Sunday, September 8, 2013

Guilty because I ate?

My last meal prepared on my current stove. Tomorrow, I get a new one.

This is asparagus, tomatoes, mini-eggplant, and broccoli on a bed of spaghetti squash.

Lots of carbs, and gluten free!




* sometimes the diet information/trends/fads is utter madness.*


I received this in the body of an email--

You know how “weight loss experts” are all like,

“When you want to eat a cookie, take a warm bath instead!”


“Call a friend”


(my personal favorite...)

“Just drink water!”


Because my years-long battle with yo-yo dieting hasn’t already proven that I can’t do shit when I want that [fill in the blank] food item that beckons my name like crack cocaine. If it's a choice between brownies and a warm bath, I know most of my clients would choose brownies every time.

When we try to “replace” food with something else, we inadvertently tell ourselves that “eating is wrong.” And the second we tell ourselves that l“eating is wrong,” we’re at risk of binge-eating (i.e. rebellious, I-can’t-hold-back-any-longer, I’ll-take-six-slices-please, binge-eating).

But here’s the thing—

at the end of the day, learning to deal with our feelings in new ways (i.e. taking baths and calling our friends) IS the answer to ending emotional eating, but only if we practice those skills without making eating wrong.

Sound complicated?

I had to share because it is a JUNGLE out there. UTTER MADNESS, I say. And when we are less than successful, or falter or fumble, somehow there is something wrong with us. FOOD is not our enemy, and yet, we feel that way, especially after an 'expert' informs us our desire to eat is wrong.

I keep referring back to the rules.

#1 -- Eat when you are hungry. Don't eat when you aren't hungry.

So developing that relationship with self, and sneaking eating a cookie or piece of chocolate just because might be part of that process. Food is not our enemy. We are not lesser for our cravings, or our hunger. We are who we are regardless.

I ate a whole bag of popcorn the other day while watching a movie. The entire bag. I enjoyed every little bit, in fact was disappointed when it was empty. Do I do that every day? No. But eating a bag of popcorn randomly while watching a movie isn't going to change me as a person.

Tonight, I thoroughly enjoyed the food in the picture. Tomorrow, I might enjoy more of the kind, or have a taste for something else. I try to follow the 80% rule-- make wiser choices 80% of the time. So, I am not obsessed over the other choices I make.

And I am ok with it.

Watching Infomercials

Flipping through Facebook this morning, and an infomercial caught my eye. Needless to say, 30-minutes later I still had not yet learned what foods to eat to burn fat and was being asked why I wasn't enrolling in their program. Which led to watching several videos and reading reviews on the programs, and watching yet another 30-minute video which had awesome information, and led to another sales pitch.

Honestly, I want the bottom line. I don't want or need to be schmoozed-- I want solid information to make a decision. Don't play on my heart strings. Just give me the informatIon. If the information you are selling is readily available as you claim, give it to me. Otherwise, you the seller seem shady and sketchy, when you don't tell me the information you already told me I would learn by watching your video or infomercial.

You lost me as a costumer. Period.


What I did learn was........The industry is catching on to not eating processed foods-- healthy or not, if it is in a box, it is processed.


And what did I commit to...... Cutting out processed foods for the next month.

Planning and focus on eating wisely. Eating when I am hungry and being active daily.


That's my plan.