Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another 12 km and then some.....

Scheduled run: 8 miles.

Completed run: 12.59 km which equals 7.82 miles... just shy of 8 miles.

Average pace: 7.31 min/mile.... i was cruising.

I felt strong throughout the run, until I started to think about the fact that I had 5k left.... and wondering if my course had 5k left in it.... and the last 5k became a game of one more down, instead of just relaxing in the run.....

And part of it is.... the location of the mini-mart, where i purchase the coconut water with tangerine..... and so, at one facility.... i would run the length of the property and double back through the parking lot, in hopes of generating more distance, until the mini-mart to complete the 8 miles. DUH! I should have just run and dealt with the distance later.....

(Next week, 9 miles.... i think i am visiting the mountain.... JOY!)

Well, my legs really felt the run today.
I felt good.... throughout the majority of it.... smooth, relaxed, an easy pace... and it felt slow. SHOCKING!!!

And now, i anticipate.... the drama of recovery tomorrow!!!!

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