Saturday, May 26, 2012

Down Six....

This week has been interesting...... challenging, at best.  I have been scouring my fridge to eat.... that happens when funds are tight.  So, all the frozen veggies, the fish, the nuts, seeds.... everything to create meals so I would not be hungry, and able to train.  At weeks end I was gifted a card to Trader Joes, and managed to include some more fruit and salads.  Because of location, I cannot do 'real food shopping' there, as I visit TJs before work.

But I managed to get some foods that could be stored for an afternoon in the car.

My focus has been eating quality food.  Making the best choices possible within the limitations I have.

The result I dropped six pounds, although three of those were related to hormones.  But I will take it.

This week:  success!!!!

AND.... I feel better eating higher quality.  Still utterly exhausted Friday nights from the long week, but I feel great after 8 (or 9) hours sleep.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Too Many Almonds.....

I love the *garbage* that runs freely, like a disease in the fitness and nutrition industry.......  Rules like-- you can't eat after this time, you have to negotiate x calories, and well.... don't eat more than 10 almonds or 10 olives.  Two foods I absolutely love.

I always wondered about it-- b/c if you read any *diet* book, the impression is made that something EVIL will happen if you eat more than 10.... and yet, After reading the warrior diet, by ori hofmekler, the impression is much different.... one will drop body fat if eating 'live veggies' --ie: leafy lettuces-- with almonds.  SAY What???? And not an innuendo about ultimate demise regarding eating too many almonds.

So..... yesterday, I tested it.  What would happen if I ate the 11th almond?????

More out of need (I had no food in the fridge) than anything else, I ate 500 calories of almonds, or five of the prepackaged 100 calorie packs of almonds that I buy for the convenience of packaging more than anything else.  I must be committing diet heresy!!!!

Guess What???? Nothing happened.  Not a thing.  I ate.  I felt satisfied.  My body didn't implode or explode.  I didn't suddenly gain weight, in fact I lost weight..... which might have something to do with hormones..... but I survived, in fact I excelled.

I don't recommend eating that many nuts every day, but if you are enjoying these.... enjoy them.  You can eat number eleven!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mindless Eating

I am reading the E-Book, 'F*ck Calories, for the second or maybe the third time since downloading it.  This is a free download, and there is some potty mouth language in it.... but the overall book is a funny look on food, diets, and the nonsense that runs rampant in the industry.

One of the many things that the author discusses is when and where to eat......


This leads to mindless eating.

I too am guilty of this.... the eating in front of the television part.  
Living by myself, with the two cats, at times leads to eating in a room with some noise to generate the sense of companionship.  I am stepping away from this habit, and eating in my kitchen.... setting the table, creating a course meal with a salad or soup, or both, a veggie and meat-based side.  OR I am eating on my deck.  Summer is approaching quickly and it provides opportunity to enjoy some down-time on the deck and enjoy the coolness of the summer nights.  I can also avoid the cats jumping in my lap to help me eat, by eating at a table.  AND..... I can sit and enjoy a glass of wine, or a beer..... and just enjoy the end of day.

I am learning that this is delaying my TV time.... and in turn, creating a more active lifestyle....
Instead of feeling obliged to continue watching TV for the rest of the evening, I am getting out and walking after dinner.

**Note:  During the week, I am coaching until 8.45pm.  When I arrive home after coaching, I might enjoy a piece of fruit, or a small salad, if I am hungry.  I eat based on hunger level, as one of my iron laws is -- EAT when I am HUNGRY.  DON'T EAT IF I AM NOT.-- **

I am finding I have more time, when I am not using the television to keep me company.
AND I am seeing that I am spending more time in the kitchen and enjoying the food I am preparing.

I also view the computer like the television.  When I am eating, the computer is OFF.  The phone is in the other room.  Distractions are minimal, and I am actually enjoying my food.  I tend to eat less.  And I feel better.

I trust as I continue to develop these new habits, this will help me in my 60# weight loss goal.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And.... We're off....

..... running.  Literally.

Started today, slowly with a 3 mile run, and 30 minutes rowing (distance 5588m).

Last night was tough.  Something I ate didn't agree with me, and I was up part of the night eliminating it.  EWWWWW.... and this morning, I woke feeling less than stellar.
But I was convinced to move onward.

Off to the YMCA where they have a rowing machine placed near the indoor track.  It is away from the hustle and bustle.  Peaceful.  I put my ear buds in and rowed to the mixes in my i-pod.

Later, I need to bike 45 minutes.  I plan to do that before practice.
Now to enjoy a late breakfast.  YUM.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stepping Back to Move Forward

After struggling with the major part of this year..... inconsistency and lack of motivation....., I have decided to step back so that I can move forward.  I am going to spent the majority of this summer laying a foundation, getting back into the best racing condition that I can to be able to race.  My racing plans for 2012 have been shifted, and the races are going to be a stepping stone for training and preparation.

The goal is to become lean and fit, and fully prepared to train for the races I want to be successful at.