Sunday, July 31, 2011

A run is not just a run.....

This morning, I ran 'yesterday's' run. Yesterday, I crashed after my 'sugar-high' and didn't quite make the come back for an evening run..... So this morning, I enjoyed a quiet run through town. At the end of the street, the turf field at Tabor Academy was being worked on. Along the harbor, there were many little sailboats sprawled out on a lawn and looked like little aliens that were attacking.... or some force that was attacking. Through the heart of town, people were walking and running and enjoying the morning. And I continued along the bay, looking out into the harbor seeing sailboats that might be strewn across a field, if we have a hurricane.... and the ocean water reflecting the morning sun. Turned the corner to head back to the center of the town, and up a different street, sprinting the hill..... and an older woman, cheering me on, 'You are doing GREAT!' (always good to hear)..... and then down my street, heading toward home.

And the run concluded, with the acquisition of another beautiful heart rock and a barefoot walk through the grass to my deck and some love from my maine coon..... unfortunately, he doesn't know how to make coffee.

Yes, I ran a 50 minute recovery run..... but I enjoyed the scenery and the landscape along the way.... sometimes, the run is not just a run.

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