Tuesday, February 21, 2012



I ran comfortably at cadence.... military running pace..... for 45 minutes! Psych.
No where near ready for Sunday... but I don't think I will completely die.

I also have been working on my training schedule. Considering the races ahead, and the A-races consisting of a full marathon, and a half-iron. Looking forward to the training. I enjoy training, actually. Sometimes more than racing.... and I do enjoy racing!

I also got on the scale this afternoon. The scale read less than my last weigh-in, by a pound, and it was late afternoon, after I ate and was fully clothed. Interpretation: I have lost more than a pound. YAY!!!

Tomorrow morning, chaos begins.... well, kinda! Training cycle begins and early AM cycling class to be taught. Looking forward to getting in the pool soon to swim!!!

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