Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Nine.... it's only tuesday!

I don't think it was that Monday was any more intense than normal..... I just am tired.

Weigh in this am: same as yesterday.... and so far, down 3.2# total. (Note: I get on the scale every morning.... some frown upon that and recommend once a week. I generally record only once a week for tracking purposes, but I am aware of what my body is doing daily).

AND.... exciting news: on a totally professional level..... looking to start a tri- and a running club, here on the south coast. If you know of anyone who might be remotely interested.... send these my way.

Otherwise, I wake thirsty. I keep water by my bed.... and the first thing I have in the morning is water!! And my 'controlled fast' commences. Controlled meaning--- fresh fruits and vegetables and some proteins during the course of the day.

Training today is: a 35-minute run (wanted to do that earlier, but sleep prevailed), and strength.
I am teaching spin tonight--- down-side of spin, is I actually have to ride. (well, for part of the class).

Have a great day!!!

And if you are stopping in, please share what you are doing... you can do that in the comments section, or log in as a follower.

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