Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day Two Begins....

I woke this morning..... and spent some time just resting in bed. Not really thinking about anything and yet, thinking about the remainder of the week...... mentally preparing.

Today, I am off to teach water fitness, home for about an hour or so, and then, off to soccer practice and deep water run..... I trust that I will swim between my two water fitness classes and run this evening after soccer.

My drama as it always is..... EATING. Being prepared. I have learned it is not enough to put the clementine in the bag; I need to peel it before I put it in the bag.... or shockingly, I will go find the 'faster' choice. Lazy? I don't know.... I just need to ensure I am prepared. period. It's that simple.

This morning started with water-- a half liter..... Water first thing in the morning shouldn't be cold... I drink it at room temperature... the body isn't ready for cold liquids, and drinking too much too quickly can cause feelings of upset.
And then pineapple. I love it. Pineapple is a great recovery food. It has an enzyme that reduces swelling (as well as many other wonderful nutrients, and it is fruit... natures cleaner), and the body can heal and recover when swelling is reduced.

Later, I will probably have yogurt.... and I trust a spinach salad.

The scale brought me down another .2# (again, this is to keep me honest).... so, 64 to go.

Looking forward to the adventures that today will bring and tomorrow's rest.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day One Complete.

And I am home before 10pm. Shocking!

Mid-morning. I had another clementine and a yogurt. I also had a scoop of protein powder mixed in apple sauce. I ran 3 miles, with 7 x hill sprints.

Lunch time. I ate a bowl of steamed brussel sprouts.

Soccer practice.

Dinner. I had a bowl of broccoli and some elbows.

I feel tired from the day. And I feel good.

I drank close to 4 Liters of water.

On another note: I saw a book-- called the Game On! diet.... It looked like 'sound eating'... but creates some competition for exercise and motivation-- like you are competing with your friends. I liked the idea of the support-- I am not sure about the competition-- some may take it too far... and forget we all lose weight differently. That may cause frustration, as opposed to motivation. But if you were using the competition to push each other to stay focused and exercise regularly, it could be a very good thing.

How was your day??

Day One of Sixty commences....

This is the beginning of the last sixty days!!
(I actually think this is day 43; so I would say close enough).

This mornings weigh in is down .8#. My objective for getting on the scale daily is to keep me honest. Nothing more.

And I drank .5 liters of water, ate two clementines and am currently enjoying a cup of coffee.
I take my supplements at night, because I enjoy coffee-- the coffee causes the body to flush and doesn't give the body time to absorb the supplements.

Fruit: it is what's for breakfast.

I am a modern day Spartan, a warrior.... the Spartans of old, lived on live foods throughout the day and cooked foods at night. Live foods means raw foods... and so fruit it is.
If we also look at the animal kingdom, the animal that is most closely similar to us in digestion are chimps. Despite our conceptions, chimps are not vegetarians... but they sustain livelihood off live food-- what they can forage.

Fruit has gotten a bad rap recently. Many fitness professionals would like to say fruit will make you fat. REALLY? I often ask, when I am told this.... what then do you recommend?? And I hear all kinds of processed food recommendations. Again, really??
I don't understand why one would recommend processed food over a natural food.
The truth: fruit can provide nutrients and energy (calories) for the activities of the day. Fruit is designed to promote digestion and clean the intestines (remember what your grandmother said about prunes? citrus works just as well). And some fruit, like pineapple reduce swelling.

I am not the person who wakes and is hungry immediately. I woke this am and did some work on the deck, drank my water and ate my clementines. I am certain the two clementines will not sustain me through the entire morning; so I am bringing more with me.

Well, off to teach water fitness. This is the first morning back after the storm.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Immediate Changes....

Principles I am adopting to continue in the next 60 days.... (and moving forward).

---- 'A simple lifestyle built on the basics'
-- seeking to make changes based on the basics.
the basics copy the lifestyle of the ancient warriors -- the spartans.

I am becoming a modern Spartan (or a modern warrior)

The modern Spartan has real health and is an Athlete.

A great quote: 'Our greatest fear should be not that our lives will someday come to an end, but Rather that they may never begin.'

The Fundamental Principles I am adopting:

No1: Take what works for me and reject what doesn't.

No2: 80% of conventional wisdom is wrong.

No3: Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity.

And a great concept from Michael Pollan:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

And so.... my journey resumes.

