Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day Two....

Yesterday was certainly challenging. It only hurt when I walked.

Today was simpler. I know as training resumes and I am gaining a higher fitness level, the recovery from the next race will be easier. Training officially resumes Monday.... but I swam today, and hope to run Thursday and Friday. Not too far, just an easy little run around town.

Tomorrow morning will be interesting. I am teaching spin.

I need to increase the fruit I am eating. Looking forward to summer to return and the fresh berries, and oranges, and other wonderful fruits that come with it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hyannis Half: The Report

The result: I finished.

Honestly, when I started this run I did not know how it would end. I had been struggling with training after being sick. My goal was to use this half marathon as a training day. I was using it to determine my fitness level.

The morning of the race was cold. It was windy, and I knew it would be colder as on the run by the water front.

Well.... the race unfolded.

First and foremost, I loved this course. I am looking forward to running it next year. I anticipate a much different run and scenario. The Hyannis Half is a gorgeous run.

As the race began, I was reminded of the words of Jimmy Radcliffe, a coach I respect and admire, 'The best way to get in shape is to stay in shape.' These words could not have held more true. I was reflecting on the fact that my base fitness was sketchy at best. This winter has not been kind to me in training.

My goal was to finish.

And the race unfolded. I ran a phenomenal opening 7 miles. As the course brought me to the water front, the cold air hit my chest like a ton of bricks. I knew then there would be no negative split; there would be no PR today. Not that I expected one. I wanted to finish.

The cold air felt like it froze in my lungs, causing me to gasp for more. I felt a crushing feeling in my lungs. I was hyperventilating. And as I was hyperventilating, the muscles in my body were reminding me they needed oxygen. And I threw-up. That changed everything.

I walked the experience off as best as a could. The next 6.1 miles were the biggest challenge or struggle of my life. I walked and slogged to the finish. I was lapped and passed by everyone. I kept saying I was not going to give up. I was photographed. I coughed. And yet, I continued moving toward the finish line.

As I approached the finish, I was struggling..... my calves and my quads wanted to cramp. I slogged to the finish. And I crossed the line. I finished the race. I did not quit.

The race that opened the 2012 season was not anything like I anticipated.
I finished the first race of the Cape Cod Trilogy.

I trust that my training will resume before the weeks end. I anticipate achieving competition fitness soon.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tomorrow is Race Day.....

I am home after my adventures of the day. I spent some time at the Race Expo for the Hyannis Half Marathon tomorrow morning.

I have and have not been training.
Not certain that I am ready by any stretch of the imagination, I recognize that this run will be a challenge. I was sick with some sort of flu at the end of 2011, and then again last week, when I was recovering from an eye infection.

Now, I am home..... I have eaten. I am hydrating. And I am thinking about tomorrow as the wind whips around the apartment. There is no mercy with wind gusts up to 60 mph. Earlier there were snow flurries.

Tomorrow, is supposed to be a high of 43 and sunny. Tomorrow, is a training day..... with several hundred other runners, and a medal as the reward. Perhaps, after my race I will get some pancakes.

Otherwise, I am just enjoying the evening.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



I ran comfortably at cadence.... military running pace..... for 45 minutes! Psych.
No where near ready for Sunday... but I don't think I will completely die.

I also have been working on my training schedule. Considering the races ahead, and the A-races consisting of a full marathon, and a half-iron. Looking forward to the training. I enjoy training, actually. Sometimes more than racing.... and I do enjoy racing!

I also got on the scale this afternoon. The scale read less than my last weigh-in, by a pound, and it was late afternoon, after I ate and was fully clothed. Interpretation: I have lost more than a pound. YAY!!!

Tomorrow morning, chaos begins.... well, kinda! Training cycle begins and early AM cycling class to be taught. Looking forward to getting in the pool soon to swim!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February--- Reevaluating

It is almost mid-February.

After stepping on the scale this morning, I know it is time to reevaluate and redirect my goals and objectives. On a positive note, I am now comfortable riding an entire spin class with my participants. And do so in a manner that shows example, and makes the class about my peeps, not me. Because it isn't about me. My training time is my time.

Moving forward: my first goal is to get healthy again. I am fighting an eye-thing, and cold acquired from a pool I was teaching at. It is frustrating when I get sick from other people's negligence. I managed to get a chemical burn and this eye thing. Needless to say, I am no longer teaching at that pool.

As I achieve my health, I am going to run the Hyannis Half-Marathon on 26 February. I have decided to use this as a training day, not a race day. I know that sounds lame, but I do not want a DNF, unless I cannot run. So, I will use this 13.1 as a base training and move from there. I have the rest of the season/year to beat my time from this race.

I am going to spend the next six weeks getting in great running/training condition.

I have been reminded of something a mentor said: The best way to get in shape, is to stay in shape. I am experiencing this as I am moving forward to make 2012, the best ever!

Minor goals include losing 30#, and training for a half-iron. I will keep you posted on my races along the way. The only confirmed race this second, is the Hyannis Half on the 26th.

Well, I better go off for a run!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Down Three in One Week....

I have been covering spin classes for a colleague this past week. So, I have added a class almost every day over the past two weeks. Madness, I say.... utter madness. The result. My exercise volume has increased.

Our bodies respond to increased volume in different ways.
Of course, as the caloric (energy expenditure increases), the need for more calories increases as well. I have been eating more.
And our recovery needs change. I have found it challenging to execute back to back classes, and those classes done at night and then the early morning. My body needs rest.

My final outcome-- I am feeling tired this morning. (I resume my regularly scheduled program tomorrow).... and I stepped on the scale, and was down three pounds. I am by no means complaining.... but as volume changes, it is important for me to remember the care I need to provide for my body.