Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I finished November......

November ended on a low note.... today's run was hard. Most likely b/c i did the long run yesterday. And so, my easy base pace run of 4 miles was slow and it hurt.... running slow does hurt... I guess that is why they call it slogging!!

I completed November with the best totals of the year (so far..... let's see what december brings)

A total of 26 runs, accumulating 144.99 km (i couldn't run another .01?) and a yearly total over 832 km.... I still feel like I am running slow and at times it hurts to run..... my resistance training is not where it should be, and is not a regular schedule.... and I would like to resume jump roping and kettle bell work....

Tomorrow, december is upon us..... bringing the last 31 days of the year.... I would like to tackle the 1000 km barrier and expand my training for january as we move into 2011.....
hopefully, i will be able to clear this weight barrier that is driving me crazy!!!

And tomorrow, training continues in a new month.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Aborted Run Accomplished....

This morning, I tackled the long run........ the one I aborted yesterday.
This morning, I completed an entirely different route.
This morning, I stayed in the low grounds...... and left the hills for someone else.

I ran a consistent pace..... within 10 seconds of each kilometer..... i am pleased...... I pushed hard through the last 3km, when I wanted to quit.... when it really hurt to move, let alone run..... and then I froze on my recovery home. *cold outside, sweating, clothes wet, no one with a space blanket to greet me at the finish*

But the long run is finished..... 14.5km.... the longest I have traveled since the marathon.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to the short run.... and easy 4 miles.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aborting Training

This afternoon I headed out to run 14.5 km (about 9 miles). I was going to hit the mountain run and take it slow.... (whatever slow is.... seems my former fast is now my new slow tempo pace).

After a morning of pistol shooting, I headed out to run........ and 3 km into, my Left Hammie was reminding me of its presence..... and I stopped the run. I tried to run again after stretching and doing some dynamic exercises, but it didn't come together...... and so, I turned and went casually back down the mountain and planned to tackle it another day.

The question always is...... do i push when my body is saying something? is what my body saying something to be listened to or something that can be pushed through? and how do i know the difference?

I have been with my body for a long time..... and training for a long time as well.... so, I know the twitches and twangs and hiccups that happen... and what is something that can be pushed through and what needs to be held off for another day....

The discomfort I was feeling was a tightness..... something that could have loosened up.... something that when i revisited the run, did not.... so, the decision to abort was wise.... i will be foam rolling and tackling the long run tomorrow.

Not a perfect plan, but better than an injury.


This week...... was Thanksgiving.

It is easy during the holidays to either get caught up in the drama and rush-rush of the spirit of the holiday and totally miss the point or withdraw.

I know.... because I have done both. While living in Atlanta, my family was far away and I spent a lot of time at friends houses and some alone on and during the holidays.... and it was tough. While the holidays from my childhood don't always have amazing memories for me, I had hoped my adult memories would be different.... and some were; some were not. And I experienced the rush-rush.... hum-hum of the season and got caught up in the excitement, without appreciating the real reason for the holidays..... This was when i worked in retail.

And now, at a different time in my life..... I am learning to truly appreciate what and who matters.

In that, I spent some of the day in reflection and thanksgiving for all that I have..... while my life and me are not perfect (far from it).... I have life.... and I am able to choose, and I have peeps who love me.

And for those I am thankful. I am also blessed to be able to train and run and swim and bike.... doing things that I love. And know that while the training is hard, I love doing it.....

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Running Up-Hill

After yesterday morning's speedy run, my programming sent me off to a hill run.......

I am supposed to run 1 mile warm up and 1 mile warm down.... but the hill is over 2k to get there (which is a little over a mile).

And upon arrival.... my tired legs were expected to run 4 x 2 min @ 3k pace (about 7 min/mile) with a 2 min recovery.

I did it! The last 2 minute run was not pretty; but I did it!!!

And now..... my quads are asking if I remember them.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! and a scheduled rest day.... b/c of the pandemonium of the day, I will probably go for a walk in the morning and enjoy the morning air....

..... and tackle some Burn Notice.... afterall, there is a marathon tomorrow........

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

She Runs..... FAST!

And this morning.......

I PR'ed my 10k training run!!!! By much, much, much time!!! It was almost like running a race, without any other runners....

Sometimes..... I amaze myself.......

And after the run.... my coconut water, and water, and off to the gym.... for med ball work, mini-bands and core work.... and home..... to eat some breakfast and enjoy some coffee.

Monday, November 22, 2010


..... is so important to training, and yet, rest is sometimes what is neglected.

Today, is my rest day on all fronts.... no resistance training, no running, cycling, swimming, or rowing.... just rest.