Goal weight loss: (to return to my true racing weight) 65#.

Here we go.....

***A note: the 65# is greater than my original 40# goal. i didn't gain 25#. i am basically back at my starting point, for many reasons. the 65# was actually the original goal, but my intent was to lose 40 and see where i was from there.****

The hurricane has passed....

Irene has departed. She left a lot of damage in her wake.....
But the hurricane within -- the battle between myself still rages on.

Ever feel like the world is against you-- and so my journey is....

I felt like today...... everyone said to me, that I cannot. I cannot do this or that, and my body and the scale.... let's just say I am not happy.

So, I am regrouping.....40 days into this, and the same struggles are clearly present.
(Yes, I do realize that this is a journey of more than 100 days... but why do I weigh almost as much as I did when the journey began).

Perhaps, this is my reality check. Perhaps, I need to not only regroup but change my focus.

I feel fat-- and I do look it too. I am tired of wearing big clothes to hide in. I am tired of being able to pinch more than an inch.

So.... I am going to make myself more accountable, to you....
The next couple of weeks the blog is going to change, to create that accountability and I trust it will be for the better-- for me: to do what I say I am doing, and you: for motivation.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene....

I am feeling some serious cabin fever.

I have been cooped up all day-- did manage a calisthenic workout--- some pushups, up-up/down-downs, one-legged squats, med ball sit-ups, wood chops, and lunges-- one needs to be creative when forced to stay inside.

Currently, I am without power. When power was lost this time (has been flickering on and off all day-- goes out for a minute or two), the back-up batteries in the clock-radios stopped working. Would love to know why this time? And not all the other times throughout the day. As you know, I don't have any other radio (except for my car), so I am pretty clueless as to what is really happening out there....
Besides, it is windy. And there is a big branch down that is stuck in the tree. The branch has been secured as best as it can be, until it is safe to take it down completely.

Without power, I have no coffee.... and pretty much no food. (It's in the fridge).

I am tired of reading. I am tired of sitting. I would love to do something besides be in this apartment--- funny how that happens, when you have to stay in, you want out!!!!

I was told that the storm surge should be here in several hours....
That will prove to be a different adventure.

Leo is sleeping in a chair. And well, I am surviving.

I trust you are safe too.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The bestest compliment....

I have been feeling stuck.... the scale loves and hates me.... 2# down-- 2# back up... back and forth, and nothing is happening. And I have been trying to figure out what to change, where to change it and what to do..... and two things happened.

First, in my class Wednesday, Kelly (who I haven't seen in a couple weeks) returned. She was like WOW!! You look great.... It is amazing how great you look. You have lost a lot of weight. Thank you for inspiring... You are serious about this.

And second, the scale gave it up this morning.... I was down 2 (from my down 2 position). Woo-hoo!!!!

I feel like I am making some progress and headway.... keeping in mind this is a journey, not a destination.... and I am making progress every day.

So, keep your chin up and stay focused on the goal.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soccer Practice Begins....

Soccer practice/tryouts for the Varsity Squad at the montrose school commenced yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day on the field. And it was sunny.... thankful for sunscreen.

The girls warmed up and did mini-band work and ran and then did skill development work. It was a pretty fun and cool afternoon.

And I got a little sunburn..... not too much as it is pretty much gone today.
It really felt good to be on a field again. It is something that perhaps, I cannot explain.

To some extent, this is where I belong.... one of the pieces of the puzzle.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Utterly Exhausted....

I felt it when I went out for my three-mile run this morning. I felt sore and tired and struggled. My body was telling me it needed rest. And so..... I opted to swim tomorrow. I am still deciding about biking.... that too might be moved to tomorrow.

I am exhausted.

I have learned that it is sometimes more important to listen to what my body is telling me, than what the training schedule is mandating. I am beginning a full week, as I am approaching the fall season.

I need to take the time to rest. I don't want to be sick.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lifeguard Training Part Two....

And Finished!!!!

I am now certified lifeguard for another three years..... woo-hoo!!!

I was doing the math and I have been a lifeguard for 28 years. WOW!!

After all was said and done, I came home and took a much needed nap.....
tomorrow, the games continue as soccer practice begins!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day One of Lifeguard Training....

I survived..... well, actually conquered the first day of Lifeguard Training.
I managed to keep up with swimmers half my age (we did a 300 yard swim), and execute the rescue skills we were working on successfully!!! I also taught the 'youngsters' a thing or two...

