Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And so I ran......

I have been struggling with my commitment commitment to me. Granted, I am working crazy hours, and am exhausted justifiably so......but the commitment to me is NOT showing.

Today, I choose to put myself first. I got up and ran....... And I needed the run. I had woken from a very realistic dream in which my JEEP had been stolen. And i woke suddenly when one of my cars jumped on the bed.....thankful for small things.

As a result of the dream, I had unsettled energy. I decided to go run. Today's task was to run 30 minutes.... With 6x 30second burst scattered in. And off I went.....surprisingly, My pedestrian pace was faster than I expected, and I completed the run. Tomorrow, my legs will thank me as I will teach two spin classes.

But for now, I feel focused and ready to tackle the paperwork and planning to prepare for the rest of the week.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ride Your Way Lean

Reading an interesting book.... Ride Your Way Lean, by Selene Yeager, one of the staff members of Bicycling Magazine.

The thing that impressed me was she discusses how FUN cycling is!  And regardless of your starting point, physically, you feel like a kid again!!!!  She also is disappointed with the Biggest Loser whose contestants look like they are being tortured to ride a bike.

It brings me back to the FUN part!  I teach indoor cycling and coach triathletes.  I need to remember the fun.  Peeps come to my classes because of the hard work, well maybe.... but because there is an element.   Whatever the element, they want to feel good.

I need to remember the fun.

AND to remember fun is why I began cycling.  Fun is why it doesn't hurt so much.  Fun..... riding outside, wind blowing through your hair, pulling your feet off the pedals, saying weeeeeee!!!!!  and laughing outloud....

Fun is the element I need to return to.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beginning with a Cycling Class....


brought a 2# weight gain.  Not sure where or why that happened.  Hormonal, I am sure.

Pffffft..... monday.

But I am not going to let that get me down, I have classes to teach and peeps to coach, teach and inspire.  I am an example.... even if I feel, what not to be.

Alas, I started today with a new class in my repertoire... I am now teaching 4 cycling classes a week, and that will soon be seven.

After class, I enjoyed a iced coffee, and went off to do Day One of my six week protocol.
I lifted, ran and rowed.  Intervals to the max!!!

I started the day with a bowl of oatmeal with flax seed and almonds.  Leo (my maine coon cat) like oatmeal.  And well.... he was eating from my bowl.
And I had a meal replacement drink-- essentially protein shake.

Tonight, a low carb meal is in order.

So far, I feel great.  Now that could be different at 6am tomorrow morning.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

HItting Bottom

I feel like I hit the bottom.  I don't think there is any lower than I can go...... I have successfully gained the weight I lost prior to moving to MA.  Go Team.... Yay.... and for the life of me, I struggle to do anything.  And it isn't like I am watching hours of TV doing nothing.... I am actually working and living and exploring.... I just have no desire to train.  AND yesterday, when I actually wanted to swim.... the storm commenced.  It was Thundering.


This morning, I got on the scale.  YIKES!  And I took my measurements.  I need to lose the equivalent of a small person.  No arguments here.... I looked at my profile in a reflection the other day... wow.  and yuck.

My plan is to keep it light and fun.... and refocus on staying on point.   I buy veggies, and they sit in the fridge, b/c they aren't ready to eat.  AND I find myself picking at lots of things.... and then not really eating a quality meal.

I want to be the example and live what I preach..... and I am struggling with it all.

Perhaps, this is a good point for me to go.... b/c it is about me and my health.  My birthday is Wednesday, and I want to really look and feel the youth I am.