Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Me! With the arrival of 2015, I have reflected on my lack of commitment to myself in the last several months of last year. I have been overwhelmed with several changes, and my crazy work schedule-- which has resulted in many hours on my bottom, and fewer hours training.

In that, I am determined to make a BANG out of 2015. I am dreaming big!!!!!

My word for this year is LEAP! I look forward to the challenge and stepping forward to create new adventures and seizing the challenges ahead.

My current fitness goals include:

Swimming to Boston (26.2miles, or 42165meters) before the Boston Marathon.

I also want to row this distance.


I am taking my focus away from the vision in the mirror and focusing on loving life and who I am. In this, I trust my attitude toward eating and training will change. I am making the commitment to me. While I sit on my bottom for work, I still MUST be fit and healthy for the work I do. Sometimes, it seems counter-intuitive.

And alas, as I write this I am looking at the clock thinking I have to leave for work soon. My day in pajamas has come to an end.


When is my next day off?


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