(So glad I have been training.... the swim was hard enough!!! LOL).

And now, I am exhausted. And I feel water-logged. And I smell like chlorine!!!!

On another note: it is sad how the american red cross keeps watering down the program....
Lifeguards need to be fit and active and athletic.... and should be able to swim!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

And today I rest.....

I woke this morning.... and had a love-hate relationship with my snooze button.... and felt utterly exhausted. Not only b/c of my training schedule, but also my working schedule.

Fridays are my 'rest day.' The day I recover and prepare for the weekend and the coming week.
Today, I am going to use the down time to regroup.... I have some personal errands to run, and there is a mini-mall that I want to check out-- has a store I want to visit.

And I am looking ahead..... monday, soccer begins.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

question on volume increases....

I was asked an interesting question last night. It had to do with increasing my volume.

If I worked on one of the three sports at a time, and fluctuated amongst the three sports.

My answer: I increase the volume equally in all three sports weekly. I am on a six week protocol, meaning that I build in the course of four or five weeks and then recover or pull back for a week or two.... depending on the goals of the segment.

Each week has a purpose. For example: week one: adapt to the training schedule.

I do maintain the flexibility of the time of day to train, as well as the ability to adjust the schedule during the week. Like today, doing the brick I missed yesterday.

I keep a record, so that I can progress each week or make observations in my performance.

All Three.... in one day

I missed my brick yesterday. *life*

So this morning after teaching spin class, I ran 15 minutes. My brick was 45 minute cycling/15 minute run. The run was easier than the first time I had done brick several weeks ago.

And then..... I swam 1400 yards at the YMCA.
This was HARD..... the workout itself wasn't difficult, a challenge, but not overwhelming.... and yet, after the brick, it was hard.

And now..... I am tired!!!!! and hungry.... well, i was before i ate.

On paper, the workout didn't seem like much..... but after it was completed, I realize how challenging all three was.

Tomorrow, is a rest day.

Saturday and Sunday..... I am taking a lifeguard training class.... and will only have time to run. I will resume the bike and swim portion of this programming on Monday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Good Enough?

'Good enough never is' -- Debbi Fields, founder, Mrs. Fields Cookies.

You may have been running a while and be quite proud of it. You're fit and healthy, and you enjoy the thrice-weekly habit you have developed. Then one day someone asks you if you've ever run a marathon, and it's like a slap in the face. 'No,' you respond, almost in shock, 'I haven't. I don't think I could. Twenty-six miles. It's too much, don't you think?'

After a while, though, the question still bugs you. For some reason it really got under your skin, and you're not sure why. Then it dawns on you: running a marathon is a challenge, and you've been avoiding the challenge.

To be sure, you don't have to run a marathon to be a runner. Lots of runners never marathons. But avoiding the challenge-- ah, well, that's another story.

Maybe you're an experienced runner who's run marathons and other races. But you've always shied away from testing yourself at big races such as New York or Boston or Chicago. Or perhaps you've come close to breaking the three-hour mark but never quite managed it. You've always stepped back from the commitment it takes to break that magic barrier.

Challenges in running come in many shapes and forms. They're different for different people. But here's the rule: whatever stretches you, as a runner and a human being, is good. Never settle for good enough. When the time comes, answer the challenge.

What challenge are you avoiding?? What is your marathon??

* taken from Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration.

Learning to Flow....

This morning was a disaster waiting to happen..... woke up late, felt icky, running around, phone call, personal emergency.... can I pull my hair out now??? and I was stressing because I was missing the class I needed to be teaching...... AND.....

the result: it wasn't really all that bad. annoying. but not bad.

And.... had the diversion not occurred, I would have missed the phone call that created a bigger opportunity.

Sometimes, regardless of how chaotic everything seems, we need to flow.....
there is a bigger picture and we don't always see the end.

thought for the day

Don't be hung up on being skinny.
Be hung up on being healthy.
Your weight will sort itself out.

What is strength?

Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands----
and then eat just one of those pieces.

--- Judith Viorst

*or share the other pieces with three of your friends.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

In this for the Long Haul.....

I had an interesting conversation with several ladies in my one water fitness class this evening.... we were chatting about diet.

