Thursday, December 31, 2015

I have landed.........

Well, not quite. I successfully left my apartment in MA, clearing out clutter, gifting to friends, selling what I can..... filling dumpsters along the way. and book and clothing donations boxes. And I arrived in NJ on Thanksgiving evening. Much later than I had desired.

I arrived!

And the craziness began!


My 30th high school reunion. I honestly do not know when that happened. 30 years out of high school..... Well, maybe that is a good thing!

And then off to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I could really get used to this! In four days, I secured housing, work and did some sight seeing.

And I returned to New Jersey to retrieve my cats and the rest of my stuff. And I have remained in a holding pattern since. So much for plans!




Fast forward: I am now preparing to head to Houston, Texas. Where I will be working as coordinator and coach of an existing youth triathlon program. I anticipate continuing to train and coach and teach in my new environment.


Today, is the last day of 2015. I have been reflecting on the past year, and planning for the upcoming year. I never imagined the journey I would have traveled in 2015. Last year, I chose the word LEAP to encompass what my goals and ambitions and what I wanted to do through the course of the year.

It was not until October that I learned in order to leap forward I had to let go of what I was hanging onto behind me. Like swinging on the monkey bars of a jungle gym, let go of the rung behind you to,grasp the one before you. And as I packed and purged, I learned and embraced the LEAP forward.

And so today...... I am bidding 2015 good-bye, welcoming 2016, and the adventures that will come with the new year.

I have chosen a word for 2016. I was impressed with myself, as I really took the time to think about it, focusing on what I learned in my journey and what I wanted to continue to learn, pursue and how I would challenge myself.

The word for 2016 is OPEN.

I am learning to be open. To open more doors. To be responsive to those doors that are open. To be available, willing to share, welcoming to new athletes, being approachable, friendly and kind. To understand that to develop my business I have to show these qualities more often. I am looking forward to learning and seeing where this new adventure will take me.

And in the meantime, I will continue to chase the run, swim, bike and row. Because I love these!

I have set various athletic goals for 2016. I will share as these opportunities are provided.

I will continue to share on this venue as well as on my professional website MSJ Athletics and MSJ 4 Her. Please visit me there, and join in the chatter on my Facebook Page. As I continue on my journey, please do not hesitate to share yours.