Monday, August 27, 2012

Ride Your Way Lean

Reading an interesting book.... Ride Your Way Lean, by Selene Yeager, one of the staff members of Bicycling Magazine.

The thing that impressed me was she discusses how FUN cycling is!  And regardless of your starting point, physically, you feel like a kid again!!!!  She also is disappointed with the Biggest Loser whose contestants look like they are being tortured to ride a bike.

It brings me back to the FUN part!  I teach indoor cycling and coach triathletes.  I need to remember the fun.  Peeps come to my classes because of the hard work, well maybe.... but because there is an element.   Whatever the element, they want to feel good.

I need to remember the fun.

AND to remember fun is why I began cycling.  Fun is why it doesn't hurt so much.  Fun..... riding outside, wind blowing through your hair, pulling your feet off the pedals, saying weeeeeee!!!!!  and laughing outloud....

Fun is the element I need to return to.

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