I had read earlier in The Warrior Diet.... ' a stable diet is one that, once you're on it, you can live with it regardless of your location, the weather, or the season. To me, a stable diet isn't just a diet. It's a way of life. So even if you change something, or go off your eating regimen for a short while, you'll still be balanced. And that's how human beings should be-- balanced-- whether they eat a little more carbohydrates or protein one day, or even if they fast, they should still be balanced. '

This is a reminder that these 100 days are the beginning.... the laying of foundation to continue my pursuit of excellence and training to be fit and well and strong. I am seeking the balance... in my life with training and eating and work and the pursuit of excellence.

It is a journey, not a destination.

Day Thirty....

Almost 1/3 of the way through my first 100 days......

It is overcast and I was exhausted after my full day yesterday. The rain takes a lot out of me... and these early morning/late nights are kicking my bottom.

Today, I am scheduled to run intervals... I will be out in a bit. I also need to get the bike ride in from yesterday. There is a threat of thunderstorms later, and I will probably be driving in it.

I feel differently in my clothes, although the scale is not being too agreeable after the first six pounds. I trust this will continue and the scale will get in line.

I am now off to do laundry and such.... and get that run in.

Calendar thought from my birthday:

Food For Thought:

Life is a wild and surprising ride. Being in touch lets us laugh out loud and enjoy the trip, no matter what happens.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you Ladies....

To the ladies in my 9 am and 11 am classes at Fall River YMCA.....

Thank you!!!!

It was so great to feel so much love from you. I truly appreciate you and enjoy working with you.... and guess what??? Today's my Birthday!!! (366 days til the next one -- leap year, you know)

Leo is playing with the string of the balloon.... it was funny, b/c it got tangled in his tail, and then the balloon was chasing leo. I am not sure he is grasping the whole-- it's my birthday-- concept.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Today's my Birthday.....

And what better way to celebrate than to start the morning with a run.

Three miles for the books.... and in the rain!! What could be more glorious!
I thoroughly enjoyed the run in the rain.....

In between water fitness classes, I will swim and then I am going to bike later.

Perhaps, I will get a manicure and a pedicure. And do a load of laundry....
and take a walk on the beach.

What a great way to spend my birthday.
How do you spend yours?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Removing the Processed Foods....

As I wandered through the aisles of the local supermarket..... I considered a *treat* for my birthday. And all of the treats I needed/wanted, were already in my house.....

I have cherries, I have strawberries and blueberries (that I picked myself), I have clementines, and I have coconut. I can make a fruit salad!!!!!

After eliminating processed foods, I feel yucky when I eat these.
So, the processed foods are continued to be removed from my life.

And with that, I feel the best that I can.

90 Minute Run..... complete!

Today's running schedule was a 90-minute run.

Not a distance, but a time. I have been doing a lot of runs for time, while training for the half-iron.... it is about the time on the road, not necessarily the mileage.

And so.... 90 minutes was on the order for today.

I haven't done a run that long since March. I wasn't certain I could complete it.

My goal was to finish the run. I wasn't too concerned with pacing (although I didn't want to slog it); I was concerned with finishing the run strong.

And the run is complete-- I ran a loop around the cranberry bogs and over 195, and I managed to complete a little over 10 miles. (My pacing wasn't too far off pace).

The rain waited until I was home to start; and now, it is time to shower and rest for the rest of the day. I am looking forward to resting.

Tomorrow, I swim and bike.

Enjoying Oatmeal

Oatmeal..... it's what for breakfast.

Today, I am preparing for a 90-minute run. And as much as I would love to get up and go..... I need to ensure my body is fueled to do the work. (If I run out of gas during the run, I will not be happy).

Oatmeal provides carbohydrates, and protein, and the energy to be able to perform the run.

Despite what you may have read about training on an empty stomach burns extra fat, during a long run like the one I am preparing for, takes more than relying solely on energy stores. But not to be confused, eating before training doesn't mean eating Thanksgiving dinner either. So, I am enjoying my oatmeal now, and then will have some whey protein later.

I am also enjoying a clementine.

What do you do to prepare for your training??

Saturday, August 13, 2011

and i break out in a nap.....

Not sure why..... maybe I was just tired.

this afternoon, I crashed. A nap was in order. And I slept about 2 hours....

Maybe it has to do with the volume increase, maybe it was a reflection of the food intake this week (which was behind-- i struggled), maybe I was just tired.

