Sunday, November 28, 2010


This week...... was Thanksgiving.

It is easy during the holidays to either get caught up in the drama and rush-rush of the spirit of the holiday and totally miss the point or withdraw.

I know.... because I have done both. While living in Atlanta, my family was far away and I spent a lot of time at friends houses and some alone on and during the holidays.... and it was tough. While the holidays from my childhood don't always have amazing memories for me, I had hoped my adult memories would be different.... and some were; some were not. And I experienced the rush-rush.... hum-hum of the season and got caught up in the excitement, without appreciating the real reason for the holidays..... This was when i worked in retail.

And now, at a different time in my life..... I am learning to truly appreciate what and who matters.

In that, I spent some of the day in reflection and thanksgiving for all that I have..... while my life and me are not perfect (far from it).... I have life.... and I am able to choose, and I have peeps who love me.

And for those I am thankful. I am also blessed to be able to train and run and swim and bike.... doing things that I love. And know that while the training is hard, I love doing it.....

What are you thankful for?

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