Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pursuing My Weight-Loss Goal

I need to lose 60#. There I have said it. The whole world now knows..... Or at least the peeps that read this. My friends, family and clients know it, albeit too polite to say anything. I have known this for a while and have played the yo-yo game for far too long..... Helping others achieve weight loss and athletic endeavors, and my weight remains the same.


This has become a inhibitor to me. It is my nemesis. My enemy. I don't want to swim, or run. I am not looking forward to another summer hiding in big clothes, trusting that no one notices..... Everyone does.


Don't get me wrong-- I love me right now where I am..... BUT I am NOT satisfied. At ALL.... With what I have permitted my body to become. I can no longer hide it. As I am becoming more fit, I am not satisfied with my outward appearance.


And so....... It begins. No more squandering of time no more excuses. I am pursuing 60#.

Tomorrow, I launch my 100 day challenge. Tomorrow, I claim my youthful me.