Whatever the reason, I napped. And it was wonderful.

Leo is still napping. Cats are like that.

Another Brick..... ugh.

And so......
I taught my spin class, and then changed my sneakers and went for a 20 minute run. It was slightly easier to get into a run than the last time I attempted brick.....

And then I enjoyed the ride home... fortunately, I was leaving the cape. The traffic headed onto the cape was stop and go...... Shore Traffic. ICK!! I am glad I am going to Mattapoisett later, to explore.

Well.... bricks are getting easier. At home, I was going to make an egg.... no eggs in the fridge. Leo's squeaking toy, still squeaking... he took it out of the fridge and dropped it in his water dish. It stopped briefly. I might toss it, but he still plays with it.

Today's mission: Rest and relax and swim later.

Oh, don't get on the scale after drinking a lot of water..... it isn't nice to you.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Rest within the training protocol

Today's inspiration:

'I want my runners to run at a relatively even pace. Given this, they should view those who bolt out early as foolish people whom they will catch at the end.' -- Tom Grogon, running coach.

It's nice to have energy. It's better to be smart.

Some days, you get up, full of spit, feeling as if you can run with the wind. So, you go out and challenge the wind to a match race, and that's the day you feel a twinge in your leg. Or you enter a race. Primed for a new personal best, you roar out of the gates like Secretariat. You push the pace, but before long the pace begins to push you. As runner after runner passes you, you wonder how all that enthusiasm and energy could dry up so fast.

But it does. Energy waxes and wanes, like the tides. So does enthusiasm. Look at young runners. If energy alone won races, they'd be unstoppable. But just as the hottest fires often burn out the fastest, impulsively energetic runners are the ones who flame out come race time.

The best runners are a potent mix of energy and experience. They run smart, evening out the ups and downs, knowing that enthusiasm will carry them only so far. They may push the early pace, but only for tactical advantage. They know they're going to have to back off at some point or they won't be able to compete at the end.

You (like all runners) have a limited storehouse of energy. Learn to use what you have. Take advantage of early enthusiasm, to be sure. But know, too, that it won't last forever, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

The rush of energy doesn't only refer to a specific training day, but could also be the training week or month..... When we take on something new, we sometimes tackle it with such zeal that it is easy to burn out...... and lose our steam. I find that in the course of the week, I slowly run out of steam.

And today, like most Fridays... the week has caught up with me. I am spent.
My new running/training program gives me Fridays off. And I feel ready to tackle the weekend and the rest of the week.... my tri program gives me Mondays off, which leaves me a little conflicted.....
Rest is important to me. If I am tired, I sleep. And my schedule, at times, is madness waiting to happen. In that, I am in need of an afternoon nap from time to time.
So.... to keep me healthy, I have just chatted with both coaches to revise/adapt the programs, so that I can continue to have an easy/rest day on Friday with BOTH protocols. And what is nice..... I can then use Fridays to explore other activities.... and rest.

Remember rest does not necessarily mean doing absolutely nothing..... it means (to me at least) the potential of doing other activities, and relax.....

So, this morning..... i did a comfortable ocean swim.... and will enjoy a nap later.


Yesterday, I did something random.... and visited weight watchers web-site. They have recently changed their point system..... I was curious to see how many points I would earn in a week by the exercise I am performing.

It is based on your personal body weight, the time endurance of the activity (example: run 40 minutes), and the intensity (this is subjective-- low, medium and hard).

Tallying last weeks activities, I would have accumulated 89 additional points that could be traded out. In other words, fruits and veggies are free-- and you use points for other foods, and have a certain number of additional points that can be used in a week-- like for a treat, a special occasion or you are extra hungry!!! My points are an additional that can be swapped out for food, if i need it to be. (Like I am extra hungry from the exercise I am performing).

If nothing else, this is a reminder to eat!!!!!
I see it in my physique.... as I eat (non-processed foods) I feel better, am not bloated, and overall look better. When I don't eat, I am crabby (not enough sugar for the brain) and I feel extra tired.


So, regardless of your standing on weight watchers, they are encouraging the consumption of non-processed foods-- fruits and veggies carry NO POINTS!!! and are encouraging you to eat!!!! It clearly demonstrates the points you are using to run, swim, cycle and kayak.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Being Prepared....

Being Prepared can mean different things to different people.

