Sunday, May 1, 2016

Loop around the Golf Course

I want to thank my friend, Amy, for dragging me out the other night to walk and run and motivate with her. I would not have been ambitious enough to travel 1.5miles from home (sarc) to explore Herman Park. Well, that is not entirely true. I have been to the zoo, and have parked there to avoid parking fees when visiting the medical center. I hate parking fees.

As a result, I found a park that can provide a safe haven in which to run, providing an alternatative to running on the bayou, Memorial Park or even running in my neighborhood.

The loop is about 2-miles and so I ran it twice. I noticed there is a fitness area in one segment, to perform fitness like activities with jungle gym equipment for grown-ups. I may have to explore that one day in the midst of my run.

This morning was cooler but humid as we have lingering storms that have not decided what they are going to do.


Yesterday, I finished April with a bang. I am thrilled to have achieved this in my quest to complete 2016miles by the end of 2016.

Keep running, one step at a time. I will #seeyouatthefinishline.