Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aborting Training

This afternoon I headed out to run 14.5 km (about 9 miles). I was going to hit the mountain run and take it slow.... (whatever slow is.... seems my former fast is now my new slow tempo pace).

After a morning of pistol shooting, I headed out to run........ and 3 km into, my Left Hammie was reminding me of its presence..... and I stopped the run. I tried to run again after stretching and doing some dynamic exercises, but it didn't come together...... and so, I turned and went casually back down the mountain and planned to tackle it another day.

The question always is...... do i push when my body is saying something? is what my body saying something to be listened to or something that can be pushed through? and how do i know the difference?

I have been with my body for a long time..... and training for a long time as well.... so, I know the twitches and twangs and hiccups that happen... and what is something that can be pushed through and what needs to be held off for another day....

The discomfort I was feeling was a tightness..... something that could have loosened up.... something that when i revisited the run, did not.... so, the decision to abort was wise.... i will be foam rolling and tackling the long run tomorrow.

Not a perfect plan, but better than an injury.

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