Today, it meant cooking-- I mean, if the food isn't ready, it isn't going to get eaten, especially when I am running around like a crazy person.

Cutting and steaming veggies, cooking the chicken (a whole one) and cutting strawberries.

All of this helps me be prepared to eat on the fly. I have learned that I will not open the fridge and say, ooooooh.... let me cook this, when I am hungry.... I will eat the junk, if food isn't ready made. So, taking a day during the week or on the weekend to prepare, is the way for me to stay away from the junk.

And now, I am cooling off the apartment as I get ready to head to Qunicy to teach class.

A fun evening.... looking back.

I normally teach deep water running on Wednesday evenings at the Quincy YMCA.
(I prayed for one class to be canceled due to weather). Last night, was that night.... and as I got to the Quincy YMCA, there was a slight rumble in the sky (and there were planes, so I doubted what I heard), and then as I was taking pictures of the storm clouds, there was a flash across the sky.

Well, the pool ended up being closed. Woo-hoo!!!!

After chatting with the lifeguards for a little bit, I started my journey home. And I was psyched---an early night: I can REST!!! (NOT!)

I went home through wareham, to make a deposit at the bank, and saw the baseball game was still in play.... so, of course, I went to see the last inning played... which went to the 10th, and falmouth pulled ahead.

And finally home after 11 pm..... to teach spinning this morning!!!!

Even though I was exhausted this morning, I am glad I stopped to see the game. It was a refreshing change of pace. I cannot express how much I love baseball.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Afternoon Run Complete!

35 minute run with 8 x 30 second (2 minute recovery) bursts, complete.
Distance covered: a little over 5k.

Me: feeling exhausted. Legs feel pretty good.... although, i am certain i will struggle with the steps later this evening and/or tomorrow morning.

Tonight, deep water running.

Lose 14 Pounds in 14 Days....

.... Better than Atkins and The Zone.....

wow!!! sign me up......

Well, if these things worked, like a pill in a bottle.... we would never have struggles eating again!!
We could eat whatever and then jump on this lose 14 pounds in 14 days, and never worry ever again that we might be fat...... if only, this worked.

This 100-day challenge..... is about the beginning of a journey. And I have done 100-days before and I will probably do another again... because the time frame is a little over three-months, and it is a good time frame to create a new habit or lay the foundation for something better.

I mean-- if we do the same thing repeatedly, and expect different results.... we are a little crazy, now aren't we?????

14 pounds in 14 days-- the magic saying to get you to buy the book, the magazine or the pill.... to toss all logic to the wind and decide that you aren't more significant than the kool-aid that someone else is drinking.

I have struggled... I feel like my body turned a 'stay-fat' switch on after my cycling accident. I will admit, my training hasn't always been to par, well, neither has my eating.

It is when I eat wholesome, quality foods that I feel good. It is about returning to a positive relationship with me. And not treating myself like a human-garbage disposal. It is not about the final weight loss number, which would be awesome and amazing.... and I will get there. It is about treating myself like the warrior-goddess that I am.... and believing it.

It is about setting goals and striving to complete and achieve them.

So, the 14-pounds in 14-days..... keep your mag on the shelf. I am going to enjoy that salad, with lettuce fresh from the garden, and tomatoes, and some zucchini later...... b/c it is not only good for me, but it tastes good and i feel amazing when i eat it!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Somewhere I lost a day....

I said yesterday was day 20, it was actually 21... and today, 22. Anyway.

A little too much drama in my life this morning-- i find it interesting that as I move forward and try to put things together.... how people try to drag you down into their drama.

Well, I managed to enjoy a restful sleep-- but i woke, with back pain. lovely. I need to be adjusted.... looking forward to seeing my chiropractor when I go home in september.

And then I ran..... protocol was 6 hill sprints. I ran about 200 yards on a moderate incline... and really pushed myself up the hill. The hill work strengthens my quads and pushes my limits. I felt tired, and needed to do laundry. Laundry is complete and the clouds are lining the sky with a potential thunderstorm.... the clouds are building.

I need to cycle later. It might be an indoor ride, because of the pending rain.

Tomorrow..... i trust will bring a new adventure.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Twenty.....

Weigh in today: +/- 0 pounds.
And I lost 1/2 inch off my waist. I will take it...... down a total of 6#!! woo-hoo!!