And so, I have done some studying, and some prep work and some relaxing.

After all, it is my rest day!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another 12 km and then some.....

Scheduled run: 8 miles.

Completed run: 12.59 km which equals 7.82 miles... just shy of 8 miles.

Average pace: 7.31 min/mile.... i was cruising.

I felt strong throughout the run, until I started to think about the fact that I had 5k left.... and wondering if my course had 5k left in it.... and the last 5k became a game of one more down, instead of just relaxing in the run.....

And part of it is.... the location of the mini-mart, where i purchase the coconut water with tangerine..... and so, at one facility.... i would run the length of the property and double back through the parking lot, in hopes of generating more distance, until the mini-mart to complete the 8 miles. DUH! I should have just run and dealt with the distance later.....

(Next week, 9 miles.... i think i am visiting the mountain.... JOY!)

Well, my legs really felt the run today.
I felt good.... throughout the majority of it.... smooth, relaxed, an easy pace... and it felt slow. SHOCKING!!!

And now, i anticipate.... the drama of recovery tomorrow!!!!

Everything old is new again.....

I received a complimentary GymBoss (it's a programmable timer, that can hook to your waist band to program intervals for your workouts) because of the work I do, and the fact that if I recommend it, my clients might buy it.

In the package was this flyer (of course mentioning GymBoss) which discussed Tabata.

Tabata is a cardio protocol that can be done a couple times a week, which can also be applied to resistance training. As I am reading about the research behind Tabata Interval Training.... I thought, I have seen this before. We called it gorilla cardio..... and it kicked our butts!!! (In fact, I took many students through this training and challenged co-workers to introduce to the clients who needed a push over a hump).

Gorilla Cardio was 4 minutes of running, jump rope and squat jumps.... 20 seconds hard/10 seconds rest. (4 minutes of each protocol--- i generally permitted 2 minutes recovery between modalities). I have randomly done this in a run.

And now..... we are referring to it as Tabata, after the scientist in Japan who did the research and published the work to confirm what I knew as Gorilla Cardio.

Tabata is essentially 4 minutes of cardio or 8 intervals of 20 seconds all out and 10 seconds of recovery. And then it is over. (In gorilla cardio, rest and then tackle a second and third protocol).
For the weight training protocols, one can do a front squat, a dumb bell squat to push press, or another exercise that uses maximum body in the 20 seconds. (Burpees come to mind).

The run can be replaced by jump rope, rowing, stair mill, or some other cardio).

And while I am not negating the research of Dr. T.... this goes to show you, that everything old is new again. Look back and you will see the idea originated from somewhere else.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quote from The Centurian

'In the chaos of battle,
When the ground beneath your feet
Is a slurry of blood, puke, piss
And entrails of friends and enemies alike;

It is easy to turn to the 'gods' for salvation,
But it is soldiers who do the fighting,
and soldiers who do the dying,
And the 'gods' never get their feet wet.'

Training on Satruday

I love training on a Saturday afternoon!

My long run is Sunday mornings. If I do nothing on Saturday the run is that much harder. I like to do a short training session with a med - ball warm-up, mini-band work, some core work and then some sort of intervals on the rowing machine.

Today, I did 12 intervals that were interspersed in a 20 minute row. The intervals varied in length from 30 seconds to 90 seconds with recovery as I saw fit. At the end of the 20 minutes, I sat there catching my breath. It was good!

I am looking forward to my 8-mile run in the morning!!! (followed by a circuit).

Friday, November 19, 2010

This mornings run.....


Just love when that happens.... 4.5 mile run followed by 5 x 90 second intervals at 3K pace, with a 2 min recovery. Love it!!!

I just felt amazing.

My tempo for the runs is becoming faster and more relaxed. It is easier for me to find that tempo and I have been playing games with cadence (number of foot touches per minute)... some of these drills tear me up, but it is great!

My intervals.... TODAY! I felt amazing!!!! I just was relaxed and opened up (until I misjudged and tripped over a branch-- but recovered from that nicely).... and I just was enjoying the ground at my feet.

Sometimes, it just comes together.

Looking forward to sunday-- 8 miles at tempo.

Looking toward the end of 2010......

I was just doing the math..... I have 232.39 km to cover if I am going to complete 1000 km in 2010..... if i don't finish, that is where my goal will begin for 2011..... and I know I have the strength and ability in my running to handle 100-150 km months..... eventually, that might become closer to that distance per week.

Wow! I would not have imagined being that close after some of the hurdles I needed to cross in training with the temperature extremes from this year. Wow! I have built and continue to build a foundation from which my future training will be derived from.

