certain it is water weight, and will drop as i readjust to post-flying and resuming training diet.)

The night before the race.... had some pretty wild dreams..... scary!!!!

And then I was struggling.... my legs were cramping, my body was not feeling rested, and I was not certain what was going to happen.... Sunday morning, I woke.... not feeling excellent... BUT I was going to give it a whirl and see what happens.

And after the pre-race rituals.... I started. And I felt great..... was starting my pace between the four-hour and four hour thirty minute groups to find a tempo and then move from there..... AND I felt awesome at the start.... UNTIL..... THE 5k mark.... my body broke down...... and so, I stopped the race.
My thought is: It is better to be able to run another day!!!!

And I enjoyed watching the finishers cross the line.... It was really COOL!!!

(looking forward to volunteering at a race in the future!!! and giving back!)

This morning..... I evaluated what happened.....
Part of it: summer and the ugly weather.
Part of it: I lost my focus.... I was doing more cross-training to keep the cardio-fitness up, but in the month of September... I had only run a total of 35K total. NOT GOOD!

My new goals: I am taking some time off.... to regain my focus. I am working with my college kids on a cycling program and a 10-week iron-man, so I will be doing things. But I am taking a rest.

In about a week, I will recommence training.

I am setting goals for 2011 and 2012.... AND I am planning my races.