Sunday, August 14, 2011

90 Minute Run..... complete!

Today's running schedule was a 90-minute run.

Not a distance, but a time. I have been doing a lot of runs for time, while training for the half-iron.... it is about the time on the road, not necessarily the mileage.

And so.... 90 minutes was on the order for today.

I haven't done a run that long since March. I wasn't certain I could complete it.

My goal was to finish the run. I wasn't too concerned with pacing (although I didn't want to slog it); I was concerned with finishing the run strong.

And the run is complete-- I ran a loop around the cranberry bogs and over 195, and I managed to complete a little over 10 miles. (My pacing wasn't too far off pace).

The rain waited until I was home to start; and now, it is time to shower and rest for the rest of the day. I am looking forward to resting.

Tomorrow, I swim and bike.

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