The plan.... for now, is to get back my running. And while I love doing triathlons, I want a successful running season before I really add the focus of the other two events. When training for three, my run got lost.... I will use the cycle and the swim for cross-training right now, as I enjoy these.... and I will continue to row.

And that is looking ahead to 2011..... as I am reflecting back on the success of 2010.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Running Hills....

This morning.... 5 x 90 sec hill runs @ 1 mile pace.....

And off I went, over the river, through the woods, past the deer, to the famous hill.......
there is no part of this hill that is nice... even the flat is an incline......

And while each run was a challenge... i came, i saw, i conquered....... and ran my way home.

I love the challenge of the hills..... it is an equalizer. it levels the playing field. it shows me how good i am and how much better i can be. I love hills....

Will see you next Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tired Run this Morning.....

Five Miles complete...... hardest run ever!

I felt pedestrian in pace, and in fact I was.... slow! slow! slow!
My legs were sore and tired. I felt physically and emotionally spent.
I wonder how much yesterday had to do with it.........

Anyway, cycling and resistance training later.

giving it back to the scale

My impromptu weigh in this morning brought me back to the weight i was before the scale so graciously gifted me 6#...... I was so happy to return it in kind.

I am looking forward to the next 25 days, as I finish the 100-day challenge that was begun with my students. I am trusting that by years end, I will be closer to my racing weight!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Drama, Drama, Drama......

Mondays........ are supposed to be my rest day in my week of training.

I expect mondays to be restful. Generally speaking, I work from my home office and do some resistance training. This morning, I was greeted at 5 am by drama created within the home I am moving from..... (ever know people that just exude stress).
AND.... it seemed the day just continued from there............

While I was doing my best to flow...... I was tackled at every corner by some sort of drama that was seeking me out. Honestly, from my grandmother, to the insurance company, to the people in the food store, to some fool who thought interrogating me was the way to find out if we had something in common, and couldn't understand why i got indignant with him..... to the point that I bought one of the froo-froo coffee drinks to 'feel better.'

And finally, I was able to work out some of my frustration..........

It seems the only way I feel better at times, is by physically moving my aggression..... by running. (And yes, it was an off day!) But out I went.... the plan was just to run an easy 5K to relax and get some of the anxious energy out of my system.....
And I ran..... I mean I ran!!!

I finished the 5K with an average pace of 6.30 min/mile.... I was cruising.

And now, I feel better.

How do you take out your aggressions?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

A trip to Atlantic City

Friday afternoon, I headed with six of my BFF-Sisters to Atlantic City to see Toby Keith in concert. AWESOME!

As a result, I was still exhausted Saturday afternoon when I should have been training.

So, I missed my run Friday and my training session Saturday......

The result: my run sunday kicked butt!!!!!
An easy 7 miles at base pace.......

I was having a great run until this woman walking her dog, looked at me and then stepped right in front of me.... and could not understand why I almost tripped over her and her dog.

Overall, a phenomenal run!

Taking some time off....

Friday morning.....
I managed to successfully finish .9km..... woo-hoo!!!!!!

Thursday night, I watched Burn Notice. I was utterly exhausted. My muscles were cramping for NO reason except I was exhausted!!!!! And wow.... i hate the pain surrounding that.

Friday morning, I felt crunch time because I was traveling in the afternoon....
And I was off for my run and training.....

And my body said.... NOT TODAY!

So, I called it a day and allowed my body the rest!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I feel sore.....

A good sore.....

my legs reminded me of the hard work this week..... my legs reminded me that it will be nice to get in the pool this afternoon.

I am feeling the effects of my training. I have stepped it up and wow!

The good thing is my training is not negatively affected. The workload is still being produced.

I saw this in my interval/hill run this morning. My warm-up is to be at recovery pace.... which has been increasing in tempo since I recommenced training. And the hill sprints were at 3k pace.... the warm-down was slower than the warm-up--but it was still competitive.

I am looking forward to swimming later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Personal Trainers......

Honestly, I hate what the gyms refer to as "TRAINERS".....
You know those people at the gym who have it plastered on the back of their shirts....


NOTE: some of these individuals are extremely focused and goal-oriented and professional..... and then there are the rest of them.

While training this morning, at the facility local facility I frequent, I observed several of these so-called trainers at work..... if that's what they would like to call it.
(Honestly, I would not hire anyone of them). The four that I observed all looked like babysitters.

-Training should have an objective or directive. --- Why are you training? period.

-Each training session should have an objective that supports the overall directive. --- What are we trying to accomplish today? Kinda like a lesson plan..... Training/teaching/coaching with an expected outcome. In other words, why are you doing what you are doing. For that day. For that week. For that month.... etc.

