Thursday, August 18, 2011

All Three.... in one day

I missed my brick yesterday. *life*

So this morning after teaching spin class, I ran 15 minutes. My brick was 45 minute cycling/15 minute run. The run was easier than the first time I had done brick several weeks ago.

And then..... I swam 1400 yards at the YMCA.
This was HARD..... the workout itself wasn't difficult, a challenge, but not overwhelming.... and yet, after the brick, it was hard.

And now..... I am tired!!!!! and hungry.... well, i was before i ate.

On paper, the workout didn't seem like much..... but after it was completed, I realize how challenging all three was.

Tomorrow, is a rest day.

Saturday and Sunday..... I am taking a lifeguard training class.... and will only have time to run. I will resume the bike and swim portion of this programming on Monday.

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