Saturday, May 12, 2018

Counting Macros.......

As some of you know, I completed my PN Nutrition Coaching Level One.  (GO ME!) 

I did this not necessarily to become a nutrition coach, but to assist the multi-sport athletes I currently train with their eating and preparation for races.  Their Facebook page has a plethora of fitness peeps from all walks of life and levels of comprehension, and it gets interesting to say the least.  But my goals stay true to me and my coaching.   This is a tool in my toolbox.

They have discussed in the text as well as on the page counting Macros for targeting caloric intake goals for weight loss, weight gain, and other relevant habits.  The wise-guy I am, was like..... what’s a macro?  

Simply put — nutrients:   Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.   Eaten in balance, out bodies function well.   Out of balance, everything becomes skewed. 

My Fitness App has the capability to count macros when entering/recording foods.   It requires a premium subscription of $9.99/month.  So, I thought I would give it a go.  

Honestly, I was not sure how it would go.   
I have gotten pretty good about planning my meals to coordinate with my training.  But measuring, counting, and writing it down, beyond how does it make me feel....... ummmmm, not so much.   I have successfully entered my food NOT ONE SINGLE DAY!   Not One!  

Well, instead of feeling defeated, I found this article which brought a lot of perspective.   And the truth of the matter, I have never been a good candidate for a food journal.   I like the idea of it.  I like making notations on how something made me feel after I ate.   I like it...... but I never actually follow through and do it.  

So, I am continuing my journey to learn more about counting Macros and creating balance —- which starts with protein.   

Perhaps 1gram of protein per kg of lean body mass, or 1gram per kg of body weight, and then determine the balance needed for the activities.    Are we following a 40-40-30, or some other ratio of protein, carbs and fats?   What balance makes you feel good?  What balance aids your performance? What balance will permit the normal fluctuations in your eating?   (In other words, will not go over the cliff, should you eat some ice cream).  

For now, I am going to reevaluate my desire to count Macros.   I eat mostly plants. And am the weird child who will eat a bowl of broccoli for lunch.  So, my Macro tracking has been post-poned at this time.   

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