-Everything performed should be orchestrated to accomplish the overall goal.

*Maybe I don't get it.... but when I am with a client, I have a clipboard and an individual training session for that day..... with the objectives of the session, notations for the day, reminders, questions to ask, notes from the previous session... follow-up on homework. I have a file-folder on all my clients.... with not only personal history, but goals, objectives and all the notes from training sessions.... and other notes to vary the overall training calendar.

At this facility, not one trainer had a clip-board or a sheet of paper or something to indicate where the client would be taken today. Not one had a pen or pencil tucked behind his/her ear to make notations of the accomplishments. Not one came across as professional to me.

It was pretty scary to see the clients just being led around like sheep or cattle from one exercise to another......

Maybe my expectations are different. I want to be coached. I want to know what the goal for the session is. I want to know why we are doing. I want to know that we are learning new skills that will help with my overall performance later. I want to be taught-- not just led through the work. If I know the expectations, I might better know when I am supposed to really push through a movement pattern and I might better know when I am supposed to just build on the previous exercise. I might be more effective in my overall training and accomplishing my goals.

I was pretty amazed that people actually pay to be led like sheep.
I am shocked that people don't want to be educated and instructed.
I am challenging myself to bring purpose to my client's training and continuing to educate them on the expectations surrounding their objectives.

Maybe that is why I am a coach..........

Love- Hate Relationship.......

With the scale. Can you believe this week I gained 6#???? Seriously!!!!!!

What is that? Where did that come from? I blink..... and the scale so generously gifted me weight I had so diligently worked to lose. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

I completely understand why some people struggle for so long. There is a wonderful love-hate relationship with the scale. While it is good to follow along and be mindful of what is happening in terms of weight, one cannot let the number on the scale dictate what I am doing.

Granted.... it got cold and I have been eating a bit more.
Granted.... i am dealing with monthly hormonal swings/changes.
Granted.... there are some challenges in the whole process.

Being fixated on a single number.... when clothes fit differently, running is faster, training is harder and recovery is better.... defeats the whole process.
It is good to know where and what and how.....
It is not good to use it as the sole point of fixation.

I am working hard this week to take back my numbers from the scale!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Four Mile Run.....

What a way to start the week and the day......

An easy four mile run!!! and while I was running a a fast tempo, the run felt smooth. It felt good.

I must be getting in 'shape' or at least conditioned for my running!!!!!

Yesterday, I weighed in.... dropping another 1.8# !!! Woo-Hoo!!!! Each step of the journey is bringing me closer to my racing weight!!! Looking forward to seeing my old-friend again.

Now, the NYC marathon.... exciting day in NYC!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Cardio....

It seems that Saturday afternoon, is the perfect day for my extra cardio training......

Scheduled for today was cross-training (marathon training) and 1 hour 45 minute foundation bike (half-iron training).... I am still building up to the half-iron training... so, next week I will repeat week one.

NOTE: I would rather spend more time building a successful foundation and getting accustomed to a training cycle, than plowing ahead unprepared. That would definitely lead to injury. My primary focus is still the marathon training.... so, if the running/recovery becomes compromised the other will get nixed.

And so, I went to the gym...... problem one: i ate (a lot) about an hour before heading to the gym...... problem two: i felt full.

I got to the gym.... and contemplated spinning in the dark spinning room (haven't found the light switch yet).... and saw these bikes with a video screen that you are racing and the handle bars move, like you are really cycling.

NOTE: those bikes suck! the seat adjustment is not authentic. For the seat height to be correct, I was sliding off the front of the seat, and not cool. There is little to no directions... and well, next time, I will bring a good playlist and ride in the dark spinning room. Maybe I will ask where the light is.......

And then I rowed.... I love the Concept II rowers.... KICKS MY BUTT every time. Period!
I completed 1100m.... 5oo full out, 100 m recovery, 500 full out... and then i felt very, very, very full.... ummmmm... that lunch i ate an hour before.

Need to figure out the eating thing on saturday. Need to re-read the spartan/warrior diet protocols. I feel best that way.... Work in progress. I will figure it out.

I ran easy to and fro the fitness center..... this added a little over 2km to my monthly tally.... but it also provided an additional warm-up and warm-down.... i was ready to cycle when I arrived at the gym.

