Thursday, November 12, 2015

Twelve Days

What can one accomplish in twelve days?

I have twelve days (eleven as of tomorrow) remaining in the glorious state of Massachusetts. I am stepping forward into a new adventure. And in the course of the next twelve days, I have to finish prepping, packing, and making the necessary arrangements to relocate. I leave MA with just my stuff and some idea of where I am headed. I am stepping into a new adventure.


My apartment looks like a hoarder lives here. There are boxes everywhere. In the midst of it, the boys (my four cats) are enjoying playing and sleeping in and on the boxes.

And I have twelve days to organize the madness.

In the midst of this insanity, it would be easy to forget about my health. It would be easy to toss it to the wayside, and neglect myself.

I had started the Whole-30 Plan. And at this time, it is not appropriate for me. I live in the real world. Yes, I want to reduce and eliminate my sugar and flour intake, and reduce my dairy. But, I struggled to stay focused. So my focus changed, creating opportunity to focus on how foods interact with me.

I have learned that I need Apple Cider Vinegar. I stopped using this for about a month, and after returning to drink my ACV mixture in the morning I feel better. My feet and ankles are not swelling, and my body is able to counteract the reactions I have to the chlorinated environment in which I work.

I have learned that I enjoy vegetables at any time of day. And I like some with hummus.

I enjoy omelettes! And bacon!

I like pancakes!

I feel better when I don't eat three or meals per day. I feel better when I eat one major protein (animal if I choose) feeding in the evening, and graze on fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts throughout the days. I feel stuffed and sluggish when I eat three meals consistently.

I like Haribou frogs. I know they are full of sugar. I enjoy them.

Over the next twelve days, I am observing how my body responds to various foods, and eating styles.

And I am going to work on building a foundation for my fitness levels, by running, rowing, and swimming.

And I hope to share.


What can you do in the next twelve days?