Monday, October 8, 2012

When An Injury Occurs....

I slipped at the field hockey game Thursday night.  I slipped on the wet grass, and managed to fall perfectly into a hurdler stretch.  And while the landing and execution were perfect, the problem is that I was totally unprepared for the excessive stress/stretch placed on my hamstring.  The result.... PAIN!


And the bigger result-- I have injured my hamstring.

I spent the last couple days realizing ALL the movements that place demands on the hamstring.  Just about everything.  AND I have learned quite closely where the hamstring attaches and all the movements it is necessary for.

Your hamstring is essential in weight bearing activity, and can be reinjured in non-weight bearing related movement, as I learned when I misjudged the step and landed rapidly on my good leg.  The injured hamstring was not able to prepare for the shock to the body and in turn tightened rapidly and caused more pain.    *I wanted to cry*

I am glad I live on the ocean, and that it is still warm.  I have taken two salt water ice baths.... these seem to help, as they challenge my balance standing in the moving water.  The bigger challenge is walking across the sand to the beach.

It will be interesting teaching my cycling classes this week.  I cannot afford to miss work, or take much time off.  I need to be well quickly.

I will keep you up to date on my progress as I rehab my own hamstring and return to running and cycling and training to compete in the races I have planned for the remainder of the year and moving into 2013.