And then wandering through the facility.... they have a 'private training only' studio..... ok... if I paid more money, it would be nice to have my own place.... there are kettle bells there (I LOVE KETTLE BELLS!).... the KBs are locked up (none others are located anywhere in the fitness facility)... and you cannot use these without a private trainer... a Master Trainer to be exact.
UMMMMM.... i own several kettle bells... you mean to tell me I can't use them unless someone is standing over me??? (I have seen their private coaching staff-- i wouldn't hire anyone).
Ridiculous. Seriously. I am amazed that they have so little respect for their membership.

Guess that is why i am only there for a short time.

impossible is nothing.....

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men

who find it easier to live in the world they've been given

than to explore the power they have to change it.

Impossible is not a fact.

It's an opinion.

Impossible is not a declaration.

It's a dare.

Impossible is potential.

Impossible is temporary.

Impossible is nothing.

.... a great quote to remind.... keep going, your goals are set before you.... seize the moment.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sweating while training...... how dare you???

A question was posed to me this morning......

I had just come in from a run-- 5k with 3 x 1 min tempo (at 1 mile pace) runs and 2 min Recovery..... I was muddy, dirty and sweaty.... in fact my clothes were wet from the sweat.

the question:

'what are you doing wrong that you are always so wet and dirty when you finish training? (and so and so isn't)......'

how do you answer a question like that? seriously..... the person asking has low self-esteem, and the person referred to has even less. i have been ridiculed by the two b/c i like to run so much and training is part of my life.... not something i do, it is my life.....
and no matter what i say, it will be used against me later......

so, hmmmmmm.......

my response was non-committal.... i just said, perhaps, i am doing everything right.... and the other isn't? i don't know.... we have different goals and objectives. we have different directives...

Mine is to win a race.

What's your directive? Is your training matching that?

To the guys.....

in my cardio training class...... Thursday mornings have been a blast this semester.

Thank you for the laughs and the hard work.
I know you will be here looking for the post on m&m's... i cant find it either, i know i wrote it...

But to all of you in my thursday morning class, I have truly enjoyed this semester.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


1500 yards complete.

300 warm-up
8 x 25 drill (10s R)
5 x 100 swim (5s R)
8 x 25 kick (15s R)
300 warm-down

and now, i feel like i am looking through a haze.... (even though i wore goggles)
and.... par for the course of swimming, i feel like i could eat a small army, perhaps the army themselves, or the food that they would consume.

I managed to contain myself.... and enjoyed a combination of foods i have in my office here at NJCU. Amazing what ends up in my drawer, so that i have food, even when i manage to not prepare thoroughly.

and in 45 minutes, I am teaching spin class. (downside of being in fitness and physical education) the demands that are placed on the body above and beyond my normal training).

i have been adding volume slowly..... so, i trust today will be fine. i just will be exhausted when i get home... shower and probably will fall into bed. tomorrow provides no rest for the weary.... as i teach cardio training and then spin classes, before i head to the gym myself.

looking forward to the challenge. what have you done today?

Running Hills

I had my own cheering section as I blasted up the hill..... doing 3 x 1 minute sprints uphill!

There was a small group of deer, about six.... just watching me perform the hill repeats. I wonder if they wanted to join me.... i wonder if they were curious about my ambitions, and why I wasn't intimidated by my presence.

And the hill kicked my butt this morning.... wow! managed a mile pace tempo for about 45 seconds, and then the hill took over.... The first one wasn't too bad, the last two were ugly.

And so, the battle continues.....

What did you do this morning?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November

It is 1 November 2010.......

And in 61 days this year will come to a close. Forty of these days, I am finishing a 100-day challenge with my students.... I would like to drop another 10-15# and take it from there.....
and the last 21 days, complete the task.

Yes, I have a bigger goal in mind.... I am moving steadily toward my racing weight. I am moving steadily toward the weight I was before the cycling accident.... I am moving steadily closer to the training capabilities I had before graduate school and other things got in the way......

Now, as I am returning to things that were once obstacles.... I am trusting that my insights will keep me focused... that my love for training will supersede the desire to be lazy and I will manage to use my training in study..... (actually learn more, when you study and then go for a run, a swim or a bike, or lift...)

And I am looking forward to seeing the changes occur physically, that I seek.....
I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with my six-pack.


This time of year is an awesome time to go exploring the world......

I spent yesterday afternoon in Hacklebarney State Park, hiking with a friend.
We must have walked the whole park, as we were on every trail!! Not sure how that happened....

But we managed to complete over 5 miles. The difference between a hike and a 5-mile walk, is the terrain. We wanted to see the falls, so we climbed down rocks to the water's edge.... the terrain is not flat, so we were climbing hills and strolling down to the lows after the highs.

I was pleased with my conditioning.... while some of the hills were tough, I managed to stay course and recover fairly easily.

I am looking forward to another adventure.....