Monday, August 29, 2011

The hurricane has passed....

Irene has departed. She left a lot of damage in her wake.....
But the hurricane within -- the battle between myself still rages on.

Ever feel like the world is against you-- and so my journey is....

I felt like today...... everyone said to me, that I cannot. I cannot do this or that, and my body and the scale.... let's just say I am not happy.

So, I am regrouping.....40 days into this, and the same struggles are clearly present.
(Yes, I do realize that this is a journey of more than 100 days... but why do I weigh almost as much as I did when the journey began).

Perhaps, this is my reality check. Perhaps, I need to not only regroup but change my focus.

I feel fat-- and I do look it too. I am tired of wearing big clothes to hide in. I am tired of being able to pinch more than an inch.

So.... I am going to make myself more accountable, to you....
The next couple of weeks the blog is going to change, to create that accountability and I trust it will be for the better-- for me: to do what I say I am doing, and you: for motivation.


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