Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rodeo Run

Yesterday, I completed my first 10K of the year.   It wasnt pretty, amd was definitely more walk than run (getting back to racing shape is tough!),  BUT I DID IT!      I have been struggling with training.    Honestly.  It is a struggle.     There.  I put it out there, and now I am seizing the choices I need to make to run my Marathon successfully!      And Now, Lets go do it!!!!!           This run actually taught me alot about myself.  There were several places I could have easily cut the course short (it would have affected no one, but me) but I reminded myself that I am an example, a leader, a coach.   The young ones I work with on the Otters, need role models who don’t cheat.  Leaders who have integrity, regardless of where they finish the race.    And so, I continued happily.   And I learned a great deal!     The race at the Back of the Pack is a much different race than the front.   I met amd cheered on some pretty amazing people.   People chasing down challenges that the front of thr pack could not understand.  Please understand I know the challenges at both ends of the race, now firsthand, and know how hard each works.   I also know it is disheartening to finish after the finish line is cleaned up, when the water and race food is competely gone, and there may not be a medal.  I also know what means to be chasing that gold medal, or to place in the top five or ten, to PR to beat an age group record.    At the BACK, the herd has thinned.  You cannot hide in the crowd (good and bad); you are completely exposed.    I cheered for other runners, applauded their efforts, said words of praise as well as encouragement.     I am glad I struggled yesterday.  I relearned compassion.   As I coach, it is important.   
         These volunteers were making a bridge to run through at a water stop.   Volunteers really do make the race!   They are a source of encouragement and enthousiasm!   Although Houston tapwater is less than desireable, I am thrilled they worked to make this race happen!                    
Rodeo Run is run on part of the Parade Route to usher in Rodeo Houston!   This is a big event here!  These horses were waiting for the Parade!       Thank you Rodeo Run 2018, for a great run!!  I look forward to seeing you next year!