Sunday, February 14, 2016

Can I have my chair? Please.....


This afternoon, Leo placed himself in the only chair (literally) in the house. He is clearly watching Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean. Gotta' love Leo. He then placed himself in my lap, after I moved him so I could sit.

And some of you might be thinking that it is sweet that, I have a cat who watches TV, while others might be scratching your heads about how I have only one chair in my apartment.



2016 took off with a bang! I was catapulted to Houston after my plans and arrangements had fallen through to move to the OBX. I have been here four weeks, and my role as Youth Triathlon Coach is just starting to unfold. This week programming will begin. This week is the week I have been waiting for since I arrived in Houston.

Upon arrival in Houston, I was living in a hotel. Houston is not necessarily a friendly city when searching for housing. And of course, everyone has advice.

I was thrilled to find my apartment!


Unfortunately, while I was residing in the hotel and not working, I spent money I did not have. And the piggy bank is beyond empty!

And I am currently waiting to earn enough to have my stuff shipped to Houston from Virginia Beach.



I have had a few moments where I wanted to throw in the towel, a few where I cried and earned my award for the best drama queen, and many, many others where I am singing and dancing and thrilled at the opportunities I am being presented.

  • I am serving as an ambassador for Kids Triathlon, Inc.
  • I found a Master's Swim Group
  • I am teaching indoor cycling
  • I might be coaching field hockey this fall
  • I have been asked to start a youth Tri team, as well as a women's team.

And I am thrilled. I do not expect any of it to be bump or obstacle free, but I am truly excited to be here in Houston and the opportunities it brings.


And yes, I am still knocking off those miles, one at a time. Updates to come.