Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring has brought.....

MORE SNOW!!!!! Yup.... It has. The first day of spring brought another inch of snow to my deck. The good news--- it smells clean! The bad-- it is not giving a day off or time to myself.

Instead, I am headed out for a full day of work and play.

Soon, I hope to return to be able to finish my spring cleaning, started when I was finished with winter. Clearly winter, wasn't finished..... And so, I digress.


This morning I stood and looked in the mirror and I could see visible changes. I have really truly been focused on my eating this week, and I can honestly say I feel good.

I enjoy a cup of hot lemon water every morning. It is like my wake up AND full of vitamin C, as well as cleansing properties.

I drink 20oz of a mixture of MOSTLY water, a swig of apple juice, a squirt of liquid Stevia, and two tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar. *I definitely know when I have not drunk this.*

And I am enjoying all kinds of combinations of salad, fresh greens, broccoli slaw with poopy seed dressing, carrots, tomatoes, pomegranate, pineapple, and some Irish soda bread. The other night I sautéed mushrooms in coconut oil, poured these over spaghetti squash, with grilled asparagus and black beans.

And the list goes on...... There are so many choices and combinations.


After looking in the mirror, I decided to step on the scale. Remember I use the scale as a check-up, to be certain all is as is should be, not as the determining factor of my success. And the digits indicated that I have lost 7#.


All of that, without focusing on weight loss. All of that, without powders or shakes. All of that, since my last weigh-in on 7 March. All of that BY simply EATING MORE FIBROUS FOODS or fruits and veggies and some beans.

Yesterday, I was channel surfing and I caught a clip that a doctor was sharing regarding the weight-loss/weight-gain cycle. He said as the cycle continues it is harder to lose the weight of that is the extra that is regained when weight is lost rapidly and regained. This doctor further explained how dangerous the fat cells can become during rapid weight loss and weight gain, being conditioned to extremes and creating an environment that the cells will not give up the fat. He further said the BEST way to lose the dangerous fat cells was by increasing fibrous foods in fruits and vegetables.

While, I knew that..... It was positive to hear a reinforcement to my choices.

To see the results from eating such an array of colorful food.

And..... I have eaten a piece of chocolate everyday, enjoyed some Irish soda bread, and am thoroughly enjoying the food process!



Thursday, March 12, 2015

Walking on Snow


After work on Sunday, I managed to walk on SNOW. Yes, I did..... TWO whole steps, until I face-dived right into the snow. Laughing, after I fell. Nothing like a good dive to jump start your adventure. All the better, to laugh about it. Life is funny that way.

And in the midst of my craziness, I completely enjoyed the beauty around me.


The snow is starting to melt (after the last two days of warmer weather, much of it is gone. I can see my deck!). And the essence of spring is in the air.

While I watched the waves hit the snow, I observed the water become slushy and freeze. Absolutely COOL!


The harbor is still frozen.

In my adventure on Sunday, I was reminded how blessed I am to live here. In spite of the fact that I have visions of moving to the OBX (soon), I love life here. The shore all year round! And did I mention the shore????


And for a moment...... I was able to walk on snow.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring is on it's way!


Spring is in the air! After enduring yet another snow storm, I have begun the cleaning and purging that happens after winter. Spring is twelve days away, and I am getting ready!!!!


Part of my Spring purge this year includes an overhaul in my overall fitness. This year, I am refocusing on my overall wellness. And you are saying, yeah, yeah...... Have seen this before. And yes, I have been here before. I bring with me all the struggles and challenges of life with me. I acknowledge I am committed to me.

As my many of my friends are pursuing 'health' through various weight-loss shakes, and other means or challenges, I am compelled to create my own pursuit. My self-challenge is in NO WAY intended to put down anyone's choices for self. My self- challenge is for me and about me.

My challenge is for ME!!

In that, I will be sharing my journey! My principles are to be active everyday-- well, more than that, as I prepare for the OuterBanks Marathon in November, and a variety of open-water swims this summer.

My eating principles are that of a Spartan Warrior:

1. Eat when I am hungry. If I am not hungry, do not eat.

2. Eat Consistently. Eat slowly and ENJOY every mouthful.

3. When I feel satisfied, STOP Eating. (Or when I feel more thirsty than hungry).

I am looking forward to eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, eliminating my sugar cravings, and training.

I am looking forward to getting to the run!