Thursday, September 15, 2016


Have you ever noticed the 'thing' you have chosen to cut out of your diet, regardless of what is it is.....

Is the ONLY thing you see when shopping?

And so, was my trip to Target this afternoon to get some Almond Creamer for my coffee.

In support of my friend, I am eating gluten-free, as she adjusts to her new eating scheme. For me: this means fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds, and some dairy. For her: it means eliminating allergens that have negatively affected her life.

And somehow..... All the gluten in the store knew I was there on a mission, promptly placing itself front and center, looming off the shelves like zombies in a horror flick. And somehow, I managed to depart unscathed.

Almond Milk Creamer,

Salad greens,


And a cool Halloween plate.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eating Gluten Free

I have gluten sensitivities, and when I eat too much craziness takes over my body and it is not pretty. It is not as ugly as some of my friends, but I do feel a bloat and an extra heaviness when I consume too much. Sometimes, my ankles will swell. Never fun.

My friend Verena has a different tale to tell. She has some very serious food allergies that have seized her body, and she has ended up in the ER...... Several times. And as a result, she has sought help and direction of specialists. Earlier this week, she announced that the allergy tests were conclusive and she needed to cut the gluten out. LOTS of fruits, vegetables and meats are on the menu.

In her excitement of finally discovering what is triggering her reactions, some nay-Sayers in the guise of support were apologizing because she needs to make a life-style change. I was cheering for her, cheering because she finally has some answers. And am thrilled about her attitude in this. It will be an adjustment for her, because of her current eating choices and habits which surround her work as a paramedic, but I am confident that she can do this!

V, you got this!!!

And in support...... I am eating gluten-free. Not because I am a phobic, or am seeking to lose weight fast, or any other reason than in support of a friend. Hopefully, my long-distance support can assist her in her quest to be healthier and care for her body will help her in this journey.


To start: this morning (after opening the pool),

I ate scrambled eggs with spinach and slivered almonds.

I feel satisfied, and ready to conquer the rest of the day.

I am thrilled for my friend. And I am thrilled to be able to motivate and support her in this.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Last Meal

The Last Meal..........

You know, the one you eat before you commence a diet....... Especially an elimination diet.


And today, I have been thinking about my 'LAST MEAL'....... Which traditionally includes a trip to the diner for a burger and fries and a shake of some sort. And this time...... I took a moment and said, I really want the fish nuggets I bought from Trader Joes.

Instead of a LAST MEAL that will make me feel worse, or guilty because I had it, I am pre-heating the oven for fish and Brussels sprouts.


I decided that this time around I am going to enjoy food. I am going to embrace the things I eat. And I am going to enjoy eating these without guilt, regardless of what these may be.


As you may know, I gifted myself a six-pack for my 50th birthday. Next year, I turn 50.

A six-pack...... Not because I am pursuing a thinness, but instead a personal feeling. When I felt great about myself, pictures that were taken of me, my athletic ability and not feeling like I need to hide from the camera, in my clothes, or from the image I have painted on my brain.

This pursuit is in health. This pursuit is to lose the extra weight I have been desiring to lose, and to enjoy the journey and embrace me. This pursuit is for me and about me.

And tonight..... There is NO Last Meal.

Tonight, I am enjoying what I am eating as I regain conscientious eating habits and enjoy living and eating.