This morning,
I felt beat.... although I didn't do anything yesterday. I think, even on 'complete' rest days, I need to do something... whether it be a walk or something.... I need to be active everyday.

I swam.... (because of the pool schedule, I am trying to get my swim's finished before the weekend)..... 1600 yards complete.

And then, I ran..... 5k (or 3.1 miles) -- Dear birthday fairy, I need a garmin! thank you. --
The run... was slow, but it felt good.

And now, I am off to eat..... and I might participate in the deep water run class tonight, to create an opportunity for recovery.
Tomorrow, I run hills and bike 70 minutes.

What have you done today??

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Two training programs converge.....

half-marathon meet, half-iron man..... this means, I need to do a little more running than I would for if just training for the half-iron.

It will certainly be an adventure. And I will definitely learn about listening to my body as I need to be aware of changes and fatigue to prevent injuries. I do know that I will be looking forward to the swim days!!! I use swimming to stretch out my back....

And on the seventh day we rest.....

I woke this morning to rain.

Regardless of what my training schedule says, today is demanding rest..... Leo agreed as he curled up closer to me.

I think I might enjoy some coffee, a movie, and reading..... and then later, catching up on writing and prepping for the school term.

Rest is important to training and living.... and sometimes, nature sets up the perfect scenario for rest.

Have a super day!!! Enjoy the rain!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

volunteering at the pan-mass challenge....

I spent today giving back to the community...... the cycling community, that is.

I was at the wareham water stop today for the pan-mass challenge. It was truly incredible to see the riders and here some of their stories.... i will be sharing some of the photos on my website

It is always challenging to stay focused and remember to eat and drink appropriately when you are caring for others-- i managed to drink lots of water, and have plenty of fruit today-- I have been working on eliminating the gluten, in addition to the processed foods..... and trust that i will continue to lose the belly fat..... fortunately, there was plenty of fruit available at the water stop.

And I will be there next year. I look forward to it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I amazed at all the stars I see....

After living in NYC, where the sky is lit with lots and lots of lights.... beautiful.... but it is amazing how many stars I see each and every night here along the coast.....

It is absolutely beautiful.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Most Amazing....

.... Burrito EVER!

I was super hungry today.... and I went to a little mexican place and enjoyed (thoroughly) a burrito!!!! I have eaten there before.... and today, I couldn't finish all of the food. And I didn't want to.....

Things are changing.

*Note: when you are more thirsty than hungry, it is time to put the fork down and drink some water, and relax and enjoy the company. If you are hungry in about 20 minutes, eat some more, being aware of your thirst v hunger factor. *

Sleep after the Storm

And so, I slept.

It was cold outside; I slept under my heavy blanket. Leo slept on the other side of the bed. He must have been cold too.
And yes, I kept the fans on all night; just at a lower setting.

There is something amazing about sleep after a storm. The weather had been unsettling last night. Of course, I was driving in it. And spin class taught. Water fitness taught. And the drive home..... interesting how the bank was accepting deposits last night.

And.... I slept.

Today, I conquer the world...... well, my little part of it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Fifteen......

And I understand how the landslide starts..... with just one bite, or sip or meal......
It is ok to have junk food here and there.... i love my daily chocolate!!!

Last night, I was poor prepared and starving after class-- more hungry than normal, must be the hormones.... so, i grabbed a bite from a fast food place.... and then this morning thought nothing of possibly getting a breakfast sandwich at another.... I didn't. But this is where it begins. B/c the one cheat meal, can become a trend that leads to those bad habits that create more problems.....

And so, instead of the drive through, I stopped at the grocery store. I bought some raspberries and yogurt-- which is part of the problem.... I haven't had the opportunity to restock food.

With that said, it becomes challenging to be prepared when I am not prepared.

Monday, August 1, 2011

the weather is disappointing....

I love a good thunderstorm..... and we keep getting promised a good thunderstorm, and nothing happens.....

In that, I am disappointed....... I would like to see a good storm coming rolling through the coast, tearing up the place, making the waves violent, rumbling with light flashing and being a storm..... i just don't want to have to drive in it.....

So, do you think we could have a good storm soon???

No Cravings....

I am shocked. I have absolutely no cravings. NONE.

I am enjoying my daily piece of chocolate. I am enjoying lots of fruit. I am enjoying coffee.
And NO SUGAR.... the result, I am satisfied.... and I have no cravings.

I feel good.