Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sugar doesn't taste good....

It is shocking to say this. I have lost the taste for sugar.

Granted, I enjoy my daily piece of dark chocolate-- oh, that's right.... dark chocolate, has little to no sugar. And I am finding that fresh fruit-- cherries, strawberries, clementines, watermelon-- are well, sweet enough. These are very satisfying for an after dinner treat.

Well, today.... I had a small craving for a piece of carrot cake. I enjoy this and red velvet cake from time to time.... have pretty much lost my taste for chocolate cake.
So, to indulge..... I bought a piece of carrot cake. And then I ate and enjoyed it..... well, enjoy, might be an overstatement. It tasted good, for the first three bites, but the icing was too sweet.... and the icing was too sweet.

After I enjoyed this sugar rush.... I needed a nap.

I think next time, I will have a different piece of fruit. I am thinking about going to pick blueberries this week.

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