Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Brick..... ugh.

And so......
I taught my spin class, and then changed my sneakers and went for a 20 minute run. It was slightly easier to get into a run than the last time I attempted brick.....

And then I enjoyed the ride home... fortunately, I was leaving the cape. The traffic headed onto the cape was stop and go...... Shore Traffic. ICK!! I am glad I am going to Mattapoisett later, to explore.

Well.... bricks are getting easier. At home, I was going to make an egg.... no eggs in the fridge. Leo's squeaking toy, still squeaking... he took it out of the fridge and dropped it in his water dish. It stopped briefly. I might toss it, but he still plays with it.

Today's mission: Rest and relax and swim later.

Oh, don't get on the scale after drinking a lot of water..... it isn't nice to you.

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