Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too Many Clothes in the Closet....

This is my new motivator.....

I have too many clothes.  Shocking coming from a female, who normally might say, I have nothing to wear!!!  The problem..... I have tons to wear:  much of it doesn't fit right.  I have a laundry basket of clothes that is due to go to storage, and four dressers full (yes, four!) in my room, with a hanging rack.... and that doesn't include the clothes in storage.

My goal and challenge....... is to use the next year to improve my training.... and overall performance, and drop the final weight I seek to lose, AND..... downsize my closet.

I know I work in performance as a coach.... and I have a great deal of sweats, and shorts and t-shirts, and I train and compete.... so the pile is bigger..... but it would be nice to have casual, professional and 'dressy' and training stuff.  AND clothes that ALL fit.

AND of course..... I am worried about all this on one of the hottest days of summer (and summer just began).  I was, well, um.... cleaning.... b/c I acquired another dresser.  Ultimately, I would like to downsize the quantity of stuff, and improve the quality.... and perhaps, upgrade on of the dressers for an armoire.  AND then.... really know and appreciate what I have.

So.... the first goal... drop 20#.... and then down-size.  Throw-away, donate.... but ultimately remove the clothing from my possession.  Over the next year, the goal is 60#.... and I hope to create a closet-full of clothing that is me, and not clothing hiding me.