Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day Three Begins

I woke this morning after sleep somewhat interrupted, feeling less sore than I expected. I definitely feel my legs! Granted I teach several spin classes/week, but adding running, jumping, squatting pushing and pulling to that I definitely feel like I have been training. I am preparing to teach a spin class this morning, and swim afterwards.

I am keeping the end in mind. This is where I might get flustered and choose to be lazy. Especially, with the rain beating on my head this morning.

Weigh in this morning has brought me down 1.2# since Monday's weigh-in. I randomly step on the scale for just a check-in, and anticipate keeping my formal weigh-ins to weekly. I did notice yesterday, that I felt 'smaller' in clothes that were recently bought and had a more snug fit than yesterday. I also felt like I looked slimmer.

It is a good feeling.

I am reminded of that good-feeling as I step out today to chase my goals.

Monday, April 14, 2014

It begins with a single step

One hundred day challenge -- who's in?!? Me, Me! Me!

About 20 days ago, I began my 100-day challenge. AND all the drama and excuses followed. I found that I let the drama of life take priority over my health and well-being. I am dealing with some serious stuff, after all. Life has a funny way of putting roadblocks in my way. Well, not so funny.

I chose to acknowledge and adhere to the obstacles in my path......

SO, today.... I took the step to taking care of me! I began my 100-day challenge. I stepped away from complacency, and that teaching spin is enough. I stepped toward my fitness goals, so I can compete and challenge myself and enjoy running and jumping and swimming.

After Spin class, I began my training sessions. I am following a six-week program to lay a foundation for better overall athletic performance. And I am preparing for Buzzards Bay swim in June.

And so..... I took the first step today. I began day one of training. I know I will feel my bum tomorrow. I know I will feel my legs..... But I also know it felt good to be running intervals, albeit slow, but running!

What challenge have you set before you? Will you join me as I chase mine?